SZA - Love Galore | Cardi B - Bodak Yellow |Kendrick Lamar - LOVE | Armon And Trey MASHUP

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#1litgammer 242
These mashups are fire
Alayzha Toston
View in kids just ok love
Ameiyah Gant
Can't believe this made a year today 😭😭 ion care still a whole bump💯
Baby 38 Savage
They real blessed
Bareese Jordon
I love y'all like just watched it and I feel in love with y'all and y'all both cute love you 💋💋❤️❤️
Breanna Harmon
Ar'mon 😍😍😍😍😍😘
Bree R.
Yassssssssssssssssss ar'mon n trey kill it babies
C'dUp Npretty
I can't I'm 10 years old and I have to say 😍😍😍 I'm in the way got nothing to say \
They are so talented👅
Camden Evans
Omg I felt this whole song in my heart dang they can sing💖💖💗💗💗
Chelsei Wicker
Their voice tho 😍♥️😭😭😰😱 especially Trey's
Christina Lebron
I love this song and i also love armon and trey
Cydney Dingld
this song got me lit
Destiny Gaines
I’m just in love with armon and trey 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Eapeisi Te'O
Why didn’t anyone lower the mic for trey lol little bit too high
Essy M
Awwww so cute 😘😘😘😘😍Armon and trey😍
Gia_ Slay
I know all the words to to this!!!! This is my fav mashup!!!! Love it!!!❤❤❤😍😙
Heaven Houston
10m views damn
Hi Hi
Someone accidentally pressed the unlike button
My babies ♥️
Inayah Nadeem
Trey is so goddamn fine 😍🤤🤤
Jacqueline Espinales
i love Armon and Trey
Jaeda Waihape
Jamaya Hubbard
I sing like Trey my brother sing like Ar’mon
Janasia Sheppard
0:55 my favorite part 😭😭❤
Javincia Semien
Y'all Killed It!!🔥🔥🔥🔥\n#ArmyTroopsForLife
Jermeria ThaKiid
I melt when Trey hit them high notes👅💦 and Armon smile😄
Jessenia Diaz
I wish they would come back to these kind of videos instead of constant pranks.😩 I love them regardless, but I just feel like this really portrayed their talents. And I miss it.
Jessica Worthey
Who wants more MASHUPS!?!?\n#Bringitback!
Joï P
Lord Jesus when he hit that note😍😍
Juana Landers
Talent for sure❤👏👏👏👏👏👏
Juanita stewart
Jvysosa17 -__-
Best video I’ve ever seen 🔥🔥
KiKiii simone
Leylah Marie
Am i the only one that thinks he looks like Bryson Tiller
Liyani Yates
Whoever put the thumbs down is just jealous ignore the haters and keep on grinding
Londyn Coleman
Listen to this everyday !! June 2018??
Lovely Life
Y’all know your on tidal
Lyric Ayers
I need singing lessons from them including queen
Damn them boys is something serious on here.
Maile Young
It can’t get no better than this ily guys and this match up go hard 🔥💯❤️💥
Y'all really killed this! 😩🙌🏽
Martha Clark
if Michael Jackson where alive today you two would have been singing right along wih him
Mary Plum Andrews
Y'all good singer
Masaiaya Warren
cute : both[ well mostly trey ] \nlove their tattoos \nvoice: trey
Ms Mseternity
They make me bite my finger
My Name Is Dream
1:05 i like how they both did that little bouce. That was cute #BrotherGoals
Myia Cool Aihh
In 2018 reminiscing on all their mashups 🔥🔥
I love when Trey be hitting those high notes💋💜💍✨
NYC Shaaa
yall voices make me cry tears of joy
NeLeiah Taylor
When he says Michael it sounds so good. Honestly every time they sing it's magical. Their voices are so high like how do you do that. I love it so much. Super inspiring. This one might be my favorite.
Nia Is Here
They so talented!!!
Black people are just truly blessed ✨
Paris Mckenzie
September 2018???
My bros dropping that🔥🔥
Prank Squad
Armon too damn cute bro I just wish he was my boyfriend
So proud of y’all!!!! 🎉🎉
Queen Tea
Apple Music plz
RasTon ______
Still blasting it 2018
Romona Douglas
Loving these bros
Sakia Lee
Armon so cute in this video 😘😘😘😚
Samara S
Bro I love Ar'mon's smile😚
Shakeira Hardy
June 2018🖤🖤😌
These mashups give me life😢😍❤ You guys should really get a record deal. Talent at its finest. \nBest of luck for the future ❤
She eat p*ssy and so do i
Yall make more mashups
Silvia Cruz-Lopez
Who is still watching this at 2018 I AM
Tamia R
The Slow Mo Are Just😍😍😍
Taylor Lofton
I love trey because he is so cute and his singing is sweet and who ever says that he can't even sing they are hating on him Armon is handsome as heck that is hubby
Tbaby Loves you
Song at 0:55
Terrika E.
They have beautiful voices‼️💕😍
Tiara Nonu
broken replay button?
Tiwa Adediran
Every time I play one of their mashups I fall love over and over again 😍😍😍
Tonia Oritsejemite
They are the best people I know on youtube
Tyheem mckoy
I listen to this everyday they killed this shit 🙏🏾
Tyteanna Hampton
If you love armon and trey like this
VVS Jocelyn
0:14 😩😍 my heart
Vogs By Sha'Niah
1,000,000 mil!!! Gang gang gang
Yasmin Abdallah
Zammmmm💞💞😣😣😣😣nobody is about to hate on y'all you guys are amazing😊💞 long as we got love💞
Yona Rose
like if youre still listening in august
blue isbae
This video is a commitment I can make
bxby. hani
I miss this😭 2k17 summer was lit smh😻😭
You don’t see to many guys that can hit high pitched notes so that’s a gift from god❤️💖😍🙏🏾 You guys are amazing keep doing what your doing!💖💖😍❤️👑 Ily😍
hlmy firdaus
lil perfect jr
Who is older
liquicity x
Beginning is Kevin gates ft trey songz jams
nikaila alim
Both of them are looking fine asf, y'all can't even lie
perfect laughs
Handsome brother
At 1:45 one of them sound like Chris brown👌🏽😩🔥🔥
queen kiwwi
they lit 🤓🤢😇😇
tara. b
Still watching in July of 2018 😂💛
what ever family w
I love this mix up so fucking much I wactched this like one million times
your Mother
Trey so fine 😍