Arsenal - Top five free-kicks

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We all love a well crafted free-kick, but which of these strikes is your favourite? Our list includes Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez,Thierry Henry and more. You won't be disappointed!For more match action, highlights and training videos, make sure you become a digital member and sign up to Arsenal Player. It's FREE and is the Home of the Game: This is the Official YouTube channel for Arsenal Football Club. This channel will aim to showcase the personality of Arsenal Football Club and give fans more of an insight into what it's like to be at this fantastic club. This channel will look behind the scenes and get closer to the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Danny Welbeck, Theo Walcott, Wojciech Szczesny, Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta, Olivier Giroud, Santi Cazorla and more. ABOUT ARSENAL FCArsenal Football Club were formed in 1886. They have amassed 13 League titles, 12 FA Cups and many other major trophies since then. Their greatest players include: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Liam Brady, Cliff Bastin and Charlie George.

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Can u pls do Yaya Sanogo top 2 goals? Thanks in advance!!!
A1 Gunnerz
1.15 \
the number one goal i watched live at the emirates
Adel Achour
Cazorla v Hull?\nvan Persie v Fulham (2007)?
Afam Efuna
Who was that guy at number 3 ? \n\nI can swear I've never heard of him before
Alex Adolphe
what about carzola vs hull city fa cup final free kick ?
Alfonso Langle Martinez.
And Santi Cazorla vs Hull?? C'mon
Aliv Binkanee
The Van Persie one was a beast of a shot
Andrew Leo
Cazorla vs. Hull?
Ardi Ansyh
vanpersie goals, make us miss the top steiker😥
Arsenal Till I Die
Fabregas vs Aston Villa?!?
What the number 3 ?
Ashley Thomas
RVP's free kick should definitely be number 2 at least.
I miss poldi
I miss podolski
Mignolet is definitely world class
Boris Griffiths
i wish the nets at the emirates weren't so tight, i miss seeing the ball bulge in the back of the net
Alexis Sanchez from Chile baby!!!!!!
Camian Wint
Arteta vs Villa???
Caprice Felipe
how can you have 1,162 views and 5,260 likes?
Chiara R
My favourit is Özils vs Liverpool - brilliant
Cleiton Santos Costa
Henry,Van Persie,Ozil,Poldosky and Ozil greatest players, the best free kiks.
Deron Ogilvie
could we sign a world class striker and defender apready ffs
Diego Curco
Where is Santi Cazorla free kick???
Dieudonné Masiga
In my opinion, Titi has scored better free kicks.
Dorian Weber
top 5 clearances next please
Durotimi Adisa
Thierry Henry's one step free kick shows how much of a king he is
Ed Dixon
these are all decent free kicks, but Alexis at 1, Really?
Euan unmentionable
how dare you put van persie on this list
Ewan Bain
Fabregas vs Aston villa ?
Gabriel Eremie
'he's beaten a world class goalkeeper' (Mignolet).Cheers Jeff.
George Okello
All of these top five videos really emphasising what a footballer Robin Van Persie is
Hong Kong Aviation
Arteta's freekick vs Aston villa ?
J. T
what happened to santi cazola free kick angst Hull city in the fa cup
Jacob Kelly
I'd say that Van Persie's was the best but they probably moved him to 3 because he's a traitor...
Jasper van der Kouw
Great job Arsenal,love all your content...I'M FOREVER A GOONER!!!!!!❤️👍🏻
Jim Beek
Mignolet world-class..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
Wish RVP didnt feature so heavily in these top 5 videos xD \n🐍
La Pulga
Top 10 Giroud misses?
Lamin Kanto
RVP \u003eGoat. the world class striker we sold to united because we didn't want to spend
if they could use champions league and fa cup cazorlas against hull would easily make top three
Lzkh 360
Majeeb Ahmed
Mignolet world class goalkeeper? 😂😂
Man From Jam
carzola vs hull city?
