👽 Alien Abduction || ASMR 50K Special || Unintelligible, Reiki Energy Healing, Camera Sounds More

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Tonight Alien Freckle has abducted you. She's here to save you from the dark and bring you back to Earth full of new and positive energy. So, are you ready to leave your planet and experience something supernatural? _______________________________________________________________Purple Wig: Item link : XO -Hily

ASMR abduction alien binaural bre... ear eating ear to ear inaudible makeup mouth sounds relaxation roleplay soft spoken unintelligible whispering

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You have a very trusting energy. I always feel comfortable watching you. Been watching your vids for a couple years now. One of the few artists I really like. You are very natural with everything, seem so gentle. Always help me fall asleep! Congrats on 50k Hily! Love from Florida, USA.
Da fedele seguace ti dico che Non aspetto altro che un altro tuo multilayered! Il primo era stato una bomba!
AH Productions
I'm looking for an Alien gf now. Wish me luck.
Aaron Wichers
This is some attractive alien
Abel Ibarra
gracias por el vídeo! saludos desde la tierra jajaja
Adamantius Cloudcat
Inspired by \
Adrian Silva
Sweet reiki triggers are my favorite cuz it gives me alot of tingles that feel good and relaxing 😊😊😊😊
Ale Piano
Wow hily una specie di roleplay da te?? :D
Anderson Guimarães Maia
que viagem é essa?
Andromeda Prince Cj
You look nice in HD,but still nice in general.Also you would make a sweet alien.❤️
So cool Miss Freckle :3
Antonio Pepe
Questo video è bellissimo, complimenti
I've missed you, Hily
I'm not scared of aliens any more!
Audatia Z.
I can't get enough of italian ASMRtists\n\n\nNon posso tenere suficiente di ASMRtist italiane 😍
Aysa Mar ASMR
I was sooo happy when I saw this video, but............ when you started smacking I couldn't listen to it, I find that terrible, I am so sorry. May I request you do a video like this with more breathy close to the mic whipsers? Closer to the mic sounds so good when you do it. And no smacking hihi? Cause you are so good at that!
Bailey Green
Sooo.... Ummm. \n\n\n\nWhat exactly is she plucking off and eating/nibbling on? \n\nI'm unsure as to whats happening tbh, could someone fill me in? \n\nI get that it isn't ment to be taken seriously, but I can't even figure out hypothetically what it is she's munching on...
Carlos R
Trust no one ! 👽
Chancellor Martok
Beam me up, Freckles!
mi hai rapito!!
Stunning video. Kaleidoscope was a unique & beautiful touch. Your videos are so tingly & aesthetically pleasing. 🌈💖
Daniel Campos
I'm ready to leave the planet, as long as it's with alien freckle. Congrats for 50k 👾❤️.
Daniele Sartori
Complimenti per il tuo traguardo. Questo penso sia il tuo miglior video fino ad ora. Veramente eccezionale sia sotto il punto di vista dei tingles che visivo (la parte con il caleidoscopio è stata veramente carina, e questa parrucca ti sta da dio). Spero di rivedere presto Alien Freckle
David Armstrong
Amazing! Take me anywhere. the tingles are worth it!
David Navarro
Please lord let all aliens 👽 look this beautiful 😍💕
Felicitaciones por los 50k. Saludos desde Argentina
Elena Scaramella
Fatti lilla per sempre 😍
Filippo Marianelli
Ayyyyyyyy lmao
First 💓
Mi incantano i tuoi video Freck
😘😍 you aren’t a Alien you are a goddess
Fantastico, bellissimo, rilassante, stupendo, pochi video ASMR riescono a rilassare come questo
Giuseppe Romeo
Un traguardo meritato
Grisha Hrustalev
This eyes...
Hardcore MMA
You Miss, are very beautiful.
One day there will be a technology that allows you to play video in/as your dreams at night. Adding this one to the list
Honey 23 Army
Me encantan tus videos! Saludos desde Argentina! ❤
Haven't seen your videos on my feed in such a long time, so glad you popped up, so good \u003c3
I am
I love your eyes
Jacek Tłuszcz
Yesss 😍 thank you for those amazing triggers especially \
Ahh! She’s growing up, so many more since I’ve subscribed. Great video and clever. Hily, I do believe this is also your first role play video...? Maybe? Sort of?
Jared Wignall
