Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slams Website Over Fake Nude Photo

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Another attempted smear of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has backfired. An image of a naked woman in a bath purported to be her was circulated on conservative websites. The Daily Caller posted it under the headline: “Here's The Photo Some People Described as a Nude Selfie of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez." The congresswoman hit back on Twitter, saying the photo was a fake. The Daily Caller apologized. Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner’s former sexting partner, revealed it’s actually her.

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Liars! Goddam click bait.
And the GOP says FAKE NEWS all the time? LOL! Hypocrites.
Oh please! Who cares. Nude...not nude...her...not her....she is still too inexperienced and uneducated about the world let alone our country and it's history to be in a position of making good decisions for the future of all of us. It's just the truth period.
Did the gop forget the First Lady posed nude
Aubrey T. Copeland
The Democrats wouldn’t have this problem if they didn’t nominate stupid people.
Ava Sings
I also love INVESTAGATIONS tips and tricks with Lisa Gurarro (sorry if I spelt it wrong) LOVE YOU GUYS SOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH
B. Eder
Click bait. It's only a matter of time before Nudes of her start pooping up.
Beard Bro
There's no nudity! Once again the Dems lie. Not surprising!
Bikini Fun
Calvin Groenewold
I guess y’all support the left #libtards
Carlos Curry
& R. Kelly is the problem?\n#Sheesh
Chris Redfield
What is something to do with the wall with socialist cortez?! Oh Just Trump Derangement syndrome nothing to do with Trump from fake news tabloid news. Inside edition progressive left.
CoolStuff Unboxings
She's a socialist. Socialism does not work!!!!!!
CultureShock 99
My sister knows someone who is very close to her and she is VERY nice.
Nice last name Weiner
David Christian
Nude for who?
Dd Dedrick
O. Cortez is WAY too leftist, but, it's so FUNNY to hear Trump call OTHER people crazy... LOL
Empressveiws Tv
You guys need to stop it..
Eric Villasenor
Right wingers need to stop.. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn't Melania Trump.
Inside Edition, what is a nude photo?
Freddy Again
Make Alexandria Greater Again!!!! Thanks to all right wing outlets her star is just rising. Dump Trump and His Fraudulent Administration!!!!!!
come on now the biggest scandal here is cortez the waitress being elected. most people lose brain cells when they hear her speak.
Funny Gurl
Why must he build a wall??
Gage Westerhouse
And just like that, Inside Edition reveals how politically biased it is.
Gucci LightYear
Somebody is gonna get sued
Helen Vivas
I know this is fake but that doesn’t exclude the fact that she is a communist
Ivanhoe Sanchez
Sydney leathers
Jillian Michelle
The more the right wing nuts attack Alexandra the stronger she becomes. Pretty soon she will be unbeatable. Thank you Alexandra! Keep being you!
Joe Smith
Jesus far right people still tripping over showing ankles
John B
I took melatonin last night and had a very vivid dream with trump. Although he has some quirks I find him truly respectable
John Hall
If she is the \
Kamron Bowman
Love how she had a cart
Hey Everyone I hope you have a great 2019 But IM Šûbblinng Tø everyone that Łîkês this and šûblš to me rëpły when you’re done 😰
Kolwer Perez
Lmao I’m sorry but AOC is not like Melania... AOC has more class..
Landon Followstheroad
The photo who cares but trump is on the right agenda
LightDarkEquivalent 714
**Feet in a Bath Tub**\n\nSO SCANDALOUS!!!
Lucky Dewer
Ocasio-Cortez is like some badly written fake female character in a CW spin-off series. Thinks \
MAL vlogs
Ok republicans hate young people!!😂
Madison the red demon
So it just show her feet\n(Last bit ) that is carma
Manuel Rodriguez
It’s official trump hates young people!!
Matt Hardy
This is your laughable congresswoman. Forget serious politics.
Matt Nug
Um that’s not a nude photo that’s just 2 feet.
Max More Creations
Michael Garay
Mike Hunt
She needs to support other women shame on her
Mikey Tee
Ol' wildeyes is doing a good job of smearing herself.
WRONG. The damage to the wall was caused by a blow torch. NOT a saw.
Mr warhead juice
Dumb old trump
Mr. D.
Lol, we don't need to manufacture anything to make AOC look bad. She does a great job on her own.
God, she can't get anything right. If that's a nude I got tons of my grandma and that's pretty gross.
Nath Henn
Yeah get around that wall by getting past it the legal way
Ray Mak
She is famous now
ReflectingOne X
Oh, the poor commie is being bullied by those evil Republicans.
Rivers Bliss
AOC puts on a lot of makeup.
Road Rash
I still don’t care... this libbie is still crazy
Rudie Obias
It doesn't matter if it's fake. What's matters is that the idea is out there. That's how propaganda works.
Sandy Ocasio smears herself.
SB Rider
What do you expect from a republiCON
No one needs to smear her as she is doing it herself
Yo I didn’t know inside edition had libtard fans
Salad Sister
Why is the media obsessed with this commie. \nShe probably wears T-Shirts saying\n \
AOC future of this nation like it or not.
AOC is a walking meme
TTC Snouv
Yeah but they smear literally all Republicans, come on inside edition, PLEASE for the love of god stop being biased
Cortez should take her credibility very seriously, and if she’s serious about proving the photo to be fake she has no other choice but to show a real naked pic, so that we can compare her body to the alleged fake one, so we can know she’s telling the truth.
Omg I can't stand watching and listening to that orange buffoon
These Republicans love to destroy this woman.
The Swap Meet Flea NC9/GDP
_show_ _feet_
The Was Bunny
So amusing watching the GOP hate-bate themselves into a coma over AOC. \nCareful guys, don't let your wives find out. 💋
Although I disagree with her in many terms, I definitely am not in favour of this sick attempt. Shaming, insulting or accusing someone is a CHEAP stunt. Shame on the people who did this. (And yes, I'm from the republican team)
Thought Provoked
No one needs smear her name, she does that herself.
So who actually thought those gigantic bombs in the reflection could be the flat chested Cortez?
Tyson Tube HD
trump calling people crazy bwahahaha
Up In Vape
Why get so upset about a picture who cares if it was her naked its 2019 I'm not saying her policies aren't delusional she's insane
Veronica Gomez
“Fake nude! I mean Fake NEWS!”
Fake news
XXX96 69xxx
Wait did Trump just call others \
_Bob McCoy
*(Picture of Feet in Bath Tub)*\n\n*_IS THIS A NUDE PHOTO?!_*
anything and everything tv
I'm a republican and I haven't seen this until now lmao another Dem plot to blame on republicans
A bonafide nutcase calling someone crazy .. what is the world coming to ...smh
don brassco
Two Fakes
another far-right *FAIL.*
f u e l
forza juventus
Nitwit a challenger for trump lol give me a break
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is stupid and crazy AF.
ickky toe
Fake news, next
j l
Slams trump for fake news comments then complains about fake news....
kris guntner
......She's REALLY not gonna like the porno........
LOL the Daily Caller has a foot fetish! No one in their right mind would call that a nude photo. Sad conservative trash.
me ow
roguemale TheOne&Only
I guess after the spectacular failure at dance shaming -they'll try any muck raking.
trending live
dam she got nice milks and thighs ill smash ❤️❤️❤️
trife life
Shoot Trump
The congresswoman is nuts
That could literally be any brown women
everyone so quick to hate on Alexandria!