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To the 5000 people who disliked, you’re not ready for this yet, but your kids are gonna love it
A Nameless Band
The Marvin berry part was awesome! Well now we know how chuck berry made Jonny b. Goode 😂
AJ Ward
Best fcking guitar solo of all time in a movie
They weren't ready for the metal, when was it finally accepted, what was the breakthrough moment, or breakthrough drug😂
Acid Drop Baby lol
Freaking legend now!! Fox may not have been a guitar hero but with this scene he became one!!!!!
Alejo De Garuda
Hasta Mac fly da mejores conciertos que el imbécil de Justin Bieber.
To the 3000 people that disliked this: You aren't ready for this yet, but your kids are gonna love it : )
Anderson Kamal
My favorite part of this besides the awesome guitar shredding is he literally created a paradox by playing the song before Chuck Berry did although he learned it from Chuck Berry.
Andrés Padilla
Niños y así fue como nació el hard rock
Antonio Narvaez
Deep down in Louisiana close to New Orleans\r\nWay back up in the woods among the evergreens\r\nThere stood a log cabin made of earth and wood\r\nWhere lived a country boy named Johnny B. Goode\r\nWho never ever learned to read or write so well\r\nBut he could play a guitar just like a-ringin' a bell\r\nGo go\r\nGo Johnny go go\r\nGo Johnny go go\r\nGo Johnny go go\r\nGo Johnny go go\r\nJohnny B. Goode\r\nHe used to carry his guitar in a gunny sack\r\nGo sit beneath the tree by the railroad track\r\nOh, the engineers would see him sitting in the shade\r\nStrumming with the rhythm that the drivers made\r\nPeople passing by they would stop and say\r\n\
Ari Arifyanto
Muse pressure
Arlene Tognetti
The great Chuck Berry passed away today,  March   18th  2017.     In honor  of his amazing talent and how many singers, dancers, millions of young people Chuck Berry inspired....Sharing this Video of Marty  to all my peeps on Facebook.       Chuck Berry  one of our greatest American Artists.  Thank you Chuck.  Rest in Peace.   Never forgotten.
Your kids at going to love it..and their kids are going to love recycled pop trash.
BRG 0001
One of the greatest scenes in film history.
IF i going to say the best trilogy movies it has to be Back To The Future and Star Wars
Who came here after new MUSE single?
Brady Linderman
I saw a play called West of Central in Minneapolis. When looking through the cast list in the booklet, I saw and met Harry Waters Jr. ( who plays Marvin Berry in the film.) I even told him that I am a fan of this movie. Such a cool guy.
Momento memorable, para una de las mejores películas de todo joven de los 80
C Porter
i wish that they would have made this scene longer, putting in more than the first verse
Can Ozan
best fcking movie ever
Christina Pulcher
💋💕💋 like 2019 🎸
Love the paradox scene with Chuck Berry
Crypto Mancer
Cédric Bouvier
so good👍, awesome movie😂
Deadly Blunts
The was the first ever “ you ain’t ready for that” moment
Denzel O' Riley
1958: \
Donald Keating
I wonder what Chuck Berry thought of this? rest in peace Chuck Berry.
Dusty Hatchman
Cada vez q escucho este tema se me viene a la mente esta peli, aaaah que linda epoca los 80
Ecko Albino
No offense to Elvis but I think Marty McFly earns the title of Rock and Roll King in this instance
Eggsy Unwin
Slash 2.0
Elijah Zalesny
He plays it wrong and messes up a couple of lyrics, but that's alright. Great scene.
Ernesto Rodríguez
Im sure im not the only one who thinks that Michel J Fox was playing himself in that movie
Coool! ! !  (*^▽^)/★*☆♪ I love this song !\nMichael's playing way is very cool❕\n\nI longed for this video and I bought a red semi-acoustic guitar 😁
Fabio Portela
R.i.p mister Berry. Thanks!
Gamer Guitarist
This is the first song I learned that wasn't just 3 open chords on guitar! I felt so proud of myself! :D
Gero Albornoz
2:15 LOL\nBEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!
I was born in 81’. If you didnt live through this era you will never understand what a phenomenon these movies were. For a period they were absolutely iconic.
