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An old sampler I made from two holidays I took at the start of 2009. Go outside and take up Martial Arts Tricking!!! I promise you it will be the best decision of your life =DUseless trivia:1) I hate dinosaurs2) The quad twist in the video was one of my first attempts, I have long since landed it (So please stop pm ing me haha)3) The message at the start of the sampler is from my best friend John McLay4) Do not throw large gym balls at your headUploaded to hopefully make people smile while I work on finishing Atlantis Within :)Follow me here -

2009 ABCD Double Holiday Inversion Mr Parade Steve Team Terada

Dude i dont know how can you disslike something like this.. anyways, nice triples and stuff lol :)
Aaron Gould
i went outside and kicked for hours after watching this video, it is like a movie that sends a message throughout my body to get up and do something with my life. \n\nThank You Scott. \nI just started trickin but watching you do it gives me a sense of direction and where i want to go with it! You are loved all over the globe just by doing something you love. \u003c3 your Incredible.
Adam Parrington
Awesome. Definitely nothing lacking from this. Looks like great times, great tricking, and great man love. PUT UP A NEW ONE!
Ahmad Shahmi
Holiday parade - slam crunk
You guys are awesome, looks lke you have lots of fun.
Anthony Dao
living the dream \u003c3
bestt for all !!! Arte Crew
Artur Burmistrov
I love this clip!:)))))))))
Ashy Freshy
name Of The Song Pllllllllllllllz
Asid Dragon
lol, this aint parkour or free run, its tricking (xma)
Ben Senior
How come we never got to see the full video of the triple attempt at 1:20? It looked really solid, and I want see the whole video!\n
i just realised that 1:20 was a triple cork!!!\nwtF?????
Brodi McKinnon
lol the guy on the phone sounds like a priest.
Carlos Ordoñez
you inspran me guys
@MrParkourDom I feel exactly the same =)
Cecil Lee
So much happyness ^,^ \u003c3 -;p-Lenex-
4 year later and still my favourite vid to watch :)\nx
Chris Crow
@estpur3 it's all John McLay :P haha
Cloud Köy
Cédric Cloutier
Everytime i watch this i have an automatic smile in my face...! It's just amazing!!! THANK YOU SCOTTY!!!!!!
Best Video Ever!
Dom Bethell
Always coem back and watch this :D Its great!!
Eros Pelle
Very beautiful video...great stuff and great group :D
Evelin Damján
WTF? :O Amazing ♥
This is possibly the best tricking video i have seen :D its just really happy :L :D\u003c3\u003c3
Flo-Motion Ent.
what... the... FUK is up with this song, lol, its retarted as shit, lol... but its nice =-)
Gabriel Roy
Woah, is it really a quadfull at 2:00 ?? 0__0 You rock Scott! I love how you and your teamates are so close, and how the passion for tricking links you all together. I wish I had a bunch of crazy dudes to trick with me! Anyway, great vid, really inspirationnal and entertraining + the music is awesome! Keep trickin' forever man! lol Peace
Gaston Malondra
i am that generation :D xD
Gilad Eisenberg
That's what happens when you do what you love....Pure awesomeness!!!
Grim Reaper
Damn they twist so fast it almost looks violent\n
this reminds me of the good time that i had when i visited my Team mate in California he studies there for a year and he is gone for a half a year now so way too long\n\nIt was a good time to train with Maarten and on my birthday he comes back to The Netherlands :D:D::D:D\n\nI miss you mate\n\nGood video:D:D
Omg, your life is awesome, i wish i would have a life like you !
can some one PLEASE tell me name of the song ? ^.^
Jeremi Levesque
Johan Bergström
Come someone link the video were a Grey snorlax (or something)\nis mentioned in the video? i cant seem to find it
Jonah Ullman
Im always left with the greatest mood after watching this :)
Justin Ubay
the best \
Justus Jöris
ssj4 scotty vs dino\n\u003c3
Kurtis Power
You actually live your life :)
Liram Jan
what's the name of this song ?
how the fuck can someone dilsike this....?
Lukas Alexanderson
@mykezakjd so damn good...
Marek Rzankowski
love it \u003c3\n
Mark Woodland
what a perfect life you have :')
Matt Young
I just realized that although this song just works for some reason with tricking samplers, no one can EVER use it again because they'll just compared to this masterpiece.
Mauro Bringolf
@Te4mRyouko Same to mee^^
Song is Slam Crunk by Holiday Parade :D
This is one of the greatest \
Mychael James-Dixon
This looks like the life tricking and chilling, beach, beer, sun, friends and corks, what else could someone ask for
love it, so amusing to watch since you bring footage of your life outside tricking aswell. Gives us a good insight of how you are as a person :)
Nicholas Smith
very feel good sampler for me :)
Nick Burgess
Olly Cridland
Dude, this stuff is breath taking, its truly epic what you do. :D \u003c3 x
the tricks are from two sessions that were at 3 different gyms as well as outdoors??
Philip Holmsten
Love the laught at 2:18! xD
Like this if you like big butts and you can not lie(:\nalso like this if you want to see more of scottys videos :DDD
you and your lifestyle marked a whole generation of people around the world
@Te4mRyouko same here mate :)
What's the name of that song? ;$\n\nYOU'RE AMAZING!
I think I just jizzed
im watching this video all the time :D\nand then im full of motivation ;)\n\nwishing u guys all the best!!!
This ain't Bad
Very beautiful life guys !
Tobias Calamini
the best video in the world\nSCOTTY!!♥
what i love about this video is it doesn't just show all tricking it shows life and how trickers live happy and are enjoying what they do everyday thats what a tricker can call him/herself not just someone who tricks around doing amazing flips
How could anyone dislike this!!!!!!! sweet vid man
Wendel Aguilera
u have great friends!
Start at 0:48 :D\n
aidan harrison
your my hero
baba puste
perfect video \u003c3
0:55 fusion HA!
There were several points in the film where I was very impressed that no one caught fire... Also I puffy heart that Batman t-shirt :)
bridget de la torre
i love the song!!! and love the video great job!! :)
I love the whole aspect of tricking. you guys managed to put it all together here in this vid.
Looks like you guys have a lot of fun :D You guys are just awesome and funny and strange at the same time x'D UR skills are incredible! FAVOURITED
you must have an awesome life
Holy Shit! Marry me, Scott D:
that´s life!
@stanleyxD same shit
I love this video! \u003c3
you guys have a lot of fun :D THATS HOW WE ROOLLLL!!!!
You've got an awsome life mate\u003c3
loved this video
tõnis Soa
@steevie128 now 15 dislikes are dumbasses :D \nScott Skelton u own :D \n
גל שימר
שגיא סאן
this is the best clip ever!!!