FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: All Stars 4 Episode 4 with Raja and Asia OHara

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In this episode of Fashion Photo RuView, Raja and Asia O'Hara TOOT and BOOT the looks from RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 Episode 4!Watch the UNCENSORED version here: RuPaul's DragCon LA, May 24, 25, 26!From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul's Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.

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Monet is not a shoot. The back of that wig alone is a mess.
Ainsley Williams
Raja just seemed tired of these girls
Alang Ariff Asyraf
Suggestion to editor; every-time the queens explain a reference or inspiration for the contestants’ fashion, you guys could edit in the photos? So that us not so informed viewers could see what they’re talking about? Pleaseeee. 😘😘😘😘\n\nEdit; I see now why it might be hard to execute. Just thought it would make the video more fun hehe. And why are some you so rudee thougggh hahaha. It was just a suggestion honey 😘
Amberbaer469npa's Swerves and least know the title of the episode if you're going to host a recap show! As far as your critiques.....stick to drag....\n\nAs for the brown's been milked.....NEXT!
Amy W
Personally, Trinity slayed the theme! Stunning look, I def SHOOT it :D She is my top pick this season!
Arbodienst Zeeland
Raja's seem tired or bored.
Autumn Brown
I’m so mad that Ru and the producers wouldn’t allow Manila to wear her original “period piece.” Would’ve been an absolute shoot.
Benjamin Plamondon
they need to see manilas other look. that was the top look of the episode.
Can I Get 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Reason :\\
I love the fact that Asia don't give a shoot to Monet.\nher look was ok but not a Shoot
Chat Pointer
Monet’s wig ain’t even on good. And Monique let’s turn the page
I KNOW I'm not the only one bored to death with the brown cow but honestly - am I the only one SEEING Monique's makeup?! That bright white patch on her face every week??? Could not understand how Michelle called it stunning. Ugh.
Commenter That has no life
1980 we will have flying cars in the future 2019 this
D payne
This video is gay
Darnelly Daniels
Eithier have raven or just put Nina and Vanjie on Ruview team!\nSpeaking of which Nina would have Owned this Runway ! \nGiving 2 seater sofa Ikea REALNESS \nIconic queen Inspiring challenges 👀👏🏾
David Joy HS
David Nasty-Hoe
Am I the only one that was too distracted by Asia’s nose contour than the video?
Dude GG
No shade but they look bored
Dushdjtoe Dushdjtoe
I wish they would have shown the dress Manila was going to wear bc that was a shoot to me
Edgar Rodriguez
Raja is so over Asia 💀💀
Elle Emme
Raja has her arms crossed A LOT in this. Not her usual posturing. I don't think she had a say in Asia being on \n* her* show
Enrique Escobar
this is on trending omg CONGRATS
Gatekeeper Aquatic
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
Geramie Nigoza
Raja:Come on now it's brilliant....\nAsia: Brilliant is a stretch.... Hahaha\nThe chemistry is a boot remember when Raja kept on correcting Aja on FPR. I'M glad Asia can stand for herself. I love when 2 people are honest on their visions. They don't have to be the same vision
Hana J
I love, love,love Raja. But I hate the way she is doing her makeup these days. Hate it.
Trinity and Naomi are the only two who are bringing it visually. The rest are a bit pedestrian to me.
IGot7 Revluv ExoL Army who Stay Once Gi-dle Blinks
This chemistry is sooo it just me (Maybe idk)... please bring someone else on already Nina, Raven...someone who will review with Raja.
Monique STOPPING DOING THAT HARSH MAKEUP with all that contour like everyone else, when your face already stretches forward. Not cute.
JP Smooth
How come no one ever says anything about the fact that Monique looks so metallic? I can remember Michelle Visage clocking Farrah Moan for her highlight but literally the entire top half of Monique's face most of the time looks SILVER. Weird.
I loved monet’s look... but I miss when a shoot was something sacred lmao 4:50
Jane Cronkhite
Asia: Monique Heart’s makeup is always exquisite. Raja: 👀👀👀
Jared Cook
I think Monét’s look warranted a Toot, not a Shoot. It was very good, but it was a recreation of a known look. I would reserve Shoots for things that are extremely original, and/or subverts expectations, and/or take the category to the next level in some way, and Monét’s look didn’t do that.
Shoot for monet.. really queen? Unpopulair opinion: Kim wore it better.
Jasmine Williams
I have a love hate relationship w Monique’s makeup. Her eyes are beautiful, BUT HER CONCEALER 🤢. She needs a better shade match and some blending skills.
Jeremy Shaw
Manila x Trinity for top two after this episode.
Jesus Alfaro-Garcia
Chemiatry of oil and water with these 2.
Jhunified With Love
Enough of the brown cow please... overrated already like OOOOVEEEERRRR
JinO Chil
I think, I'm not much of an analyzer but, Valentina's look was supposed to show what the mannequins look like when a dress is being sewn for a queen with that type of figure, OR what it looks like when a drag queen takes off her dress/ensemble/lewk - like that's what a queen's padding looks like underneath all the glam. And her make up and the powder on her leg shows that the look is only halfway done, which also explains her powdery face and her head that has the tape on it, but no wig. The only thing missing is to fist off that powder, put on her outfit, then attach that wig to her hair. To me, it's amazing that she's able to tell a story and still look stunning as hell, despite being _unfinished_
Jj Mm
Mz Raja’s cheek contour is borderline domestic dispute NCIS.
John Abenido
nina would've killed this runway theme
Jordan Miles
Raja seems so bored and over it 💀
Joseph Coughlin
Pretty sure Asia and Raja have to drink while they're shooting this to cover up the fact that Asia is getting on Raja's last nerve.
