Xtro-Alternate Ending(1982)

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The director(Harry Bromley Davenport) originally intended the film to end like this, but executive producer (Robert Shaye), not thinking the scenes special effects were convincing enough, edited it out and released it for its New York debut with the film ending when Rachel sits down in the field after Sam and Tony have left, however, Davenport (director)thought it was kinda dull and changed it to the one we´ve all seen, only the german version of the film contained this ending.

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The music used in the scene when Bernice Stegers enters the apartment confronted by clones of her abducted son, is actually on the original soundtrack but was dropped in favour of a more downbeat sound using a piano when she reaches forward to retrieve a spore left in the refrigerator which was used for incubation. The special effects aren't that bad despite the disjointed plot and storytelling.
Al Sharples
I have the UK blu-ray of this film...which actually contains 4 different cuts of the film...and this is the ending of the 'original version' with the other ending being in the 'alternate version'...so there must have been the ending of the UK version on at least one release
Alana Horner
I prefer the other ending
Andrew Tornadoboy
Thought the makeup effects on the clones is terrible this is a far creepier ending than the released one, if they ever do a remake they ought to end it like this
Lmao the Panther! I read the writer was high when he wrote the panther into the movie 😸 and Im sure this ending 😭😹
That's actually a better ending than the one that was chosen.
David Garcia
i dont like this ending.\n\ni prefer the other one.
interesting alternative, so that is where all the \
Mark Florentino
What's With The Panther?
Hmm, I don't line any ending of the director, I agree with producer Robert Shaye.\n\nHis idea of an open end, with the camera turning upwarts to the stars (as we see in 2:20) and some peaceful music playing would be a perfect contrary to the action before.
this is the ending. why muck it up.
Valentina Avila
Thanks for posting this. I didnt know there was an alternate ending.
By the looks of this ending, I think Rachel is pregnant with the alien's baby. That explains why the Tony clones appeared to be rubbing her belly.
This is the ending I saw here. Gonna have to luck for the un-alternate ending.
reeelup007BKNY reeelup007BKNY
No one ever posted the song at the end of this film.It's really great too
I actually prefer this ending over the other one. This is more fitting to the surreal tone of the film. The other one feels really generic and was just thrown in to create a cheap scare. I do agree with the effects not being that good. It's very obvious that the kids are wearing masks.