Siskel and Ebert review XTRO 1983

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Opening minutes to a 1983 edition of "At the Movies with Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert", featuring their review of the science fiction horror film XTRO. The volume isn't great, but you can still hear their lack of enthusiasm for the movie.

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Adrian Mendoza
1:55 - XTRO review. Their review just makes me want to watch this flick even more. RIP Siskel & Ebert.\n4:48 - Cool!
Afefefefefef Bsfcrev
There is something pretentious here, but it's not the movie. It's the reviewer.
Alexa Extraordinaire
When I was a kid XTRO was almost an urban legend. Kids who saw it claimed it to be the most brutal and disturbing film ever. And for some reason it was pulled from the video rental store, or was it stolen? Remember this was the early 80's. So I never got to see it until sometime mid 90's and I wasn't impressed. I was expecting something else.
Andreas Nordvall
Roger Ebert wishes he was Mr. Plinkett.
Andrew Brookes
I have a DVD with Xtro, Xtro 2, and Skeeter all on one disc. It wasn't worth the $5 it cost. But Xtro \nhas one of the greatest trailers of all time.
Barrel Shape
What does he mean \
Bill Green
These two pretentious blowhards would generally always have a picture each week they could skewer because they were little more than high paid bullies. And to this day there is this \
Brian Hibbs
Xtro starts at 1:55
Bryan Schuessler
I love XTRO! \n
Carl Purcell
I personally am very undecided about Xtro. I don't think it was awful, but it wasn't very coherent and that's only one of the many flaws. But I didn't get bored and, honestly, the movie is successfully creepy even if there's no ultimate goal in that.\n\nI clarify this so I don't sound like a fanboy when I say, and I'm sure most people will disagree with me, that these two are the most over-rated movie critics ever and Ebert is especially arrogant about his opinions. I can't stand them.
I enjoyed it.
Cory Gardner
Critical Geek
How dare they harass such a Best Of The Worst classic ;-)
Daniel John Clement
i've normally been at odds with Roger Ebert about the reviews he gives certain films, but i do say i am in full agreement with his review of Xtro... i understand what it's trying to do, but it fails... it's a film that is very pretentious.
Thumbs up if you completely forgot about CED players
Derek Smallshorts
Words cannot express how much of a moron Roger Ebert was.
WOw Roger Moore seems ancient
Meh - coupla killjoys, Xtro is good, grim stuff. Cheap and incoherent yes, but so what? It's got a creepy vibe to it and the aliens look well nasty. Sounds like they actually expected a happy ending. Well going by the tone of the rest of the film could you honestly expect that? :D
Should be noted that they would have seen the altered ending which mimicked the Alien series of movies, the original ending was softer and more surreal and in my opinion much much better.
Freddy Cellophane
Right channel is overrated.
I like Xtro. These guys were wrong on what turned to be a lot of cult classics.
I love finding these rare Cinema Snob and Siskel and Ebert overlaps
James Bond is brutally murdered by alien puppets in: XTROPUSSY.
Gordon Franklin Terry
Painful. On all sides.
Grumpy Gregory
Siskel and Ebert can suck Tonys shoulder. XTRO was frekin awesome!
I am Groot
oh and whats even weirder is I watched it on Beta... creeepy
Yeah that's true I thought the alien was cool, and ingenious how they made it. It was a man in a suit crab-walking with a mask on backwards, but the effect was pretty cool.
Ian Finlay
Well it isn't just sci-fi, . .. it's also, probably even more so, a gross out horror flick.
John Allegretti
Red Letter Media begs to differ, young Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel.
The early 80's (following three decades of amazing and imaginative theatrical \
Joshua Moore
I must admit XTRO is probably one of the worst british science fiction films ever made.
As I grew up in a former Soviet Union, VHS were a rarity in the late 80-s , and people exchanged tapes among friends. I remember well the night  when dad brought that  tape because it's been a double feature:  \
M.J. Moore
'Cheerless?' Since when is a monster movie supposed to be cheerful?
Ok xtro wasn't that bad. Yea cheap ok it is a low budget film afterall. But they tried and least made it interesting. If you look hard you might find the xtro original soundtrack. There is one on eBay for $75.00
McCarthy was right
RLM wasn't kidding, This movie fucking rocks!!
Even the director of this movie admits he had no idea what it's about. He tried to make a stupid horror movie and who can blame him for trying? Lol\n\nOr maybe he got reasonable after a few years and came ot his senses? Probably the latter.
Melquaides Skunduglio
Skiskel and Ebert trashed \
They don't know what they're talking about.
These guys are douche bags. They dump on small budget but creative films like XTRO, and then tell you to watch the next mediocre big budget crap fest that probably isn't very good anyway.
