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Thanks to the members of the Collective who submitted shots for this first critique. I hope I can include all of you over time as guest 'co-reviewers' to share a second POV of peoples submitted images.If you are interested to join the Collective, check it out at

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Cliff Pajaro
Gabriel Chan
Good to learn about your comments. All the time and efforts we spent trying to get the best gear is to create photo. Without photo, we do not need camera.
Gene Waddle
I like this format. The number of images was right, I think and I learned from your feedback.
Graham Gall
Thanks Matt that was really very useful.
Janet Reed
Really enjoyed this video and your approach.
Karl Man
I find the composition of your studio unbalanced. There’s a lot of negative space in the left upper corner and it would work better as a black + white. I think one of my presets would really help. Now let’s crop and boomify it!!! Ok, I’ve developed photo-critiquing mania 😀
Kevin Schirado
Thanks for the critique. Useful feedback.
Loved this video, great to see this and thanks! Would love to see more
Marcos Saraiva
Hi Matt, good format and way to give tips regarding composition. ;-)
Matias Enriquez
Mr. Reanu Keeves
Photographer criticizing another photographer amateur or pro. It's literally funny. I'm sure you get some tips but you're only getting someone's opinion. Everyone has their own view of art. The best way to get that \
Neels Redelinghuys
Thank you for sharing, Matt. A few interesting photographs here and I feel like I learned a lot.
Paul Bivins
Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues Shot middle finger is what she was doing.
Peregrine Trucking
Great format
Sue Fisher
For sometime we used film since digital we have not used one what do think we should start with we like Nikon
Tom Heinola
Thanks for the great feedback on my shot! ♥️ I agree about the branch, I was crouched and had the camera quite low but probably should have got even lower. Loved the video and the whole idea of doing these critiques. Definitely great way to learn more. I think having other people giving critique along you is a great idea too.
William Remwolt
Great feedback on those selected shots. 👍
i wish you all the best with this venture. thx for your wonderful videos. j.
Hmmm, what an interesting social network you've started. Would like to see more information about it down the line. I'm not sure of how many people will join it but, I do feel like the photos you were able to pick out from the Collective had better talking points than what you're usually able to pull for TOGlife.
sokasamey soka