Austin Ally Before and After 2017

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Austin & Ally Before and After 2017

Austin & Ally antes y ahora 2017 Austin & Ally before and after 2017 Austin and Ally Before and then 2017 Austin y All antes y despues 2017 Austin y Ally...

Alexandra Ghesoiu
Andrea Guevara
thes not ally
Angela Cicero
Stop clickbaiting
Annie A
The 2017 version of Laura on the cover page is Eliza Dushku, not Laura Marano.
Austin & Ally
Laura Marano turned into Eliza Duskü
Ayano Aishi
I Just Saying Ally Looks Photo Shoped.. (Sorry Speeker :c)
BJ Playz
I got clickbaited so hard AGAIN
Beatrice Padrin
come si chiama la canzone di questo video?😍❤
Bievenidos a mi mundo
Que Linda ally
Bkwinxlover _xox_
I still ship them 😍😜\n#Auslly!
CandyLover500 islit
Ally is hot!💖💖💖💖💖
Cartoonz 3005
It looks like dez went into crippling depression
Chyanne Auch
who got to see Ally at world of wheels?\nI did!
Clazed Rain
Just stop with these thumbnails😂😂🙂🙂
Colourful Rocks
I prefer Ally in 2011 And 2017
Colton Isernhagen
does this make some of you guys want to cry
Creighton The Wanderer
Dez wants to die. Dallas is man, Nelson.... aww nards! Austin hipster. Ally is ally
Crystal Games
Rez look depressed in 2017
DJ Howell
Lester oh Lester you're my favorite character now
Daniel Régis
Dallas played in \
Dark Gamer456
Austin is from this film called teen beach 🌊 in the film he is called Brady ITS SO COOL 😎
Dark Skin
Idk how but austin & ally were cute at young age but austin at old age like what tf happened to you
Daysiri Langston
I prefer\nboth\n2011\n2011\n2011. 2017 . both . 2011 . 2017 .
Doctor League
what happened to ally
Dr Pickle
roses are red voilets a blue and i got clickbait and so did you...
Drama Alert
So Ross is ugly low and ally is stunning
Dylan Roper
Ally is fine asf in 2017
Elvira Valenzuela
I just realized MIMI is Ms. Shapen from Henry Danger!
Emma Chadwick
Emmanuel Ndlovu
ally wow
What happen to Ross in 2017???!?! He used to do back flip and all those cool thing, and now... He look like ...this
Farjana hdshow
Dallas from Austin and ally doesn't matter he shot even that important in the episode's
Bro ally and Austin look so different I don’t like it
Global Panthers
when Jake Paul was fired from disney the true clickbait was released 😂
Harshita Kalita
Huge fan... just got nostalgic!😭 \nWho else is still crushing on Austin😉
How is nobody gonna talk about how Dez looks EXACTLY the same?!!
Hubix Games
co za guwno
Yooo Ally was so inccient
Jaicey Banks
Why a mullet austin
Jesse Plaatjes
Song ??
JuanG 1235
nelson is gonna be ugly forever
Julie's Music
lol dez looks EXACTLY the same
Kaitlyn Coward
Ally is beautiful gosh! She's changed
Karley Cunningham
What happened to Lester and nike?!?! 😲😲😲😲😲🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Kay_ Kay1995
Ross and Laura still look and sound amazing I still ship Raura who's with me... anybody
Kayla S
You picked the wrong picture for Ross in 2017 😂😂
Kinley Hoeme
Austin was hot... no offense to him
Klaus Ion
Laura is cute
I don't like 2011 version of Ross I like him in 2017 version of him
Lilly The Neko
I miss austin and ally :(
Lovely K
How didn't I realize Dallas was Jesus from The Fosters? Am I the only one who didn't realize it?
Im not happy. Give me a like please :(((
Madison kahle
ally looks better
Makyla Garner
Wow ally's changed alot😖😖😖
Maria Perez
This is so sad that everyone has just grown up so much
Melany Sanabria
why their isn't no more austin and ally😖😖😖
Mercédesz Csőszi
Michelle R
ich vermisse austin und ally
The clickbait is amazing
Mohamed Abduweli
ally looks like a bad girl in 2017! lol
Nar Music
Ally is amazing
Niezwykłe Przypadki Flapjacka
Nurazeela Abdullah
too bad the show is over
Nycolle_ G.Life218
Que sdd dessa serie tão maravilhosa e sdd desse atores e atrizes (sla como escreve)😭😭😭😢😢😢
Panda Lover
Love ROSS😍😍😍😍
I had a childhood crush on Dez... And now i'm just not paying attention too boys anymore and focusing on art than again... you can't blame me.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nWHAT?? 7 YEAR OLD ME THOUGHT GINGERS WERE CUTE.
Rajanikant Sable
Nelson looks like Austin Evans..
Sone are Kpop legends
Whoa at 1:28 Austin looks really really young \nI think he was 14?
Sophia Roblee
Dez kinda looks like Ron Weasly in 2017
Star Eater
I don't remember 90% of these characters
Sudha Sharma
Austin looks handsome and ally looks hot
Austin is so cute
Then And Now - Celebrities TV
Interesting Clickbait. My Work is not Like Yours. Fortunately
I just realized all ally's boyfriends are a city in Texas lol
Tisheka Woodley
yeah me to I like Ross Lynch in 2011 to
Ally is so hooooot \u003c3
Verboncu Georgiana
Decat elly arată frumos in 2017 ceilalți arată bine in 2011
Warrior Block
Ally is good in 2014
YouTube Girl
andere Musik sonst alles geil
Guys I don't think Ally is like this in 2017.
ZedAce Gamer
Roses are Red\nViolets are blue\nI got thumbnailed\nand so did you
anna wade
Abc I got clickbaited and so did you
bayu seta
Not hating but why is Ally the one who glows up?
christina williams
Hahahah dez hasn't changed
crazy Daisy
daddy ArK
i like how he clickbaits everything
epic squad! it lit
Nelson is still ugly
ewciaa D.
Austin jest brzydki
gamerquiz 3D
Austin looks really different.👨👴
haya mutasim
I was disappointed about Austin and ally characters when I saw them in 2017
kevana work
Austin changed so much I miss him from back then 😯😯😯😔😔😔😳😵😳
kimie knight
Ally looks so dang PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!if you agree
random rose
Roses are red violets are blue I got clickbaited and so did u
u boring okay bye.
Where's Jake?
Øivind Karlsen