Matt FC
No. 3 \nLook away everyone
Mauricio Cartagena
Miss Cazorla vs hull city 2014 ( FA cup final)
Michael 32
West Ham should do this video!\n\nNr.5: Payet\nNr.4: Payet\nNr.3: Payet\nNr.2: Payet\nNr.1: Payet
Mohamad Natour
Oh Danny, we gonna miss u this season.
umm, is there any reason why Arsene Wenger sold Podolski???smh
Nadim Bart- Williams
Cazorla in the fa cup final
Plz get van Persie Podolski and fabregas back plzplzplz
Niccolò Ivarson
Miss podolski, atleast he knew how to put the ball in the net.
Nicolas Taibo
Oliver Kramer
Arsenal I know you probably won't read this, but you should have the Arsenal players react to their top 5 goal compilations
Philip Crewdson
mikel free kick should be there
Pliss Subscrode
santi cazorla vs hull?
Powerspyin onegames
What about Henry vs Charlton in 2003?
Henry vs wigan/Charlton?
Robel Mehari
kidding me?? what about cazorla's fa cup free kick????
Rodrigo Fagundes
I wish we signed a free kick specialist so we can get a few extra decisive goals in our season.
Why put that 🐍 RVP in the video? That freekick goal could've easily been replaced by Artetas, Denilsons or another Henry freekick.
Sami Abuauad
Sanchez is unbelievable! What a footballer, courage, technique, stamina and class. For me, he's the best in the world. Please Arsenal, don't let him go.
Sir Iodine
More like our only 5 free kicks XD
Super Jacky Wilshere
Fabregas freekick when he came on as a sub to break the deadlock????
The Goat
Did the commentator really just say that Mignolet is a world class goalkeeper
The Memerz
I was born in the right generation
The keyboard Warrior
If they have the rights, cazorla 'a one in the FA cup final should be in here without a doubt
Cazorla's FA final goal against Hull should be in here somewhere. maybe it was just 6th ;)
Ticking Time Bomb
Where was the Cazorla free kick
Tom Even
HAHAHHA Mignolet a world class keeper, this commentator is a great comedian. xDD
They said Mignolet is world class goalie this is time to throw our head back and laugh
Tyler Hangting
Just a notice for the commentator, mignolet is a Sunday league goalkeeper😂
Unstoppable FC
Cazorla againsed hull in the FA cup final?
Varun Kukday
Why isn't Arteta's goal against Villa in there?
Velislav Perchemliev
1:15, did i hear that correctly? Did he just say that Mignolet is a world-class gk??
Vigilant Citizen
so glad that Alexis goal was 1st. saw it live and even tho we lost the game, was still buzzing about the goal; was absolutely sensational.
Where is Cazorla's fa cup final free kick!
Walres king
Tottenham fan here\n\n\nLets see the comments roll in
Will Steventon
commentator said mignolet is a world class goalkeeper lol!
Yasin Bin Belal
Alexis is the best
Zulkarnaen Adhi
why santi cazorla's free kick on final fa cup not include? i think it's the best one
cesar ahumada
sanchez!!!! the best soccer player in the world !!
chris from tokyo
where's arteta's rocket?
faaxsade A7
#özil is a best💯💯💯💯💯💯
hamza hussain
why include number 3
hsakaa yrtsim
We need greizmann or higuian\nAnd Miranda
Geez, that Sanchez one couldn't have been more pigeon
Like for #WengerIn
Sanchez' was the best of the five. No.2 though... did they really say Mignolet is a world class keeper?
sonam tsering
Where is santi free kick? It should be in top 5
themba marlow
Cazorla vs hull fa cup final ???
I hate him, but that van Persie free kick still amazes me, the sheer power of it.
wirawan sulistyo
I knew cazorla's free kick will be in number one even before I finish the video
zakaria blaiti
Wait ...ozil can score ??? I thought his job is to sleep in match
Where is santi's free kick at FAcup final?