Kroll Show - Shannon Armond Sings "Oh, Armond"

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Dr. Armond's beautiful wife Shannon praises her hubby with an original song about all the things that make him such a great lover.The Comedy Central app has full episodes of your favorite shows available now.

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12345 1
What is that?
Why do so many people dislike this? Lol it's supposed to be bad; its from Comedy Central..
Brian K
its horribly catchy..
Cheezeburger Walrus
Horribly awesome!! XD
Chris Creel
R.I.P. Dr. Armond
Is this lady a transexual?
Da New Champ
great song
Dylan Schrager
Lmao now I can enjoy this great song at the gym and at work! \nHahahaha
Her name is Tess Broussard.
James fowler
Its a joke! Lolol
Jeffrey Baynocky
Yeah I wanted to laugh but in the back of my mind I remember she died. (In the show)
Johnny Dee's #1 Fan
Does she have a penis
Juan-Jose Garza
It's supposed to be bad. People chill.
Kris Kringle
This is a depressing kind of sexy.
Kyle Chaffo
Absurd. I am just curious as to what she actually does and how they convinced her to star in the show.
Mark Estes
just more weird ass geniousness from Kroll Show
Massive Dynamic
shannon was awesome
is this a shemale??
What's a cappuccino in the hood?
Play time
Oooooh Armond, meow meowmeow!
Scott Ishman
She's a beautiful angel...
Stephanie tv
My ears are bleeding
And there is his motif.
Comedy Central really have to stop posting inside jokes. Too many people don't get it.
Victoria Rummings
is that just the pool guy hanging out lmao?? such a weirdly cute couple @ 1:41
Zache Papp
OK i need to know who this lady is. Porn of her is inevitable.
abra kadavr
...she's a pornstar right?
dangle snipe celly
What is this
Beardy dude in the background there is the actual killer
with this show
lemme get uhh big mac
dafuq did I just watch?
its supposed to be bad idiots