Jack Whitehall Had an Uncredited Role in Disneys Frozen

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Jack Whitehall performs the line he recorded for the animated smash Frozen that was cut without anyone telling him, and discusses reuniting with Disney for a film he actually appears in, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Check out his Netflix special, Travels with My Father, available now.Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

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A Man Has No Name
Jimmy was a bit slow with the “reduced to a non-speaking role” line
The frozen part is a direct copy from his show that was recorded for Netflix and I could quote it line for line and I loved it.
Adot Burr
*Fake Laugh* \
Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta
Andrew Yee
Fake reaction made worse when he shows the screenshot
Ben Platt
Love Jack Whitehall!
Benjamin Burkhardt
Love him and his dad In Travels with my Father.
Beth Hastey
Hold up. Jack told Graham Norton that he played a troll named Loki. What is the truth, Jack???
Disney should put him in Dr. Strange 2, or some other upcoming huge movie. :\u003e
I love Jimmy... I really do... but good god is he an awful interviewer...
Chriss We
Coffee Beans
Jesus Christ. He tells this story on every talk show!
Jack: “So Jim...”\nJimmy: “ HAHAHHAHAHAAH How good is this guy? Come on, come on!”\n\nShut up jimmy
Jimmy Fallon sucks hard. He is terrible.
Dan Bailey
I can't remember... is he dating Dominic Cooper or James Corden? Oh, I forgot, Dominic Cooper is now 'dating' Gemma Khan, that Asian woman who Jack used to 'date'. It's all so confusing...
ugh that fake laugh
Dee Ess
In the new Disney movie, is that his only scene?
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
I love Jack and his dad. Best dysfunctional family evah!!!
Dragoljub Vujovic
Oh Jimmy, fake to the bare bones
Ellie Quinn
I’ve heard that story 3 times and they were all told differently. He originally said his line was “ I trollfully bid you farewell” , now he’s saying it’s “I trollfully pronounce you man and wife”. Can’t tell what’s faker, his story or jimmys laugh
i thought that the line was i troll fully bid you farewell
Elora Maxwell
We talked about this on Graham Norton ages ago...
Emilia B
I know he's told this story before but I kind of don't mind cause he changed it up a bit, I laughed maybe even more this time lol
Emily Eldridge
Absolutely love Jack Whitehall one funny guy ever and I would love to hang out with him one day.
Emily H
My oh my, what a charming fellow
Film Stuff
I saw his Dad when I went to go watch countdown yesterday
Gail Remudaro
I didn’t know Jack until I mindlessly clicked on his show on Netflix. I’m glad I did cuz I binge watched both seasons! He and his dad (and Winston) are hilarious! Wish there were more episodes.
Brexit is a good thing, stop moaning about it and delaying it and lets just leave already!
Georgie Georgie
I LOVE JACK WHITEHALL ❤️\n\nHe's my fave comedian ❤️\n\nI'm British and live in London to!
Guido Anselmi
Jimmy acting all surprised that Jack was in another Disney movie, as if he didn't know . . . \n\n\n. . . then a minute later pulls out a screenshot of Jack's IMDb page and a picture of him promoting Frozen.
He's also gonna be in another Disney movie called 'Jungle Cruise' with Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson.
Horace Au
Fallon: \
It’s Zell
Jack is so brilliantly funny lmfjabsibwlwlsn
Git up jack my lad
Japan and Me
Jimmy Fallon's fakeness shines extra bright when he interviews a British comedian. Jimmy's fake-ass cheesiness just doesn't go well with British humour.
Jack Whitehall will NEVER let it go.
Julia Close
....so he’s passing off a meme as his own joke? Cool
Justine Louise
i love you jack whitehall
K Lof
I feel like Jimmy’s writers watch Graham Norton just to steal his questions, and not learn how to run a talk show
Katie B
He’s never gonna be over this story....tbh, though, I would be pissed off as well 😂😂
Katie James
Jack is so cute
When I see shows like this, I always doubt that it is real. This video is a great example of how fake all this is. \nNot even the fact that Jimmy acts surprised when the other guy started to talk about Frozen and then pulls out a list with characters, but even those laughs are just fake.\n\nThis is why I have trust issues.