Alien abduction? This is new. I don’t believe I’ve been relaxed by an alien abduction before. Thank you for the new unique video and for all the triggers! And congratulations on the 50k subscribers.
Jean-François Brien
Very Tingly \u003c3
Jose Alonso Ramirez Salazar
Como diablos llegue aquí...👽👽👽
Josh Ross
Those scissors are awfully close to my eyes🙈
Justin Taylor
Am I finally being adopted??
Karla Coto
Congrats on 50K 😍 and thank you for this original and tingly video
Kayleigh Drevis
what if we get abducted by aliens whose way of trying to comfort is just screaming in your face and they couldn't understand why it makes the human more and more terrified
Brazil ou Brasil Eu te amo!!!
Leo ForReal
Aggressive probing starts at 0:00
Thanks again 4 this video ♡♡♡ u look beautifull with purple hair... ur eyes are purple too, right? :s
Luke Allan
This is so soothing. Thanks freckle your one of a kind.
Lyrick - Music Channel
I want to make an alien baby
Mark Punk Records
Ciao Freckle just got out of Pysch hospital 2 days ago your video's have helped. 🙂
You are my favorite person who I do not know :)
Matthew Lyons
Both you and Little Dove are having a 50k video, how coincidental
Unintelligible whispers are my FAVORITE!! MORE MORE MORE!!! Luv this Freckle, 10/10
Abduct me pls. Thanks
Mike McM
Belissima creatività!
MinxLaura123 ASMR
tingles tingles ! X
Mirko Meier
Nice video as always and gz to 50k \u003c3
cool video wut language is that do yall like salem
Hot damn, congrats on 50k - that's no small feat and it only gets faster from here. May you have find many more subs and thank you for the years of excellent work you've provided us.
Mocking Moniker
Just because you're astronomically beautiful doesn't mean you're an alien.
My Name Is Nobody
Auguroni per gli iscritti, miglior canale asmr per me
Neal Hart
Is it just me or is she so talented she was doing asmr ventrilqism for the whole beginning intro
NîR VãNã
i love you girl
Path Seven
thanks for opening my third eye Freckle
Pau Pau
Omg Dear Santa i want an Allien like you at christmas 🤗❤❤❤
PhoenixAshes 19
Leaving the planet with this beauty alien??\nHELL YEAHH..\nTAKE ME WITH YOU💕💕💕
QB Mac
ayy lmao
Ratcum _
Before watching it I already know it’s going to be everything I could want
Roger Miller
Wow.was für ein schönes alien.hey ya🎱😘👪💪💋💓👀👂
Scarecrow :
Hey Hily! Is your dad an alien?\n\n\nCause your out of this world.....👽🛸
Sean Smolarek
Congratulations on 50k! What a cool video to get back into asmr! Awesome visuals too.
what it is in the end 20:15 gave me so much tingleeeeeeeeeeeees
Shiva's Chimera
I love it when people speak in tongues...because it ........is.........very.\nSoothing to soothe sayers. 👂👽☝️
Congrats for the 50K subs Ilaria, keep going! \u003c3
Stepeh Davis
Very very good but u need to go doctors about the spots. 😋🇬🇧
Teo Lametta
Grazie come sempre! Sei utilissima per l'insonnia rebound che sto affrontando!
The Resistance
The most beautiful, wonderful alien, Ever. 💖👽
The Vicious Chicken of Bristol
Aliens are more attractive than X Files led me to believe they would be.
5:30 is she trying to eat mee???? nannniii??!!?
Vanessa L.
Sei molto credibile come aliena, hai un fascino davvero particolare! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
Victor Bustamante
Just perfect, congrats for 50k!❤️❤️
William Anderson
Congrats! Can't wait till the 100k celebration.
aleksandra los
Love this already !❤️
andrei andreich
очень милый инопланетянин 👽
This alien seems nice. No acid blood or dreadlocks.
ashwater skydust
Your videos actually help me sleep lately, when nothing else really does. So, I want to say I'm greatful for what you do. Thankyou.
deadeye domino
omg those freckles are just so adorable ok now *gn from America* ❤
I want the alien to touch my face more, like that last part. :D
the only alien I'd be happy getting abducted by.
roger grillo
I think this alien wants to adopt me as her pet. I am surprisingly okay with that
For a minute i thought i was dinner....lol
Abduuuuuuuuct mmmmyyyyyy pp.
Δημήτρης Σκούρας
I want to believe.
ϟϟJosef Caballero del Castilloϟϟ
You are a true descendant of Aphrodite. May your majestic beauty never fade.