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2 lb. raw cauliflower, trimmed of leaves and lower stalk
4 ounces chopped white onion
1 tablespoon butter
2 ounces chicken broth
4 oz. heavy cream
4 oz. cream cheese
2 cups shredded Colby jack or cheddar


•Cut the cauliflower into small pieces, including the core
•Heat a large pan of lightly salted water to boil
•Add the cauliflower and cook over medium heat until completely tender (in case you have a
steaming pan combo set, it would be advisable that you steam the cauliflower instead of boiling)
•Use a colander to drain the cauliflower, and set them aside
•Set the heat to medium, then use a large skillet to melt the butter and sauté the onions until soft and
•Add all the cauliflower and use a spatula to break them into smaller pieces while mixing them with
the onions
•Further reduce the heat to medium low and add the chicken broth and heavy cream while stirring
•Add cream cheese and stir until the cheese melts (you can add a little chicken broth if the mixture
appears to be too thick)
•Lastly, add shredded cheese and stir until it melts and a creamy source is created
(You can choose to turn it into a baking dish and cover with more cheese, then bake for 15-20 minutes
at 325F, or just serve and enjoy)

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