SL Ultimate #1 - Smokk (Ganon) vs Ally (Snake) - Grand Finals

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Smash Ultimate Weekly #1 on December 13th, 2018The SmashLoft, 2000 Avenue Northcliffe, Montreal, QCSSBU run every Thursday!

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360 Overdrive
Am I seeing things or did Ganondorf make it to Grand Finals for one v one battles?
A Muffin
Ganon in grand finals... \n\n\n\n\nWHAT
Alan Darkworld
Did anybody count how many bloody grenades Ally has thrown in the match? I don't care if somebody calls this \
AlphA NeoX
6:15 I could feel Ally butt-clenching super hard xD
Pretty good ganondorf
Andres Ramos
I absolutely love that this is by far the most balanced smash game. Sure some characters are still better than others, but most of the roster is viable. The fact that there's a fucking GANONDORF in top 8 is awesome!
ArT oF wAr
Ally living the brawl days IN 2018! He got that clean snake!
Arthur Castañeda
Great set. Commentary really made me feel the tension lmao
Ben M
Who else thought Snake was lame before this?
BestPleb Eu
Rooting for that Ganon, but holy shit Ally's plays are so big brained
Collin Wexler
this snake is on a whole 'nother level compared to mvd and vex
Danny Birman
In smokks defense snake is a spam character who just throws bombs lol
Derek Lewis
C4, nair to fair. Holy moly.
This is bringing back memories of that British guy that had a disgusting Snake in PM.
Dylan O
....Ganondorf in a grand finals...GOD IS REAL AND THEIR NAME IS SORA UNLIMITED!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:12 thats a mood.
Edward Bersin
I watched all of DPotG and 2 minutes of this. Ally's Snake vs MVD's Snake is night and day. Hype vs camping.
Emilio Morales Luna
Ultimate don't let us down\nYou can become the greatest comptetitive smash game.\nThe bridge that unites Melee, 64, Brawl and Sm4sh players.
This match and the commentary are both really entertaining
Gannon is good now :0 Also Ally lost Mario for Metal Gear Solid Snake :0
wait a minute, what the hell is Ganondorf doing in Grand Finals...?
Hollow Day
these guys are too dirty
Ian White
Can we get an Ally vs Leffen match so we can see leff lose to this “bottom tier” character
Insatiable Lechery
This set was so good. I loved it
Ismail Ishaque
I main Diddy Kong
Jacqueline Rilloraza
that last battle was so intense !!!! both their patience there was incredible
James Crawford
My two favorite characters in a final? What more can I ask for
Jeffrey peguero
Ally ✌❤.
Jeremy Vicioso
It’s nice to see ally back with his real main. Sure he also played Mario sometimes in brawl but something about snake makes ally more happy to be him then mario
Jonatha Garris
Allys insane
Just some bird
Amazing set for the first month of Ultimate. That first game was a total shift in momentum and Ally’s Snake is really good, really liking that Nair 1 to Utilt. Props to the Ganon player though for making it near the end of tourney and keeping good composure
Kadeem The Dream
Those were the coolest snake plays I've ever seen
KholdKhaos64 Ray
Ally's dropping so many bombs he's on a government watchlist
Kyle McKague
Big brain snake plays
*T h e r e*
7:11 dumbest play in all of Smash's history.
Lizard Blizzard Wizard
Ally's Snake is absolutely disgusting.
Hands down.. One of the best matches I've watched
Ally chill before they Nerf snake
That Dorf was incredible! I gotta say that Ally's Snake was basically flawless, but props to the Dorf for giving him a run for his money
So glad Snake is finally back. Congratulations to Ally for displaying some of the nastiest things I’ve ever seen in Ultimate.
My dude Ganon! Looking real nice
Miguel Ruiz
Good match by both players, you can tell Smokk was starting to lose his nerve towards the end, got hit by a lot of nades, that tick down B is a curse to us all!
Minty Swinson
This video is incredible. I am now switching my favorite smash player from Ally, to Ally.
Mitch Vorst
That Ganon has the patience of a saint. Just wading through all the grenade bullshit.
Money seeker
I want to see ally’s snake vs jtails snake
Nathan Schoeder
The amount of grenade spam seems OP
Nerfed Nash
Leffen is high as hell saying Snake is low tier. I said there was no way he could be. Takes work to play well but def not low tier
Nick O'Brien
ally is trash compared to zero or fatality
That ending was insanely climatic. So entertaining
Not Me
Game 2 reminds me of SSBB...
