Dorian Yates / Mr.Olympia - 1997 / Дориан Ятс

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Aarron Tidwell
two words, lee preist.......
Adam Robinette
Dorian was an underrated poser. I put him up there with Zane in terms of making his movements look easy and effortless.
Awesome conditioning ! That midsection is not on point here and the biceps meh !
Armenak Balasanov
Спасибо за видео!!! Супер качество, реально показывает разницу Ятса с остальными.. Единственное слабое место это руки во всем остальном он качественнее других, объёмнее и у него очень хорошие пропорции . Спина вообще нереально хорошая здесь даже по его меркам😃 Сонбати тоже был хорош в этом году но сильно уступал Ятсу в задних позах, с переди у Сонбати лучше только руки. Ятс воин!
Athos Lombardini
Incredible calves and short biceps.
Ben Richards
живот заплытый совсем...
Levrone was ripped off big time!
Blood Rider
Naseer didn't win because he didn't win.
Boxer 1234
Comparing this to the routine of Nasser you can see why Dorian won, Nasser just looks soft in comparison. Dorian has that thin grainy skin while Nasser looks almost washed out.
Chris Ulfen
Yates still beats everyone even if he's off. He still looked amazing. Naseer and Levrone just looked better on some poses but Yates still Destroyed them as usual.
Christos Giannitsanos
This back!!!!! Respect...........
Many people consider this to be Dorians worst showing..injuries aside.. There are no current bodybuilders, even the current mr Olympia, who even come close to Dorians level of conditioning here.\nGot nothing but admiration for this bloke who even though was dealing with injuries still dug down deep and delivered this version on the day of the show.\nI think they give him the medal that year for having the biggest set of balls.\nYeh i am a Dorian fan.
Not as bad a physique as I was expecting, given all the howling about \
David Clarke
The best.
Eva Angelina
У него на этой Олимпии был порван левый бицепс? Видно что он какой то короткий. И показывает только правый бицепс.
Nasser won, but not by the long shot many claim. This is still a seriously impressive physique even with shit biceps.
Frédéric Puglisi
so, where is he beaten ?\narms yes, and......? and that's it\nDorian KILLED everyone else, everywhere else
Чтобы не тырили, ясно же ) можно тырить у тех, кто ещё снимал
Yates even injured...wipes his opponents. I am a nasser fan as well...but conditioning and size that yates impressive as hell. Compare to todays guys...they are bloated and soft looking. Just watch mr Olympia 2017 and then watch Mr O of comparion...93 all the way.
Gabriel Fernández
Unreal condition. One of the best bodybuilders ever.
Dorian was the clear winner
Gustavo M. Schmitt
97 was the best year in lighting
Iron Warrior
Was Dorian at his best? No. But apart from a the front double biceps and abdominal and thigh, Yates still looks big and conditioned in all the other poses. As the champ, he already had one hand on the trophy so one can understand how he still won. Little did we know at the time this would be the champs last outing. You can clearly hear the fans reaction and clapping.
J Gamez
Such a unique bodybuilder, he actually looks like he's cut from granite...
Javier Reniero
El bíceps izquierdo lo tenía mal, lo demás, una pasada, terrible mounstro, gemelos y espalda de otro planeta 💪🏻
Jeffrey Lavergne
I had a sore stomach this morning and after taking a huge diarrhea shit I realized that it was much more aesthetic looking than Dorian in 1997
Joey Hawxhurst
dorian should have placed 10th
Joseph Aaron Labajosa
I guess in bb hardwork beats genetic gifts. And nobody worked harder than this guy.
King Roosta
Always at least one step ahead, would have beaten this year's Olympia winner hands down imo.
Levan Muradashvili
just imagine he didn't tear his triceps weeks before the 97 Olympia and at least he could actually train his body during those last weeks. That would be the best Dorian that we've ever seen onsage. THat version of Dorian would smoke even 2003 Ronnie coleman
Liberty any cost
Dorian proportions were going down. In this show, we can see his legs were not big as before and the upper body looks disproportioned compared to lower body and his gut is bigger than the other's top five. His conditioning was his best weapon for the battle.
Marlon Virtudazo
best back ever
Miguel Rivera
Como fan de Levrone digo que ninguno tiene mejor condición muscular que Dorian Yates, no tan masivo como en el '93 pero nadie le gana en poses según mi criterio, mezcla entre Arnold y Franco Columbu.
Mikey Norton
Mid section too big for me.. sure the waist looks tight from behind but GH gut from the front .. apart from that he looks phenomenal
Still looks amazing. He was the King!
Mário A. V.
1:41 that is just another level, no comparison is posible here, the GOAT himself.
Nicola La Serra
Dorian \
Nissim Levy
0:40 0:50 1:06 His right bicep and tricep looks huge, much bigger than any other of his Mr. Olympia wins.
Paul Daluz
This was a controversial win for Dorian. Sure he may have won 7 out of the 10 mandatory poses. But he wasnt in his best shape, his left arm was horrible and Nasser looked amazing. It could have gone either way. This was definitely a retirement gift for the shadow thats for sure.
реально урод... какие здесь пропорции -УЖАСНЫЕ!
Prajwal Bhosale
He is smart he tore his left arm bicep and triceps.all of his bicep pose was with right arm watch it again
Radomir Karaklajic
A question between Dorian and Cedric Mcmillan who will win,2017
Russell Heilman
How did this melting stick of butter beat the MD Muscle Machine??
