Laurel - Adored - Official Music Video

Taken from the album 'DOGVIOLET', released 24 August 2018 on Counter Records:

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5 Star Gymnast
why do people have to curse it is terrible
Aicha Martinez
I love it!! :)
Al Dao
Totally compelled
Andrea MR
I love you
Camo Martin
Great song , love the guitar in this to ...
Caylee Morgan
Great!! I love this whole album also, it’s insanely good. Oh! And I hope you decide to release “you’re all I know”. That was probably my favorite and I’ve only heard snippets from the Berlin Syndrome trailer haha
David Lacombe
Awesome! A new video from love love it.
Diego Alves
So beautiful, I'm in love hahaha \u003c3
Love it! Songs by Laurel are always my jam!
Ecaterina Pădurariu
Emma O'Brien
Future star for sure
Eriks Jhonata
sempre volto pra ouvir
I love you💖💖💖💖💖
One of my favorite from Dogviolet ❤️
Fernando De La Rosa
so aesthetic
Flo Ryan
Florence and the Machine
From Ellsiebels BookShelf
Love her! Voice is incredible! Just found her 3 days ago, been listening to all her songs ever since! Bravo!!
Gabriel Campos
Chills watching this video.\nOne of the best songs in the album. (:
Haydn Veia
You have such a beautiful voice
Jacqueline Gutiérrez
I really enjoy your music! You are a great singer :)
Jeremy Walker
Oh wow, I really like this one 😁
Jocelyn Yagami
Increíble como siempre, I love your music!! \u003c3
Jonathan Machado
What a good song
Joshua LOWE
I've never heard of yanni before but this is fire
Karolina Karolina
Karsu Demir
this song so liked
Lars Kaiden
Saw her on Later with Jools Holland. She's definitely one to watch.
Beautiful \u003c3
Lauren Schnoebelen
Maravilhosa ❤
Leonardo Smn
me encanta!
Megan Z
I love and adore this song and video.💙💛
Milena Martins
Morgana Raulino
Laurel, vem ser ícone aqui no Brasil \u003c3
Excellent \u003c3
Nicoli maria
i love uuuuuuu💜
Nikhil Omkar
Love you Laurel!
Noah Lyssand
No it’s yanny
Olivia Geddes
This is so sickkk what a work of art!!
Phoebe Xox
Yannys great
amazing artist !! a great discover for me this year!! thank you ! keep on!!!!
Projeto Abalone
Jim brought me here!
Samuel Badillo
Love seeing you grow my love!! \nFrom singles to whole albums . keep it going!! you add so much to our lives ! Muah 🙏🙏👍👍👊👊👊😱😺
Sanne Bijkerk
Nice song Yanny!!!
Sarah Abdellatif
A true artist
Skylar Whitehead
Yanny- hated
Stutter • Allan Scott
Summer Schandoney
thought she was lele pons for a split second
Vicky Gvnn
Te amo!!!
Xelly Apple
About time, honey
Y o u . D o n 't . N e e d T o . Know . My Name
I was listen Stay by Rihanna and i see this video in recommendations... And WOW. this is just.. Amazing!
afiya zoe'
This song is Golden!!!
bir garip anonim
Join to eurovision for San Marino PLSSSSSS
daniel peralta mateos
Te amoooooooo😙😘 ven a México 🇲🇽🇲🇽porfavor, por que ninguno de mis artistas favoritos vienen a México 😭😭😭
danna martinez
I love the album,I love this song u deserve more atention ❤🎈
Suprise collab with Maribou State please??
eleonora sava
Queen Laurel always there to deliver us gold
erik masterchef
nice song yanny
Hey the steering wheel is on the wrong side!!!! lol
Ugh all I heard the whole video was \
john turdbucket
Odd how thoughts start playing out in the real world.
I like this.
kritika larose
Wowww her voice is AMAZING😍🎶
r a f
I love you!!!
Best and most underrated album of 2018.
Saw you on Jools Holland and then came on here looking for your stuff. Amazing, loving it.
I think this is one of the best videos you have released, the colours, the background, it's all truly artistic. Keep it up! Lots of love from Argentina 💜
xxVideo Gaming Diamondxx
I heard yanny