Fire in the sky - The abduction (part 2)

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Alien abduction. November 5, 1975. White Mountains, Northeastern Arizona. Based on the true story. A group of men who were clearing bush for the government arrive back in town, claiming that their friend was abducted by aliens...

Abduction Enlèvement extra terrestre OVNI UFO

02 S L
You know the irony here is that we do the same thing with animals when testing medicines or something
Adam Voight
law in order special victims unit
God its dead space 2 all over again
Aizen Sousuke
This must be how animals feel when we experiment on them.
2:39 RAPE
For the longest time, I was unable to cover myself with blankets. 😭
I like how all the aliens look like Tommy Lee Jones.
Ben Pote
If he was obviously physically stronger, how did they overpower him so easily? Idk I'd have finished him off if I were in that position.
This is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen in my entire life..
Black Onyx
Just an annual health check up they said...
Blacky Chan
Not my proudest fap...
Bob Dillahunty
The reason this can't possibly be real is that the sequence of events is exactly like in a dream. Stuff is happening because it's scary and lends itself to a hopeless feeling of being lost, awed and terrified. If you want to insert things into people or whatever the fuck they were doing, you don't just kidnap people, put them in a weird holding pen crawling with every disease known to man, and let them wander around terrified until they bumble towards you. Did those aliens expect him to just wake up when he did, go rummaging around in zero gravity, find his way into that hole after being startled by the alien in the mask, get dragged by the two aliens in the tunnel (were they waiting for him there? Were they expecting him at that moment?), then rushed to the operating room to endure a nonsensical but absurdly terrifying procedure? There's no logistical or medical sense to this. Just abduct people, put them to sleep, do your prcedure, and return them. Maybe that's the point: what's being shown isn't meant to be what really happened, but how the victim reconstructed it through dreams and trauma. Really though, this scene is an expression of human fears and phobias, more than about how actual extraterrestrials would behave, and that's probably the case with all such 'alien abduction' cases.
Boog Ste Lici
where's part 3?
Brad Bingham
I want to see this Scene Remade with a Female! That would be Hot!!
Charly Althouse
These aliens are hoarders. They need a shrink.
Chicken Nugget
When they started stripping him face down I was terrified I'd be seeing a anal probing or them stick a giant satellite up his ass.\n(South Park reference)
Chris Craft
i dont know about the eyeball probe but this movie is based off a real life event.... i know they say that, but it really is..... the actual story is a bit different....
Christopher Sørensen
Obama care at work.
Corey Murnighan
ah gotta love Obamacare!
Funny how much they look like Groot
Damian Kadlec
This guy came home naked in the morning and his wife asked him: \
Defend person who being honest
COOL!!I love it..I don't scare at all!LOL
Derrick Jenkins
Now you know what Chimps in laboratory testing feel like
Dillon Andrews
when i have nothing good to masterbate too, i masterbate to this instead.
And this folks is why concealed carry is a good thing
The ending reminds me of my wedding night.
Soy el comentario en español que todos buscan \nSaludos desde la República Dominicana
Evan Abbott
.....yeah this still holds up as the scariest alien abduction movie of all time.🤔👍
Grenge g
them aliens must be 900 yrs old at least
Guilherme Matos Passarini
Their ship looks like a gigantic archaeological museum
Guzzman 65
Lazy aliens... can't even keep a clean ship. Now that's just sad..
Moral of the story kick an Alien in the face, they will nut in your eye.
Hal Eloi
I wonder if aliens have beer.
Isaac Cano
3:05 Remember me? You kicked me xD
“AHHH, ahhh, AHHH...”. Lol! That scene is hilarious😂
Jacob Hoss
So many horror and sci-fi films from the 80's and early 90's seem so dated and cheesy now, with horribly fake-looking props and creatures, and 'futuristic' sets that look thoroughly rooted in their time. This movie, or rather this scene, has held up surprisingly well. I think it's largely because the set designers made the ship look truly 'alien' rather than 'futuristic'. You really get the sense that this is the product of beings completely unlike us with totally inhuman sensibilities. Even the fact that it's cluttered and 'dirty' looking fits with this.
James Halleluyah
Time tuh get yo probe on boooooy!
Jiszelle New
Oh Hell No.
Joey Freeze
The aliens in this video pretty much have an identical attitude to that of humans in slaughterhouses, wouldn't you say?
John Smith
Very under rated movie.
Josh B
Reminds me of IHS. Hahaha
Finally found the alien scene that scarred me as a kid.
Obamacare in motion
Lover of Furries
Ha!!! The look the alien gave him when he kicked him in the face!!! Like \
M Peters
Aliens that have superior technology and are far advanced of us I don't think would have a messy spacecraft. And why are the aliens always interested in our private parts? This sounds like someone had a very bad nightmare. Also notice, the aliens don't seem to have a purpose. They just collect decaying bodies and junk and never clean up after themselves. Does this sound like super-intelligent aliens?
Marshall Street
We are Groot.
He souldn't have kicked that Alien
Mick DeVille
I find this scene to be both terrifying and compelling.
Mirco Girlando
5:14 seems like Marilyn Manson make-up XD
I watched this when i was 4, never been the same