Still funny
Laura Arnette
lol Jack WhiteHall is hilarious
Laura Strong
Mr.Eastmead make him special please!!!
LittleMissPerfect 4eva
Jack was hilarious in the nutcracker
Lizi Saravoke
The epic unfunniness of this show, the host as well as the guest here is beyond your wildest imagination.
Lucy Narnia
Jack still hasn’t let this go 😂
Lázaro Murad
he deserves much more work as an actor and comedian he is sooo talented and funny!
Jimmy Fallon is the most annoying tv host I've ever seen
Mark Richards
We've all known this story for years... Jimmy is such shit he's getting a 5 year old story that's been told dozens of times...
People complaining about comedians repeating their anecdotes is so silly. Literally all comics do this. Nobody comes up with a good bit and uses it only once.
jimmy man shut the hell up and let him tell the story
Didnt he say he was loki the troll ??
Jimmy Fallon fake laugh is so cringeworthy
Murphy 0'Meyer
Good grief. He’s been telling that same story since the movie came out. LET IT GO!!!
Nothing else YT
When you already knew cos you watched his show on Netflix...
Priyokumar Ningthoujam
Jimmy is starting to get annoying.\nP. S. I liked him at first.
Rachel Han
I thought his joke about brexit and Trump was hilarious but nobody laughed..
Rania Khan
Jimmy's laugh is so fake
Ree Salvatore
The disparity in humour makes me uncomfortable.
Renske Dunnewold
Jack was the best part of that movie, and probably would have been of Frozen as well! What a disgrace
Roblox Gaming
I love his accent😂
Ryan John Davies
Kind of hope Disney just keep screwing with Jack and keeping cutting him out of films
Salem Blackwood
Omg who is this hottie?
Sam Geee
Can jimmy stop the fake laugh? Love him but he never does it when on other shows or an interview like the breakfast club
Savanah Ennis
Makes me proud 2 be british
Savithi Gunasinghe
I saw him tell the same story on Graham Norton and he said the troll's name was Loki, whereas here he said it was Gothi. Starting to see some holes in your storytelling Jack...
1:51 lmao 😂😂😂 Freakin hilarious!
the difference here vs. graham norton is that he has to explain the punchline and tragically, it was necessary, since they don't laugh until he does.
Siyuan Wu
He told the story so much better in his Netflix special, without Jimmy laughing and commenting on every sentence...
Steven Samuel
Damn Jack Whitehall's on American late night
Well...many WANTED Brexit just as many WANTED a President that worked for the people & not the government. And before anyone gets offended, know that offense is new & you created it.
The Burger King
He told this story on Graham Norton.
He changed what he apparently said in Frozon
Tinkerlee 23
As an American that has loved Jack Whitehall for years..this makes me so happy 😍 minus Jimmy's fake laughing 😒
Tom Pickering
Fallon is a fake bellend.
Tom van Zeist
It's a bit from one of his shows
Tootsla 125
American and big Jack Whitehall fan.
Valerie Freeman
This doesn't make any sense! He's the Troll Priest!! Why does he keep saying he doesn't have lines???
Viccy Elvizza
Hold that
Ziango Rex
Why was Jimmy seem clueless when jack mentioned he was in the first frozen but then 2 minutes later he brings an IMDB website printout proving Jack's role in frozen.
bitch please
oof he shares a birthday with me , love him
click my picture
Lol I always thought America looks ridiculous to outsiders
I can't handle jimmy, he is so annoying. The overdone laughing and repeating what the guest says ruins the whole interview. Worst one yet.
Jimmy is the most irritating talk show host ever
hannah o'donnell
how many times will jack whitehall tell this goddamn story
He told this on Graham Norton a long time ago. American shows are Always so slow!
jamal adam
The tonight show needs a new host ASAP
If you haven’t seen Travels with my father of Jack in Netflix do it now.
marco riley
Man Jimmy needs to get replaced all those fake reactions when he knew the story
This is one of the funniest interviews ever😂
shinae shark
Jimmy Fallon is doing too much
steven counter
this man is lucky for didnt kill by system, now roll off piggy
timothy roberts
He seemed pretty objective