Cousin Bette Trailer 1998

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Cousin Bette Trailer 1998Director: Des McAnuffStarring: Bob Hoskins, Elisabeth Shue, Jessica Lange, Hugh Laurie, Kelly MacDonald, Official Content From Twentieth Century Fox Home EntertainmentCousin Bette is a bitter spinster who enlists the aid of a young sexual temptress named Jenny to destroy those who have scorned and betrayed her. Soon Jenny is sleeping with, then discarding every man in Paris, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake.Movie, Cousin Bette Movie,Cousin Bette Trailer,Cousin Bette 1998, Des McAnuff,Bob Hoskins, Elisabeth Shue, Jessica Lange, Hugh Laurie, Kelly MacDonald,

Bob Hoskins Drama Elisabeth Shue Hugh Laurie Jessica Lange Kelly MacDonald coming soon in theat... movie clip movie preview movie trailer now playing

Captain Battlestar
Jessica lange is the best
Harumph, or Who's been rubbing your lamp?
how’s it possible jessica lange would ever lose a man to another woman?
Linda Sturm
I love this movie!
ezequiel mcp
Sorry, but Jessica Lange doesn't have the physique du rol for the character. Lisbeth Fischer is an ugly old maid, ultimately described as an ape. Hence the jealousy for her beautiful cousin Adeline, who marries a nobleman.
I think so many people missed the point. A light, camp, delicious tale of vengeance. That's all, nothing more, and Lange is having a ball. Love this film.