Lais Ribeiro on Becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel

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Brazilian supermodel Lais Ribeiro talks about how she was discovered, being cast for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and her journey to becoming an Angel.

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- sylvia
why didn't she got more campaign or shots as sara or stella or elsa,i prefer her much more(i love those angles who victoria's secret has more attention but i prefer other girls much more don't understand how they choose maybe they sell well or i don't know)
She has a really nice ass/hips....very sexy
Akira L
Brazilian girls are amazing x
Allyboo 256
my friend melanie she is 5'5 and were both in 5th grade and im 5'3 and i wanna be a victoria secreat model when im older!!!
Aluízio Júnior
Orgulho 🇧🇷💚💛💙
Amanda Pinnapah
she seems so genuine and has a killer body
Ana Carolinne
Lais,Alessandra,Adriana,Gisele gosh brazilians girls rocks
Ana Gabi Albuquerq
a brasilian 😍😍😍 so proud of her
Angelina Rosso
I love the series becoming a Victorias Secret Angel!:-)
She seems like a really sweet and friendly person.. she has a great body.. Very thin but still curvy.. Lais deserve to be one of the new angels.. but i still don't understand why VS have 10 new angels now! \nWith so many angels the title is worthless and nothing special anymore! VS do a lot of mistakes in the last time.. I miss the old times!
Anna M
She's literally an angel
Aw. Lais is adorable. I think she would be my favourite if I _had_ to pick from the new batch of Angels.
Becca Lee
I feel like the more tan VS models are, the more beautiful they have to be. The blondes are not as structurally perfect as she is, and it makes you wonder. Are they more relaxed if white models aren't as perfect? Lais is extraordinarily perfect VS angel. I think the rest are not even close.
Bill Schauberger
Lais has very beautiful eyes and hair and she is also so tall.
She has beautiful brown skin.
she looks like the model version of tinashe xD
Carla L.
Very beautiful and she has curves!
I feel like her and Elsa are the only ones that deserve to be angels.
Cata Reed
she's so beautiful, I'm gonna cry
Cesar Reyes
una mujer increíble :D
Clueless Stacey
She is so close to Adriana's level! Brazilian girls are the hottest \u003c3
Daniela Caicedo
Lais es hermosisima! En realidad no sé que tienen las brasileñas, para mi junto con las colombianas son las mujeres más bellas de latinomérica.
Dayana Petrova
the best body in Victorias secret
Dian Permata
she's so beautiful
Ella Jackson
She's so beautiful and her skin!
Her smile reminds me of Barbara Palvin
Her and jasmine are my favorites ♥️
Ethelle John Padernal
Very angelic face.
Now that is an Angel: confident, unique, a woman, not a girl. She is stunning!
Lais is the best new angel! \u003c3
Hands down the best body EVER on VS.
HoneyD2574 Mooners
She is stunning and her skin color is a dream! 😍😍😍😍
Isabelle Braga
i love her so much, such a inspiration for me 💜🇧🇷
JayyChaks Jocelyne
She's so gorgeous
Jefim Jefjef
I don´t understand why VS don´t make more cormetials with Lais! Her body looks like Candice's body, so curvy and sexy. Congrets Lais, I waited for ur oficial wings for  a long time :)
Jenny Guan
it's weird how it seems like they used her more before she was an official angel
João M
SHE IS THE BEST!!!\nlove you lais!!!\namazing body, smile, color, everthing is just perfect
Judith Pierre
i love all the angels but lais is my favorite josephine would've been my second if she was a angel as well
She is the sexy one!!! Looks her curves...her body...I love Lais...She deserved to be an Angel long time ago!!! 😊😊👏🏽👏🏽 can do it, girl!!!
Kath Lux
she's fantastic!
Lilla Smith
I'm so happy that Lais made it, even if the angel title is not so special nowadays or not as special as it was at the time of Gisele and the girls. She's so beautiful, kind and she's been working for the company for years. She deserved it.
She's stunning. The new angels should only be her, Elsa, Taylor, Sarah and Jasmine. The others are irrelevant.
Marcela J.
Stunning, the most beautiful of the new angels 2015. She and Candice are my favourite.
Margot Ralaimi
The best 👑❤️
Mariana Trindade
Lais, bravo! Representa o Brazil ❤ Adriana, Alessandra, Gisele, Ana BB, Isabeli Fontana and all brazilians have power ❤
Michel Lima
Stunning Lais!!!