Norman Ingemann
Their review makes me wanna see it even more!
Would you believe Xtro part 2 was actually pretty good..??
love the commercial at the end. \nAnalog is still the best lol
Ugly? Mean-spirited? Well, yeah, Mr. Ebert, it's a horror movie, what did you expect? Rainbow and sunshine? \n\n
R. H.
I was in my early teens when I rented this movie for Halloween. It was a VHS rental store that I had been to dozens of times, and the horror and sci-fi movie section were right next to each other, and this movie was on the edge of both, right in between. I rented it not expecting much, but the creep factor had me captivated until the end. I almost felt dirty for renting it, but I liked it just enough to watch the sequel a few weeks later Xtro 2 The Second Encounter. To think this movie got a sequel seven years after the fact means someone else besides me liked it, and I accepted it for what it was, and enjoyed the ride despite the low budget and dark surrealist tone. This movie isn't made for the critics, I'm surprised they would even acknowledge it's existence. Thumbs up for posting the interview though. This movie is worth watching once, whether you're a sci-fi or horror fan.
Ralf Sauter
At 0:22 I thought that was his bare ass hanging out of his pants. :/
Rob Yagenmyer
The only thing I really disliked about Xtro is that Harry the snake dies halfway through the film. :'( I've never emphasized more with a snake than in this movie, so I was heartbroken when that happened. Other than that, Xtro is great fun. Enjoyed it a lot.
Robert Morgan
Octopussy was garbage.
two dead hacks.
Simon Howe
Roger Ebert also trashed The Thing when it originally came out. For the most part I think he was a good critic, but god damn did he not get horror
Special Snowfake
xtro is trashy fun and unique
Sr. El Boogie
I actually saw this at the movies when it came out didn't know anything about it checked it out because of the movie poster . 😛 movie stayed in my memory for years didn't know the name of it .
Xtro WAS crap! An ugly movie if there ever was one.
Terminal Cancer
I thought Xtro was fucking fantastic for what it is.
The more I think about this movie, the more I agree with Redlettermedia. It's a well-crafted horror movie.
I really like Xtro.  The \
Trevor Schmidt
Xtro roolz.
Vic Flange
The film is ''mean spirited'' because it's about an aggressive extraterrestrial; and not one with a glowing finger tip.
Word Unheard
TheBitchinbabs = Bitter troll
alifelesscritic critic
xtro- \
when did The Cinema Snob turn gray? ;-)
Who watches a horror movie for deep philosophical meaning? I don't, i watch them for the sheer pleasure of being scared senseless. Freaking Nerds!
RCA Videodisc.....STEREO SOUND!!!!!!
daz par
What??? They didn't like it??? Damn
XTRO rules.
Xtro had some great ideas but it seemed they threw everything AND the kitchen sink into it and forgot the story-line! But I loved the giant Acton Man character although he didn't last long in it.
@DarthJesus2 this from a \
Video discs back in 1983 lol. That'll never catch on.
Ebert couldn't tell good films from a hole in the ground. Siskel wasn't any better of a film critic either. Xtro has to be judged on its own level, and it's a well-crafted, shocking, scary, interesting movie. It is, in many ways, a lot more inspired flick than those other mainstream movies they reviewed in this episode.
I'd rather listen to red letter media. They get it.
Hey, where can I get an RCA VideoDisc player???? They look awesome!
Professional movie critics are terrible at determining if a movie is worth the cost or whether you should avoid it, because movies cost them nothing and they never avoid any of them.
I just ordered this and can't wait. I don't expect awesomeness like the thing. Shit I like JackHammer Massacre.
I don't think they took into consideration how perfect the continuity in this movie was. every scene has a setup and a payoff that makes sense if you actually watch the movie. but what do you expect from mainstream film critics
man, fuck these guys. xtro is awesome.
what a great intro
I first saw Xtro two years ago and I actually enjoyed it. It's cheesy and weird and has a creepy feeling to it that I find appealing.
Why would they even bother reviewing this kind of movie
@wataki2 Having watched various other combinations of reviewers over the years none of them have come close to matching the pairing of Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, especially in the earlier years of \
shadow face
XTRO is trash, Its weird and makes no sense half the time but it is at least amusing.
i remember being 13 and sneaking into the theater to see this schlock sifi eastern european trash with a friend . it was so bad that at one point i said, i bet the film skips and right on cue the father, walking across city square, was suddenly transported into the building. i believe it was poorly dubbed as well.
They did. .__.
A complete slating there by Siskel and Ebert. Maybe they thought they were just too high brow.
ulver carvalho
Xtro is so good some people still think the man in an upside down suit is a real skinwalker.
I never paid that much attention to Ebert, his reviews are ass backwards to me
Xtro did ROCK!