15 Stunning Freekick Arsenal Goals (ft. Xhaka, Özil, Henry more)

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15 Insane Free-kick Arsenal Goals (ft. Xhaka, Özil, Henry, Van Persie, Arteta, Podolski)➥ My links:♫ All Songs:#1 Matbow - (..)COPYRIGHT LAWS AND PROPOSALS:Act of 4 February 1994 on Copyright and Related RightsThis video is fair use under U.S. copyright law because it is noncommercial and transformative in nature, uses no more of the original than necessary, and has no negative effect on the market for the original work.15 Times Arsenal Players Scored Crazy Freekick Goals

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*Name me one EPL team apart from Arsenal who can call themselves the \
6969 subs with no vids no vids?
Mkhi underrated in Arsenal
A Asperheim
V.persie vs sunderland 2011 and cazorla v hull 2014 fa cup final
A baby Pigeon
Where's cazorla not only was the freekick good but it was an important goal
Avian GM
Billy Chrisnada
Podolski and RVP shoot power is crazy
Henry vs UTD community shield?
Great video but the song is shit
Escobar Skobar
Nice video bro!
Fahad Ahmed
Whats the name of the song?
Gooner 4 life
I am still mesmerized by Xhaka’s free kick up till now
Haris Aziz
Xhaka BOOM
Ismasha de Politeboy
I like it
Izaz Choi
The King Hendry
Javed Ali
Where is Ozil
Joe Pius Thunderbolt
Henry will always be king
Malgorzata Zaroual
U might as well say great Thierry Henry freekicks
Modirwa kwanaite
Maybe i am seeing things but did Xhaka and Arteta score different freekicks with different feet? 🤷\u200d♂️🤷\u200d♂️🤷\u200d♂️.\nI am totally confused.
Mustafa Vlmsa
I hate 21st century background music
First person he shows is Santi and he doesn’t show the FA cup Free kick he done 🤦\u200d♂️
Puguh Mimo
Santi Cazorla vs Hull city?
Quan Ly Phuc Minh
sanchez vs southamton
surprised santi’s freekick wasn’t here. aside from the occasion, it was such an amazing strike.
Renanto Pratama
So RvP only scored 2 FK goals during his Arsenal career?
Roo Button
Henry is the greatest alongside R9 Ronaldo Nozario
Samar Hamal
Henry is legend
Samir Mashjary
The king Thierry Henry show🔥
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Good vid! 🔥
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318th like lol
Ted W
Alexis Sanchez's freekick was against Southampton not Wolverhampton
The Gunners ich bin immer bei euch
Gunners legends
Tomas arsenal
Arsenal my best team
Toàn Võ
Santi Cazorla vs Hull Cuty
Vaibhav Pate
Henry has 6 out of the 15 on the list. There is a reason why he is called a King here
Vincel Lopez
I feel like Xhaka ( He shoots super strong ) should take the long free kicks and Ozil the closest ( He has a few weak kicks ). What do u guys think
santi fa cup finale?
Mostly Henry and van persie
peter Clement
wow Henry was actually a free kick specialist