Michelle Meking
love her
My Name Is Hades
Her breasts are just begging for a fantasy bra! C'mon Ed put a fantasy bra on Lais, PLEASE!
Myckie Ray
Love, love, love Lais!!
Myllena Oliveira
Lais ♥♥
Never thought that her voice is sooo cute! 😍
Lais is amazing ❤️
Apart from being HOT AF!!! She is actually very cute, she seems like a very genuine girl.
Nombulelo Lebakeng
I really love Lais! In my very biased opinion, I think she should get the fantasy bra this year
Killer body.
I love her she seems very nice and she does have a personnality!! I think her, Sara and jasmine are the only ones to deserve the VS contract
Pau Dadivas
She's gorgeous. So glad they finally let her wear the FB last yearrrr ❤️
Piia MX
Her body is amazing
She and Elsa are the only ones who truly deserves the Angel title especially her she has the potential the body the sexy bombshell look and literally everything
Rachel Wonders
She has the dream complexion! Loveee her shade👌
Raynara de Castro
she's the most perfect angel ♡ Piauí love's u girl, come on, and Arregaça bixa!!!
Ruben FZ
She's really beautiful, like the rest of the Angels and VS \
A much better body than the other new angels. Much softer and more alluring.
Seriously Mia
Shes so pretty ❤️
Sophia Smith
She's so sweet and very pretty.
Sr Barbanegra
my favourite girl on the World 😙💙I love you Lais!!!!
Honestly, Iove all the new angels despite what people are saying but Lais takes my breath away
Lol she's so cute you should ask them not me 😂😂😂
Tash Kash
The only one i can say who truly deserved to be an Angel
The Little Wanderer
The only new angel I love. ❤️❤️
ThrowMeToTheNewWorld :
I think she's gorgeous and really nice but I don't see her as an angel for some reason :o For me it's Jasmine, Elsa, Romeeeeee who seem ethereal and I really want Liu Wen to become an angel.
Tiara ForeverxX
Love u lais!!! U inspire me to become a model too. Ur one of my favorite Victoria's Secret model and I would love to follow in ur footsteps one day. Lots of love Tiara \u003c3
I'm warming up to her again. She was already rumored to be the next Angel since 2011 and all those years it never happened, so it kinda felt like she missed the moment. Now that she has improved her English and seems to have loosened up in front of the camera, I gained interest in her again. And if she also starts to strike killer poses on the VS runway instead of looking bland as before, I'm fully convinced.
Vivien Pham
lais deserves to be an angel so much!!
anicea joseph
these girls are very inspiring to others that love modeling
My favs are Sara, Taylor and Lais. Such gorgeous and inspiring girls!
blue star
2nd best body after Candice Swanepoel and such a beautiful girl. Lais, Jac, and Elsa are the only new ones that are Angel material.
gabrielle g
The most deserving of any of the new angels.
These series are absolutely the best!!!! I am in love
i am bEnj
I love you Lais, but girl give us some life..
Absolutely gorgeous♥️♥️♥️
she is by far my favourite!
Her accent has changed over the years.... 👀
marie s. williams
she is my favorite
aw lais is so pretty! Crazy how she looks that good and has a 7 year old son! So good to see her as an Angel, she's invested the most time into VS than any of the new angels.
my name
love Lais \u003c3
Best new angel. Lais and Elsa are probably the most deserving amongst all of them.
She's the best angel! Better than candice
From the moment I saw her in the Wild Things segment from the 2010 show, I knew she was gonna make it big with the brand and someday be where she is today. To me, she's the one who deserves this title the most. She's been with the brand for over 5 years, she has the sweetesttttt personality (so humble), and her body is just amaziiiinggggg (and she's a mom!!).\n\nNot hating on the other girls, but Lais and Elsa (who's been with the brand for almost five years as well), are the ones who should've been named angels. I think it wasn't a good move to name so many angels at once, but it's not like my opinion matters. They should have named 5 this year and add another 5 for next year's show. Give people time to adjust, remember and get to know all these new faces. The 10 of them are stunning, but too many girls at once. I would have picked Lais, Elsa, Sara, Martha and Jac for this year, and add Stella, Jasmine, Kate, Taylor and Romee for next year. But that's just my opinion, not hating on anyone.
My fav angel
I seriously love her
♥ ❤LOVE HER ONE OF MY FAVORITES!❤ ♥  :D\n   The Song Reminds me of 'Pressure' By Paramore.