AMV • Fate/Stay Night UBW • Shiro Emiya vs Gilgamesh ᴴᴰ

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AMV • Fate/Stay Night UBW • Shiro vs Gilgamesh amv amv Fate St... amv fate stay night 2014 amv gilgamesh amv shiro emiya amv shiro vs gilgamesh gilgamesh

Abrar Mahadik
As much as I like Gilgamesh (one of my fav chats in nasuverse), he really was batshit crazy :p
Amv Drakon
Imagine if gil had his armour this fight would have been a lot different
Ashura Paths
Damn this was freaking epic bro ! Congratz on almost 1k subs ;)
Black iron Tarkus
puro protagonismo
Bruce Lee
vc ver esse anime e outros pelo aplicativo da play store o \
CR.Zombie Game
Carlos Carballo
Ok i'm just gonna say it, why the hell didn't Shirou just copy like 10 gae bolgs and rapid fire them at Gil, their unblockable and undodgable insta-kill weapons. They cant cost more mana than the thousands of weapons he copied during this fight.
Carlos Patrick
2018!\nFicou muito bom , já perdi as contas de quantas vezes eu assisti , hahah ....
Carlos Velasquez
Mejor que date stay night?
+Hecton Holanda se você for começar esse anime, você precisa assistir Fate/Zero primeiro, depois assiste esse.\nE se você não liga pra qualidade ruim, tem a versão de Fate q é a mais velha(a de 2006), se você não tem esse problema, começa assistindo essa versão.
Danillo Campos
cara qual e o ep dessa luta e so na 2º temporada e ?
Dante Shadow
My favorite Scene - EMIYA SHIROU vs GILGAMESH
Duy Anh Lê
i wanna ask where's the video Runnin ._.
gilgamesh would have killed him if he used his crazy nobel phantisom earlier then when he got his arm cut off
Eddy Escalante
como se llama la cancion
Error Charas
*Slowly sneaks away from this video*
Firelord Aang
Hooray for generic OP teebs.
My boy Shirou is OP. Gil got his ass thrashed. Lol
Gabriel Kurimoto
Gilgamesh não dá o braço a torcer
Gabriel Pereira Maia
gosto muito do seus amvs cara me add no face pra nos Com Verça La
Giacomo P
Epic 😍❤️
Gledson Dead
Melhor que AMV que você fez na minha opinião
Guilherme rodrigues rodrigues santos
se Gilgamesh não fosse tão orgulhoso ele venceria
Hans Aldridge
Is it me, or this Nightcore sounds like Kellin Quinn from SwS? xD
Henrique Polonio
so emiya is not a wuss in the remake?
I came from the novel and.... gosh, this adaption is freaking good.\nIt will probably lack the introspective monologues of Shirou but it is good in representing the fights.
Iasmim M.
esse eh meu AMV favorito, de vdd, mas o melhor eh q foi feito por um br MDS Q ORGULHO :')
Jacoub Jackson
Shiro you sick bastared
Joaoim Gamers
vou assistir esse anime ele parece bom
Kakyoin MILF Hunter
I didn't watch UBW yet,so someone can tell me why Gilgamesh looks........... younger?
Kaneki Kan2
A love this video,a love her music, battel, but a hate when shirou kill gilgamesh ,because Gilgamesh is the best character ever
Kawaii- Ü
Which episode imma watch? Cause to many tittle and i don't get it please help me!
King Cesar
Are you ready ia song
Kiri -Tsuna
But if Gilgamesh used Ea, he would have defeated Shirou. The pride of a warrior ruined ...
Kuro Oda
Good amv! :D
Li Chan
Que pena Gilgamesh teve que merece
Lily F22
Qual e o nomi deza musica me respondi plis
Lorran Santos
mano quando assisto esse amv sempre me da um arrepio de tao foda a luta\nlike
Lucas Izidoro
Note that the Lancer in FATE ZERO is not the same as in UBW , and an hour they talk to Tosaka before he died : \
Your AMV's are really awsome, especially the Fate ones :D
Manuel Goite
It's one of the best AMV that I saw *o* I love it!!!\n\nHAHA, Shiro Boosted, Gilgamesh Nerf.
Manuel Gonzalez
Como se la canción?
Marcio Pontes
Protagonismo Wins
Matheus Brandão
O anime é foda, mas o resultado dessa luta é inadmissível. Gilgamesh foi praticamente humilhado, zoaram ele completamente. Ele deveria ter uma morte pelo menos honrosa, como foi no Fate/ Stay Night de 2006 (não que eu me conforme com aquela derrota também). Os caras reduziram toda a apelação dele.
Matheus Ferraz
meu amv ficou tao legalzinho :333
Matheus Luiz
qual o nome da música de abertura do vídeo ?