Hailey Lvndrkittnz
Marvin’s face when Marty hands him the guitar! Marvin can’t believe that thing could make such a noise 😂😂
Jacob Kelly
We had to watch this in school I'm a big nerd so I new the words to the song and martys quotes and everyone looked at me like I was from another planet just goes to show the trash music of 2018
James Turner
Jason Jones
Can anyone tell me who taught MJF how to play the guitar for this part.?
Javier Berrospi Salazar
como cuando escribes una canción y llega alguien al pasado y la canta y toca mejor que tu xD
Jesus Vasquez
I like the implication that Chuck Berry stole rock n roll from a white guy.
Joe Masters
Marty broke the timeline decades before ppl started blaming Barry XD
Ken Skeen
Is it okay for a 75 year old to just LOVE this clip! How many times, how many times!!!!
Kieran Oberhansli
I wanna go to a party like this
Leonard Quah
2:50 when you make a school shooting joke in 1999.
Luca Savino
MMMChazburgrz 99
1:15 oh yes
Machine Gun Nest
wheel wheel wheel the invention..? the electric guitar really rock and rolled::::::::::
Marty McFly
That was embarresing when I started to get carried away. But I still had fun with it. :)
Michael McCarthy
Chuck Berry stole that song from Marty McFly who stole it from Chuck Berry. Mind=Blown
Michael Truong
is it just me or is this version is better then the original?
Miguel Zagal
1:10 to 1:12 is the earliest known form of the Crabcore.
Miroslav Ťažký
R.I.P. Chuck Berry (*1926-+2017)
MJF actually can play that song. Talented man.
1:59 fun fun fun!!!
Nicholas Marshall
Just started playing guitar this year and this has highly encouraged me to do it
Okram -
1985: Gets rejected at performing in school\n\ngoes back in time\n\n1955:Plays at school dance,Invented rock and roll
From rock'nroll to hard rock..
Pablo Jimenez
0:22-2:35 con solo 2 minutos supera y destruye a las canciones de reggaeton y Trap juntas que se han sacado y se siguen sacando\nY aun me pregunto que nos paso cuando en esas décadas 50 60 70 80 90 y mediados del 2000 se hacia música de verdad\nNecesitamos promover de nuevo al Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Punk, Grunge y pop de esas épocas para salvar a la humanidad del cáncer que afecta a la Sociedad
RKG Austin
Fun fact: The Gibson ES-345 that Marty is playing in 1955 wasn't introduced until 1958.
Rambo Gamer
Who else watching this in 2K18!! Hit like
Rene Fenando MT
Ricardo Jarkinng
Number one BEST of BEST!
Riki Caicedo
I guess 1470 people aren't ready for this yet.... but their kids are gonna love it.
25 years later im still watching parts 1-3 and not even close to getting sick of it
We white people really like stories about white people going back in time and inventing black culture. It's pretty cool.
Shaman Naik
damn the movie was way ahead of its time
This scene must have inspired many millions of people to play guitar.
Slim Charles
You would never have guessed that everyone who goes to that school is a professional dancer.
The Critic
That Marty, He knew how to party.
TusorejaSinrockroll Inicios del rock
Ahora los niños que han nacido en el siglo XXI, tendrán que regresar al XX y un parte del XXI, para comprender la importancia que tiene el rock and roll.
Marvin's like \
Vinicius Rocha
Yael Fierro
Such a hit ❤
auto m'e
Your kids are going to love this
cherry ok
I loved this scene
constantin paduraru
Que empiese la puta pulga a nivel mundial solo los mas fuertes tienen derecho de sobrevivir
At the time period this movie was set in (November 1955), songs like \
grilazmo Plus
Al mero final están como que cojones pasa aquí :V
mocho 1998
Imagine if trap was made in 1958 and this dude played it in this secene lmao. What a shame
That awkward moment when you invent rock and roll.
ric jones
Two days into 2019- whose watching?
robert diloreto
I think he took it from 50's to late 90's all in 2min. Amazing still got goosebumps
ruiling xie
My teacher told me i had to listen to it bec it was my guitar teacher
No se q es más clásico, la canción o la película
united westand
2019 I'm still Loving Back to the Future
ur man the nascar fan
Merry 2019!!
Una paradoja musical, McFly inventó esté sonido y Marti Berry lo pulió y McFly sabía esto porque lo escuchó de Marti Berry xD
Александр Сот
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Вячеслав Иванов
The best guitar scene ever!
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