Juan Eduardo Cabezas Cáceres
Can we talk about how Trinity's 'ruffles' have almost the same technique of ruffles that Iris van Herpen did in her last collection. I dont know if was a direct reference. Actually Raja said: 'She looks like she's moving' which was the main thing about Iris's collection, the movement. Amazing look \u003c3
Julian Nial
Just for peoples information, the original theme was \
Raja spoke what we're all thinking. Stop. With. The. Brown. Cow. Reference.
Kenz G
Can we have RAJA and VIOLET just one time! please!
5:16 Monique’s makeup exquisite??? DELUSION CONVINCE YOURSELF
Kia Catherine O'Brien
Raja: 'I'm in a good mood'\n*wont even look at Asia, sits with her arms folded, dead bored ass voice*\nYeah okay sweetie
LJ !
Who else thinks drag race should take a break til November or December and no All Stars til 2020?? The oversaturation, *FAR* too much.
Raja looks like she fell off the motorcycle and severely bruised her cheeks
Luke Thornhill
Raja seems so over it all 😂
Monet? Shoot? Bye
Nicholas Britton
does anyone else get bothered by Monique Harts' makeup? i swear she brightens the center of her face too much!
Noel D'cunha
Omg rajas fashion references are so on point . Jesus
OHhhh Honeyyy
Paris Marie
Thank god I'm not the only one getting sick on Monique milking the whole brown cow thing. It's to the point that I just find her annoying and can't enjoy her like I did so much on Season 10.
OMG...someone get Raja some medical attention....she has horrible third degree burns to her cheeks!!
Pete butSue
Well executed?! Really?! Jeeze, the wobble on that \
Posdata Ok
Raja's contour it's getting harsher and harsher damn
Rafe B
As a conservative I approve of this. Its entertaining for some wierd reason. Raja and violet, are entertaining.\n\nP.S. yall hating on latrice.
Was anyone else bothered by the first A on Raja’s head???
If you want to steal that outfit, you give it a LOOT.\nIf it is satisfactory, you give it a GOOT.\nIf it is outrageously funny, you give it a HOOT.\nIt it is out of style, you give it a MOOT.\nIf it is slays, you give it a WOOT.
Rob Thompson
The moment Raja gave Monet a shoot is the moment I lost respect for Raja's credibility to review fashion
Nina'Bonina Brown would have slayed this category🖤
Saikou210 Number1
REAL QUICK!!! Monet's dress did NOT fit right, you could see the back rolls immediately. Also that butt was not fitting right in that dress or on her. It's a smart idea, and a toot, but you have to clock execution too, especially if you're gonna boot Latrice who had better execution in her look.
Sarah Fuller
Give 👏trinity 👏 the 👏 crown!
Sasha R
The white dust on Valentina's body is supposed to be tailor's chalk, used for marking fabric before it's cut or sewn.
Sativa Diva
#8 on trending! Good job Raja & Asia
Raja's criteria is just all over the place this season...
Slita Risk
First of all they look beautiful\nSecondly, Raven
Super Cam
What a bunch of weirdos
Tahira Iman
I’m going to ask this every time until she comes back: WHERE IS RAVEN?!?!? Where is she?!! 😭😭 I miss raven
Tayron Berlanga
I came to see if Raven or someone with some taste return, not even Raja can make me keep watching this show with the ever fluorescent Asia
The Revelleution
The moment Raja mentioned Gwen Stefani i couldn't unsee Manila looking like Gwen
Timothy C
Nina Bo’Nina Brown would’ve dominated this challenge lol!!!!!
Troy and Chase
Naomi’s runways are always “serving” it 😉
Urosh Uchiha Novakovic
I have to say, Asia's opinions are so on point to me. I'm respecting her so much for actually saying her mind instead of agreeing with Raja.
VINCINT Official
Trinity slayed my entire life
Monet wasn't a shoot. Well done Asia for standing your ground. But I miss Nina Bonina and Miss Vanjie, they're hilarious and need a show together.
Willy's Toys
To the *1%* of people who see this comment...\n\n\n\n\nHope you have an amazing 2019. Much love from a mini u tubr❤️
Even Monique's fellow queens are tired of Brown Cow Stunning.
Yenna van Eeuwijk
I wonder how especially Raja would feel about Manilas original runway look.
Yong Basale
At this point, I think they are tired of all these... hahahaha
ed castrillon
Valentina's white dust is chalk. designer's use chalk to mark fabric to cut it out of patterns.
I LIVE FOR BROWN COWN STUNNING! And she can do it forever! Thank God Shangela stayed true to her self and didn’t hear y’all when it came to her “Halleloo”!!!
when i watch this shit i believe the Hunger Games world is possible
Raja is SO RIGHT. I'm so sick of \
Is it me or does Monique’s makeup each week looks more and more like the puppet Madame ?!!\n (that awful white highlighter is the problem)
Trinity's lewk is giving me ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM REALNESS
matthew james
Honestly? I just cannot handle Trinity. She has grown on me so much since season 9. I can't believe I slept on her for so long. \n\nShe's fucking incredible. One of the fiercest drag queens in the herstory of this show. And she is killing the competition so far.\n\nI started watching AS4 almost 100% sure that Manila or Valentina were going to win it. But now I dont know. I'd be so fucking happy if Trinity won. She deserves it.\n\n\nAlso, the top four HAS to be Trinity, Manila, Valentina and Naomi. Can you imagine the gag?
i want raven back please; ive endured enough
rubianna curran
Did everyone hear about Rupaul and production forcing Manila to change her original outfit? It was a pad dress with a period stain that embraces the normality of female menstruation! It was amazing, should’ve been allowed!
These two have no chemistry together.
Everyone is hating on Asia but I enjoy her point of view. She's well spoken and explains why she doesn't like the look and doesn't sugar coat it.
why does raja looks so much in camera wtf