Sadam Outlaw
His back looked best here than ever
Sammy Nyman
Nasser was so much better
Silas Rosendo
Simon Farmer
Dorian wasn't at his all time best here but he still deserved to win. However he was right to retire after this. His arm was gonna be permanently disfigured and he was also, so I've read, losing the motivation to keep repeating. But let's be honest. By this point he had nothing further to prove. He had beaten everyone in what is widely agreed to be the most competitive era ever seen in Bodybuilding history.
I prefered Nasser's size and symmetrical midsection over Dorians but he was holding too much water, especially in his back. First place came down to better conditioning which Dorian clearly had.
Stefan Stoleru
Wtf look how fast he moved his arm at 1:23
Steven McCusker
I don't understand the negative comments about Yates here. He looks incredible. Coupled with the fact he has suffered career ending injuries and still competed is quite simply astonishing. His high intensity training was tearing his body apart but what an incredible bodybuilder. Massive, ripped and still a physique that flowed.
At 1:38, was game over!!!
Dorian reminds me of me.
The Man
Did every pose possible to hide his left bicep. Nasser should have won
The Vegan Fit
DAMN that conditionning. DY is the man !
TheGamerRadu Canal
His back was just too good,thats why he won
I don't get it, where is the controversy here?he wasn't at his best but still huge and shredded\nNasser definetely looked better in the front double biceps, side chest and abs & thigh.\nBut Yates clearly won the side triceps, 2 back poses and front lat spread.\nThe biceps, torn or not , is of zero relevance in a front or rear lat spread pose, and in the case of the side triceps, Dorian tore his left one, but even before the tear he always hit the pose using his right dominant arm.\nSo the arm injuries didn't really affect the 4 mandatory poses which Dorian usually dominated.\nYes the torn biceps is visible in the back double biceps, but Dorian's back and calves raped Nasser's. Weak arms is a smaller flaw than weak back in the rear double biceps, like it or not.\nSo Yates still won fa and square.\nNasser was phenomenal from the front but thin and shallow from the side, with no depth or thickness through the traps, lats and a small ribcage.From the back we really dont need to elaborate, he was everybody's bitch .And his condition was not as good when all the angles were taken into consideration.\nThe crowd went nuts when Yates began hitting his trademark shots, so much for controversy
Trayn Ikhwanan
U cant win n O with one arm pause at 1:29
Vadim Don
Dorian has no tricep. His arms were so weak that I am wondering how the f... did he win so many titles
Vikas Gupta
good body but very poor arms.. worst biceps ever for any Mr. Olympia
XP Gamer
Christmas Tree @1:41
Xavier Vega
Dorian's retirement gift.
smh.. levrone shouldve won this show.. wtf. smh .. smh hard its not even close.
alex alexiks
явно он не заслужил первого места
awkward gecko
I dont know what you are talking....shawn should have He was perfext Look better
The man.
capo leader
God it was just over from the rear! Nobody stood a chance. Sick !
I bet even Dorian felt embarrassed winning Mr Olympia 1997. His injuries simply put him out the running and it was a gift.
da d
Una vera merda sempre appannato rispetto ad altri. 1 posto mai meritato, nessuno dei 6
deep N side
The left bicep was non-existent.
dude dude
Small legs arms not aesthetic not 3d not super freaky idk what the Dorian hype is
Yates is still the best. He clearly beats them all from the back and side. From the front he loses front double bi, but is still very comping the abs and thigh. Deserved to win no doubt.
талия ау
manduheavy vazquez
1:34 all is over for all the contenders. Greatness.
He looks sodomized.
I heard Yates had a tricep tear at this contest and it barely held in place by a string, prob a good surgical string but still a string. With the exception of his left arm(Bicep/tricep damage) and more of a belly than his earlier contests I think he looks damn good here!!! Super thick/wide back and massive as hell. For me it's a toss up between Dorian and Levrone, but I prefer Levrone's physique aesthetics wise
not the 'mr olympia' look
What a shitty posing routine. Shawn Ray should have won in 94' and 96'.
Nothing but RESPECT to Mr Yates. Massive and impressive even when struggling with injuries.
serg freeman
Как этот урод мог выиграть 5 титулов...Лерони и Уиллер были в разы круче Дориана.Олимпия просто шоу клоунов...
sukhjit sandhu
He deserved the win that night. Side tricep, front lat spread, back lat spread, and ab and thigh were unbeatable it just goes to show even at Dorians worst no one could have beaten him. In addition his conditioning was incredible. And just pause at 1:15 and tell me he didn't deserve the win 😂
svK 1711
The back was at its peak
terrorista magclein
uno de los mejores culturistas
zet zetov
Ли прист круче
А мне хорошо, Я ведь Русский
Спина убийца
Александр Ри
Рваный, пузатый, неэстетичный!.......... Подкуп!...... Произвол судейства!..... Шон Рэй - 1 место! Нассэр - 2-ое!
Анжрей Иванов
Стоило посмотреть в нормальном качестве чтобы понять что у Нассера не было шансов. Да симметрия от бога, но плоский плечи руки и даже спина обколаты чем то.. Презентация очень средняя не оставляющая послевкусия.
Антон Березин
Дохлый чет я и то раза в 2 больше.
Виталий Румянцев
Надо было \
Евгений Буравлев
по современным меркам если, то у Дориана только спина тут есть)
Отто Крюгер
Чемпион чемпионов. Самый лучший бодибилдер всех времен и народов