SL Ultimate #5 - PG Hayatei (Chrom) vs Ally (Snake) - Winners Bracket

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Smash Ultimate Weekly #5 on January 10th, 2019The SmashLoft, 2000 Avenue Northcliffe, Montreal, QCSSBU run every Thursday!

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Aye Non
Hope more NRS players hop into this game
Baron Starrk
up tilt tyrant versus up special sensei poggers
Batto M9
why isnt hayatei playing robin in this game? he mains him in injustice 2
Bulleck The Fox
These poor people, don't they see it's useles to fight against it?
Caden Trigg
8 minute set... RIP
CrashBandit 450
WTF is that hitbox at 7:46
Dave Marx
Are these commentators *shopping* online? 😅
Edward Merida
Rather listen to the rugrat theme song than these commentators
The dude on commentary was so rude LMAO I feel for the other guy. Was just tryin to commentate
Ernie Ibarra
This game is a little cringe
Jeremy Collins
Worst commentator combo ever
Jerry P
Ally just repeatedly destroys anyone in his region. Can't wait to see his snake match up against better players.
Julio Cadenas
I came here to witness an extermination...\n\n\n\n\nI was not disappointed.
Kevin Chou
Snake DESTROYS sword weed with GRENADES and MISSILES!
MW Kratos Wright
French style
Non' AchYourbusiness
Anyone else binging on Ally's matches?
Not a merc btw
Can you crouch cancel in this game?
Sam Nguyen
Grenade at the ledge is really good against this match up.
Taye Hinds
Hayatei from Injustice, good to see him in Smash, but he lacks skill.
Vit Hopeman
Ally is gonna burn‘em all...
Oh damn the hayatei at a smash ultimate local thats so dope
repeated commentators that are hoorrrrible coming from Montreal, like holy shit none of these guys are good, id rather have no commentary than this
عبدالله العويس
Hayatei has a thing for annoying swordsmen it seems