Not a sidekick
That final kill by Ally ( 17:18 ) synchronized with the background transition perfectly
Nothing Impossible
And with MVD winning don't park on the grass, snake seems really good
Someone tell smokk he's handsome!!
Omega Zero
Words to describe that Snake “Tasty”
It's funny to see how MVD and Ally have such different playstyles. Ally's Snake is more physical and in your face while MVD's makes firework displays.
I hope Ally makes it back to the EVO stage this summer!
Prolific Pops
Geez, and I thought MVD's Snake was solid but Ally's Snake takes the cake!
As a Ganondorf main, I appreciate this video
Ally\n\nM A R I O wants to know your location
Ramel Lyde
Wtf snake turned from a killer to a god
Randy Gutierrez
Snake: *See's Ganondorf*\n*Get's Vietnam flashbacks*\nSnake: LIQUIIIIIIIIIIID!!!!!!!!
Ridley Johnstone
Ok,Ally has a really good snake but you all are like \
Rod Skywalker
Watching Ally's Snake is exhausting. Because it always ends up with me just watching Snake JUST to keep up w whats going on lol
RomanDaySaver ™
Oh my god. I can’t believe how cool Snake is as a character. Everybody were saying that he is shit, but nobody realized his full potential until this moment! Very happy for Ally!
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Snake finally showed up after hiding for a decade and it’s the first time we’re seeing Ganon in finals since forever. This is what it means to be playing smash bros *ultimate*
Is this sml I hear throughout the video?
11:43 he should did box gimp with snakes taunt sigh
Ally's Snake is a work of art.
What an unlikely grand finals matchup.
This battle was totally insane. So glad I saw this live! Amazing work from both Ally and Smokk!
The Lego Bros Reviews
Wow, what a match. Even though Smokk lost let's appreciate that a Ganon got to the grand finales.\nEdit: sheesh, how did this comment get so many likes. All well thanks everyone.
Ally snake is godlike
Bro snek is insane
The_ Bookworm
The first part of the game 1 started with Smokk making it hard on Ally, then Ally decided to obliterate him in the nastiest fashion out of nowhere.
Thomas Twin1
I wish ally use upsmash to downsmash near ledge more. He was not frame trappin ganon at all. It makes me cringe. Snake plays great at frame trappin. And he should of used side b more to pressure off and on stage with grenades. Falling straight on ganon is bad too. Not sure of he tried to b reverse but it cost him a few stocks. Bair off stage is the worst option in my opinion. His dair out sheild was on point and air dodge mix up was legit. Add in b reverse and u got a solid snake. I hope to see more out him as he develops. I don't mean to bash. Just giving critism as a fellow snake player. Great job to both players.
Toymachine 117
K but when we seeing dat Mario cuz I love that shit
Typo House Games
Glad to see your channel popping of, hopefully ultimate will be as kind to all of us.
This doesn’t even seem fair
The screen setup is literal trash
White Emerald_
Honestly. This match was so exciting. And the commentary was perfect. It made the match even more hype.\n\nCommentary: \
Yann Konde
Only 2 min in, Ally does the nastiest things i've seen so far in ultimate waw
Leffen might want to rethink the Snake bottom tier choice
charlie rose
Game 1 looking like a snake combo video
14:54 \
d00m• _ •Teri0Z
I'm quite new to this community and seeing the last match made my heart beat so fast and my jaw was dropped the whole time. I can't wait to see more tournaments as this game progresses. Does anyone know where I can get some more info on tournaments that are coming up for this game so I can watch them?
Best Ganon I’ve seen in ultimate so far
god DAMN that's a clip-worthy spike and it hasent even been a minute yet
Ally mained Snake in Brawl\n\nNo wonder he has the high IQ plays
i just camed
jake kretz
How is ally doing aerials with a z dropped grenade in hand?
Flashbacks to brawl hell when I played ally’s snake at a local. Dude is a straight up monster
melvin st fleur
4:48 I thought this was Smash not Tekken😕\nThis match is sponsored ny Michael Bay
Ganon is gonna have so much trouble with projectile characters in this game.
Y'all nutting over Ally's snake and ain't even acknowledging the GODLY ganon in grand finals.. Props to both 👏
everyone just ignores how ganon made it into finals :(