Dave Vermeulen - Johnny B. Goode (The voice of Holland | Liveshow 3)

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Wie is deze man??? de echte zanger heet Calvin Klein
Alu Minium
That was a nightmare.
Annelies Oenema
Bastiaan Van Neer
ziek awesome!! rock on dave
Berly Tannyono Putra
Where is the drum? Where is the drum? \n*oh, there you go **0:31*
Cosmo Aviator
wtf did I just watch
Daniel Popa
I'm glad i came back in [email protected]
Dennis Brouwer
Die gast is zoo gruwelijk goed! Hij verdient het om te winnen!
go go jonny go
Bijna net zo goed.
Ethan Kenway
Un massacre...
Gauge Lucas
Spelen al die meiden de gitaar nou linkshandig??? :')
This guy need to be in the finals!
Jack Scott.
What a crap interpretation, and honestly I don't care what anyone says about it being a more modern version the fact was it was terrible.
Jarno Milligen
lkkr dit hij is egt goed!
Jerry Fritz
1:43 Wtf is dit voor duivelse zooi
Lars Kouwenberg
Lekker hoor!
Lennart W
Luke Skywalker
I like his voice, but the original was honestly better.
M Johansson
where they going for something like a lzzy hale style for the women?
Macfly Marty
the best heyaaaaaaaah
Mathijs Paardekooper
Dit is de reden waarom ik the voice kijk! Heerlijk dit....
Michel Kuijvenhoven
Ik snap niet waarom maan gewonnen heeft hij is veel beter
Mike Van Der Plas
wauw geweldig! swingt de pan uit. goed bezig dave!
Patrick Harris
What a great video with all the guitars and girls around. I want to at least have a production like this when I do the song on America's Got Talent. Last week I recorded Johnny B. Goode. I rocked it singing & playing bass guitar, and I even did the solo behind my head. I want to do this for America's Got Talent on the 1st week to be judged. It's my featured video right now. I hope you'll check it out and like it. Take care.
first couple of notes are absolutely out of key
Rafael Valdez
that's a sexy guitar
Dave my fave! 😏
Shai Voetee
Beste van de avond! Heerlijk!
Sharona Van den branden
zijn stem gruwelijk!!!!
The Idahodian
Buy a tripod.
Vítor Máchilas
God\n4 female guitarists...and left handers
shit version of the original
+1 voor DAVE!
giuseppe nero
how goode was that?!!!!!!!!
Not awful but I will stick to the Chuck Berry's version :)
Bloody hell he's fantastic.
rille jakobson
THE intro are so important. Not a Good version
اریا پیشگر
این مرنامتو برای وسطش برینه خوب الباقیشم بکار جرز دیوارم نمیخوره
wow he killed it!