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Terry Lovelace, Esq. has written an excellent book called INCIDENT AT DEVILS DEN about his and a close friend’s abduction will be my guest tonight 7pm PT. GREAT SHOW THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!KERRY CASSIDYPROJECT CAMELOT TV

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Um I live in Lowell AR and grew up in Rogers and did my undergrad in Fayetteville. How have I not heard this story? Also -- DEVIL'S DEN!!!? OMG that's a playground for folks like me😳🤯cannot believe this kind of activity is there! I was JUST complaining elsewhere about never seeing a UFO. They're closer than I thought🛸💬
i have camped at Devils Den many many times...and i never ever liked the vibe...
Alain Michael
Great interview.
Anthony Briones
Bob Toren
Terry Lovelace might want to call Derrell Sims to see about getting those nano chips removed.
Catherine Zuppero
Great to learn what others experienced in their abductions.  I'll promote his book.  Thanks, Kerry for another great  interview and your service to mankind!
ETs.....Destroying Lives more than Helping. At least that is the way it seems to me. Allegedly there is supposed to be some Galactic clause where they are Not supposed to be doing this - Well it doesn't look like anyone is Stopping them!!!\n PS: I have No Opposition to help from Any outside forces.
Dorothy G. Tyas
I smell the rank stench of guttermental collusion through'n through! As for the malevolent inTERRORgation of veritable, traumatized children by vomitously thuggish sick, sad sadistic military phoqs---well, who needs enemies when traitorous trash such they pull nazi-style numbers on 'their own'.... NOT! Monsters are as monsters do do unto others.... poor soul. Hence, HUMANITY BEWARE! 💦💔💦
ET Pathfinder
Every time I listen to Terry's story I am amazed. What an intelligent man, and a great hero for coming forward with his story. The truth will help set you free, hopefully this will help more highly educated and credited professionals come forward to speak there truth about what's going on. Thanks guys.
Etheric Zone 11:11
Great interview sounds live a GOV/Alien Combo Abduction compliments of Eisenhowers treaty with the grays!
Kerry What part / branch of the Military wants people to speak out about this ???????
This video will not play for me. I'd seen a part of it the other day, and now it loads an error code?
Jeri Hurley
He needs to contact Simon Parkes found on YouTube & Google.
Justin Griffin
my friend and i had that same marking behind my ear after falling asleep in the back of my hatchback in utah on the interstate from colorado...i woke with deja vu...and kept saying to myself..whats that dream im not supposed to remember.....i knew it was a strange thing to say to myself....i felt a pain behind my ear and my friend said whoooa man look beind your ear...it was the same marking as terry but more defined, but it was the color of bruising...kind of maroony red....i always knew something happened to us...its near that military base out there...were from australia so it was a very unusual incident for us....implants andf hybrids...and secret military operations...
Kathryn Farrell
Brilliant! I feel for the poor man having his first experience in such a traumatic way. No wonder he looks so haunted. Great information. Thanks. I'll bet they made Terry have sex with his friend. They do that for control. Of information and them.
Ken Black
Good interview. This guy \
LF Celine
Lance Taylor
Awesome guest. Articulate and well spoken. And I’m definitely buying his audio book!
Well that was one weird way to explain his first gay sexual experience 😬
Lynnzie S
This is a VITAL interview that proves that we are all chipped and the military along with aliens have harassed humans for DNA, used as slave trade and other reasons and broken our free will conscious consent.
Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know
Kerry, you’re looking lovely. Merry Christmas & Best Wishes for 2019.\n\nKinda sounds like Patient 17 by Corbell. He may have been dreaming...describing the woman with oversized wig & sunglasses. I’ve had dreams that seemed so real. The mind is a strange machine. I believe he’s telling the truth but the mind can convince us things are real when they’re not. I would suggest he contacted Paul McKenna to undergo hypnosis. He’s the best out there. \n\nThis should be a movie👍
Madra Dubh
Whao what a interview testimony I pray that Terry is alright as this man is what disclosure needs he intelligent articulate and honest to the core those bastards for going after him they knew
Thank you Terry and Kerry,fascinating interview.
Marwan Rose
Thanks Kerry 💚
Matthew Haines
A very thought provoking interview. Many thanks.\nwho are preventing these abductions from going public ????
Mikkel Grum Bovin
Its good to hear an interview of high grade - what use to be the high standart of Kerry´s work - god knows there been lots of nontalented crap, from that corner ,- (exuse my harsh words , but thats how i feel about it )
Missy Lee
The shit is being scared out of me.
Momica 27
A young man went missing at the devils den state park last year. I don't think he was ever found. I have stopped calling for updates the last few months. There is something very wrong going on there. Although it is a beautiful park.
Natasha Irizarry
I would like to know what are both of their nationalities. What they think are aliens, aren't. They are actually Demons who work with the government. That's why the government knows all about them. Even the Bible tells you about it.