Michael Darby
Would anyone else want to see a sequel of the fate series where Rin and shirou have a child and the child is in the holy grail war and has saber or archer as their servant
Mlk Neutro
Shirou só ganhou por protagonismo
Moon-Tech Roblox Player :D
1 for the money \n\n2 for extra\n\n3 are you ready!
Nairobi 123
Gilgamesh vs shirou is the best fight in the UBW series
Natsu Dragneel
Gilgamesh didnt win because shiro is the main character
Nguyen Rikka
hay quá . yêu anime mãi mãi 😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
the ost original es insuperable
Olivia Campos
ohhhhh I see and how do you get the videos??? does that come with it or you have to download
I dont really like that you didnt do much yourself, thats basically how its cut in the anime & you just laid some music under it.
Phillip Veiga
I just think he's cool because he wore armor in fatezero now he just looks like a normal dude.
Pál Kő
Something has been bugging me for a while. \n\n  How could Shirou use Rho Aias? \n\nI understand how Archer used it, and since they're the same person, it should be obvious that Shirou could summon it as well. But if I remember well, Archer only used Rho Aias once, in his battle against Lancer. Shirou was fighting inside the church the whole time, so he never had the chance to observe Archer using it. Yet he summons and uses Rho Aias against Gilgamesh almost instinctively. \nThere is a chance that I'm simply overlooking something really obvious, but I still don't get the ˝how˝ part.
Raptorius Jezus
Gilgamesh loses because he´s to arrogant. he could easily beat Shirou
*R.I.P Gilgamesh*\n\n*One of my favorite characters ;~;*
Road To Anime
Pls guys whatch The WarLux's Amv , that's just... a ... modified song with the anime ... \nThe song is also horrible if it is modified , but obviusly in this way they can earn money .\nGuys pls there are people that put their hearth in Amvs , these people make master pieces, instead when I watch this video I see just something that someone Wanted to do in The most speedy way.
Rock san
the name of song??
Ronald Bruce
hey hey hey hey gilgamesh didnt get defeated by shiro emiya the victory gilgames gave to shiro was tking his arm if the grail dnt swallow him shiro emiya would be dead and gilgamish had taken this fight seriously like he did with isgander the king of congerous then shiro wojld hve been killed in seconds
Still can't beat aimers Last Stardust
Scarlet AMVs
Terminei de assistir Fate ontem e to viciado nesse AMV kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk\nÉ nesses momentos que voce percebe que um AMV tão simples pode ser tão foda :P
Serena Clare
Shiro Amv
You are improving ^^nice :) try to put more impact into your scenes like zoom into your scene a little but or use different zoom transition in combination with some flashes or blue or whatever ^-^ overall nice Amv liked it:)
Shumie Ektor
Klasik anime edebiyatı.Kötü karaktere nereden geldiği bilinmeyen Allah'sal güçler verilir.Güçsüz ana karakterimiz finalde power up alıp herkesi döver.All hail Gilgamesh!
ta melhorando cada dia mais, amv muito bom mano
Idk why they make gilgamash so op if he wont show his true power anyway lol
The One Above All
This amv is like a drug
Tuấn Nguyễn
i liked couple shirou x saber :3
Uncle Daniel
vi um pouco, porque ainda quero ver o fate stay, mas ta BUITO bom :) \nanimação do fate é muito TOP ;)
Gilgamesh muito foda
Wulfrik, the Berserker
That is cheating, plot armor was always cheating. That's all. Mongrels. Only worthy defense is my ult and not god damn plot armor.
Yayu betancourt
Why he call shirou \
Yessuny Martínez
como se llama este animes
Yuri Boss
1M de views safado.. q canal hein*-*
Zero TBK
Zero the Unknown
awesome amv, one for the money is one of my favorite songs. fate goes well with it!
Unlimited blade works was really terrible
Zoe Mosaic
bs shiro should not have won that fight
bullet 2 anime Cv
dammit!!!i toughth Shirou don't have any chance vs the king Gilgamesh
cheese and sprinkles
Shirou ugliness killed gilgamesh. Rip
hecton holanda
Sempre quis assistir esse anime, só que não sei por onde começa, se alguém souber me fala, e fala a continuação tbm.
jonathan flores
Is this anime good, should I watch it?
jordan clarke
the shiro in UBW is a badass my opinion
Gilgamesh is by far my favorite character some say why? Hes a villain! I say \
kurogane pablo
Viciei nessa amv,mais um escrito e like
mike kill all
gil lose be use shirk is mc
So... Your Archer vs Shirou video was taken down. I was wondering if you're planning on putting it back up - that was my favorite video of yours...
woooow realmente incrível :3
xTas Pro
i am waching th last ebs but the last fight is not like a video whay ??
Where did you find these clips raw? I want them without subtitles
Айдарчик Уланбеков
Что это за песня?
Эл Эс
а денчик урод
Эмир Осмонов
Хех ненавижу Ширт Гил крут
Gilgamesh zanem kkk