Muhammad Saleh
That's me when I went to the dentist at the age of 5
Being abducted by aliens is my all item biggest fear. Ever since I was a child, I've been terrified of them. And this movie didn't help things lol. This scene still gives me nightmares to this day, probably what? 20 years after I first saw it. Though I have to admit, I hate how the production studio took certain liberties with his story, mainly that the aliens look nothing like he describes, and he never described anything even similar to anything shown in this clip. I guess they figured the real story wouldn't look very good on the big screen. In fact, I don't remember ever seeing a Hollywood movie with Greys in it portraying a typical abduction sequence, except maybe Communion, but that was pretty weak.
The aliens are not very scary but that scene is the creepiest alien abduction ever
Pasha Pasovski
Every one thinks that they are Aliens, but it's more likely that they are humans from the future, probably collecting DNA!\nThere is no way that something that evolved millions of light years away from Earth would even resemble humanoids! No way!😎
Patrick Andre
I think greys are really just us after we killed everything on the planet and the survivors were so mutated ... Time travel baby
PsiClone 414
An advanced alien race will have evolved far beyond our concepts of love and hate.  The most logical theory is a telepathic species with a collective consciousness, perhaps coordinated by an advanced AI with a focus on nothing more than furthering knowledge and technology.  A human's feelings during abduction and experimentation would be met with complete indifference.
Now this would be a good remake
Rant Gant
I haven't seen this movie in quite a while, but for some reason I had a \ncreepy dream last night that was an extension of this scene. It wasn't \nso much a dream as it was a \
Rhys Nichols
Here the alien appeared kind of gentle when it touched his back, like it was been careful but since he kicked it they were really aggressive and had no emotions, I wonder if he angered them?
Roni Carlos64
When you go to the dentist
Ryan Keefe
Quickly! Through the cheese hole!
Samantha Jensen
What exactly did they do to him?
Saw Vi
Scariest alien scene ever
Sawyer Springer
Ok he sacred and all and I know this is not how the true story was but I wonder what would've happened if he kept kicking and beating up the aliens. And what was that other alien doing? Just floating around while was touching and looking at it
Sean Schoenstein
Did you hear their screeches when they grabbed him maby they were mad at him for kicking him?
Seymore Hynee
why do they kidnap people just to probe them ... all they have to do is go to west hollywood ... there are plenty of gay freaks there that would glady let them go to town on em with there probing deveises !!!
Shark Record Films
Completely incorrect, they did not portray the actual abduction. He woke up on a table, and came to realize he was surrounded by grays, not these brown shriveled things. He stood up, grabbed a glass rod, and scared them off. Later, he went into a planetarium and was taken out by a tall human like creature. They led him to a hangar where other craft were, and then he passed out after they forced a gas mask like apparatus onto his face.
Shinobi Vega
I wouldn't be surprised if this is what Hell is really like. Only in the case of Hell, your tormentors don't use the excuse of the pursuit of scientific knowledge for their sadistic experiments. They're just in it for the evulz.
Sotha Sil
The Cinema Cynic
See, this is one of my biggest fears. I worry that if Aliens were to come down to earth and abduct us, they would not be the typical friendly \
The Hooded Wolf
Pervert aliens
The-Skyward -Wolfman
Why didn't he just fight back?
Although the real life story was nothing like this, this scene is still fuckin' metal!
2:57 LMFAO was I the only one that bust out laughing when the alien slaps the shit outa him? That look says it all.
Truth & Justice
Obamacare sucks.\n; ¬)
Videomen karlo002
Oh come on he's bigger than them he could beat them up
Vincent Bédard
I cant decide if this guy is stupid because he tough it was a good idea  to investigate an unknown object emitting light in the middle of nowhere or he's the most unlucky guy ever for even stumbling on this kind of alien in the first place .
Vincent Locollo
Vương Triều
Part 3 ?
How do these aliens have the ships technology but can't even perform a expirement better than us
Zane Wind
I liked how the alien's space suits resembled the stereotypical greys' look. Nice little twist. Makes sense that they would wear suits outside their ship or in parts of their ship that wasn't environmentally sealed.
4:15 my box cutter is sharper than that smh
The scene might be terrifying but God oh God! That synth score is porno to the ears!
This is exactly what animals experience right before we slaughter them 🤷\u200d♂️
calsytrs 6777778
3:51 the way just looked at him and nodded
They are of there father satin and of his lust and his works they will do!
This is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen.
Peferct for a good masturbation.
See \
kevin C
Yah remember how you kicked me back there? You do? good! Beacuse you wont for much longer!
I don’t understand. We’ve been anal probing these humans for over 40 years now and all that we’ve learned is that one in nine don’t seem to mind so much...
rape society
sleep is over rated any way
This is when a bit of Kung-fu comes in handy
soap lady
so they are advanced enough to figure out galactic space travel yet they have tons of dirt and garbage just lingering around. yeah OK.
The end ???????
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