Bleach Movie: Hell Chapter - Ichigo vs Kokuto

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Weird that the captions didn't match the words
Ali Almarri
What’s with this John Cena vibe I’m getting from Ichigo’s dub?
Ashley P
Ichigo (Hell Verse): Killing won't Stop this cycle of revenge!!! \nIchigo (Fullbringer Arc): Killing is the only way!
Bathtub Barracuda
Ichigo Kurosaki commands you!
Could he not use this op form to stop yuha?
Carlo Nassar
Travis Willingham (the ENG voice of Kokuto) makes a really good villian voice. Maybe he should voice a villian in Sailor Moon Crystal.
Carlos Jose Jimenez Bermudez
So did we just see a Getsuga Jishou? (As Tengoku is heaven and Jigoku is hell, so Jishou, instead of Tenshou).
Why dose he not use that form ever again
what a bunch of unitelligible gobbledigook
Daniel Ho
H.E.L.L has grand Ichigo an official of help.
Dr Giggles
8:36 hellsing reference at Anderson death spoiler
Dylan Corsaut
How come, every time Ichigo transforms into the vasto lordes his shirt is ripped the exact same way each time.
Am I the only one who thinks that Ichigo sounds more like Stephen Quire?
Geoff Redston
Ya know? In a way, Kokuto reminds me of Kratos from the God Of War games (before the new one I mean).
Hero of Mobius
Hate? Who do you think you are hazama from blazblue
Joakim Hernod
@9:35 Something's missing here. I can see the chains, but where's pinhead? :/
Joaquin Nicolas
Stop saying what the matter kokuto
Johnny Salery
Travis Willingham and Patrick Seitz kinda sound similar. If they played twin characters I'd never tell the difference lol
Joseph Joestar
Funny, technically Kokuto got a much harsher prison sentence than Aizen
Levi Matthews
how come kokuto is so much powerful than Ichigo in his pseudo Bankai state? Was ichigo's last Bankai good for anything on its own?
Loard of destruction
anyone see some similarities to this fight and the one with ichig vs gijo
The subtitles are way off
Mhic Daniel Ereno
Haha haha haha haha ang bobo
Michael Edmunds
Vindictive Ichigo is best Ichigo
Mob Barley
This is cannon. dont @ me.
Yes because finite crimes deserve infinite punishment.\nGod dammit I hate the sheer lack of perceptive this notion of hell has.
Obj. 277
If you look at his vasto lorde form, it is entirely different from his other vasto lorde form.
Patrick Swartz
Dude ur captioning was bad
Riley Nelson
Hate me more\nPain 20- oh wait wrong anime lol
RokuNami4ever (Sora Lockhart)
That whole talk about revenge wow Ichigo could give this talk to guys like Sasuke, Nagato, Obito, and Madara
Ryuuto Henge
Dubbed is so trash
Sexy Love Cook Sanji
Fun fact: Kokuto has Zoro's Japanese voice actor and Ace's English voice actor.
Space Prince
Tbh i like the dub for bleach better
Spenser Farman
So Ichigo was sort of temporarily transformed into a kushinada.
Just realized Ichigos VA is the same who voiced Lelouch in Code geass
Uzumaki Naruto
Zero the Unknown
to be honest this was the most epic fight to me.
bunny ten
what episode is this
This was dubbed quite well in English. Fight me, weeabos, I dare you.
jonas mathisen
enyone know what music it is in the background when ichigo gets the hell transformation
just.a.simple.fanboy x
Am I the only one who noticed that Kokuto's attack looked like a fiery version of Ulquiorra's Lanza Del Relampago?
3:38 when someone touches your pizza rolls
malcolm jones
why are the subs a variation of what they are saying
Kokuto lookin fine as hell. This man is probs the best voice acted villain in a Bleach movie. Long live this crazy Japanese Freddy Krueger’s memory.
is that form the grim reaper???????
roxas uzumaki
why does that guy sound like ginjo
7:30 Dark Souls Ichigo
That moment when the Kushenada bow/kneel to Ichigo. \nHail to the guardian!
Thank you so much for posting this this is actually my favorite anime fight of all time
zero zephyrum
Free!!!! 9:50 surprise mothafakaaa!