Oceancat V
💞😘 LOVE YA COUSIN 💚👽👍💊👍❕
PATB 2000
I have 1 in my leg , my leg goes numb, ONLY when the plant gets unhappy
Paul Duplex
Convincing story. \nDon't know what else to say really, so I'll just leave it at that!
Pegboard here
I am from Arkansas and I have been to devil's den state park several times, it's a great hiking experience but always creeped me out. \nThis man is for sure telling the truth, I can tell because I was abducted in 1976 when I lived in CA. and I can just tell he went thru hell just as I did.
I just read Terry's book. Very studious and objective analysis of his own experiences. The E.T. faction that handled him are some rough cowboys. The harsh treatment of their subjects demonstrate that they hold a very low opinion over them. It's what happens when Earth's ruling class cuts deals with off-worlders. They may be operating from a 'set of rules', however human cattle can't read the signs posted in the danger zones. We have got to get our power back folks. We are being exploited. Terry's book is giving us a clear warning.
For some reason, this recount sounds like Westworld... or maybe we are in a Westworld like reality. \
Rob Dale
Great interview!!
Do you ever question the timing of this revealing...why now? This happened 40 years ago. Seems like more of these incredible stories are popping up in the alternative media. I can’t seem to wonder if this information is part of a larger agenda? I wouldn’t put it past the ones controlling the narrative to do this for something coming, perhaps in the near future? It seems a little too convenient...hummm.🤔
Scott Robinson
These beings, in my opinion, have to be violating or free will on some level. It just seems that telling him he can't write about what he been through is a violation too. Unless he makes the agreement to be mind wiped off the whole ordeal.
At least it’s not in your brain, they use brain implants that they put up through the nostril all the way to the intellectual functioning area of the brain. Working as a lawyer is overrated 😉 been there done that
is that Father Christmas? of all the places to be abducted, he had to be abducted at DEVIL's DEN, so Devil abducted him on behalf of the government, then someone from the government tries to hypnotize with truth serum. The spacecraft looked like a flying NSA building 3000 feet up in the air. He was frozen along with other abductees, I guess it's pretty damn cold at 3000 ft in the air. Is that a New Yawk accent?
Tara Higgins
Interesting interview. Thank you
Thomas Lynch
Simply Phenomonal - Astounding Flabergasting Bewildering.\nThis is part of why I am here. To witness what we All are witnessing. Because we are One.\nThankyou Brother for your testimony.
Tom Kelso
Outstanding Interview!
Trevor Henry
This account is awesome! Thanks for sharing Terry and bringing to the public Kerry. If anyone out there found this interesting, you should definitely listen to the abduction experience told by Steve and Dawn Hess. It's just as mind blowing
V Martin
Love it!!!!!
Viola Viola
Fantastic interview! (my like keeps disappearing)
Ward AlienVideo
Terry is Linda's father
Millions of people have been abducted - multiple millions, some remember, some repress it. But a world wide study should be made so we know ages. duration, frequency, who died, what they died on, how many had implants, how many had similar medical problems, whether their family members were abducted, who was the main abductor, what are their roles, why some get praying mantis, while others the greys, what psychological state they are in 5, 10, 20 years after abduction, etc ...so we have a STATISTICAL ANALYSIS from world wide accounts, and then we will discover a whole lot more than through just occasional accounts here and there.
ash vee
Amazing interview , brave man. Excellent job as always Kerry . Thank you
10 adds ??? My lord - makes it difficult to follow
bobby standridge
love u kerry. merry christmas to all.
bubby blindy
AweSome,,,,,,,,,,, wow nice one many thanks B-b
Crazy hes got a tiny reptilian on the wall behind him. Does anyone see it.
gregory irving
Gov false flag to start a nuke war to destroys nearly all of mankind. \nWe're have I heard that before ? Is it another proof
le chat
I really enjoyed this interview very much. No wonder Terry`s surname is LOVELACE. Nomen est omen :) Thank you, Terry and Kerry! I wish you all the best.
mando weldar
Wow..absolutely excellent so glad I took the time the watch
mstwelve trees
he is so boring.
paul harmer
This seems to go along with the national Park missing person reports. The government is involved somehow, sort of an agreement between aliens and government
sunny sun
Absolutely mind blowing! Fantastic interview!, Thank you Kerry for your brilliant work, and many thanks to Terry for coming out after many years and talking about his close encounter with other non human entities. Hope we'll see the day in our life times where all the truth about events like this will be out in the open, total transparency, and that we finally know our real situation here on earth at least, and the true nature of our relationship with all our 'space cousins', and all other species observing and/or living among us already! It's mind blowing, when you think how the powers at be have been spending millions and billions along the years just to keep all these vast array of activities and experiences on the humans so hidden with total secrecy!!
Great episode! Thanks for the share 👍🏼
times squared
Blame the victim.Business as usual.Feds/cia #101.
vicky nunu
Eerie...that I had a very similar experience with a friend out camping...expect I met a 2 meter tall mantis being...never shared this experience before...