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Merch: I've missed you all! It's good to be back.

ally ally law is back allyalaw allylaws gopro i'm back it's a madness is back law madness madness is back pov what happened? where did ally law go?

Who else is here before 1 mil subs
It's unfortunate that your being penalized for your content interesting fact, just before I started watching this video I was watching Ryan Taylor and his content is pretty much exactly the same as yours and he is still uploading...
Make your own app\nOwn videos\nNo strikes\nPut them on the app ♥️👍
The person at youtube who had to watch every single video on your channel most definitely ended up subscribing to your channel lol
Ali Godson
Everything will work out
Ally Law
GUYS! I F**KING LOVE YOU ALL. Let me know in the comments what you think of this one? I'm going to be replying to as many comments as I can. Hope you all have an amazing Christmas!! \u003c3
Bidoof YT
Short story, \
Black Knight 413
Can't arrest you if you're not in the uk??
Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers
Do what you do (high risk photography, stunts), but get permits. I'm sure plenty of companies would love to have access to your 2 million+ subscriber base for some good P.R. for their business/new projects.\nVauxhall releasing a new car? Get Ally to film from the roof of the headquarters. Maybe they can put an oversized tire up there and you can stand on it. Plenty of ways to keep this going.
not in it to make money, has 5 ads on a 25 min video nice
God bless you ally. I love your vids and I hope the judges are easy on you.
Craig Neil
To be fair you do break the law and are guilty as charged. What you do may be entertaining but it's still dangerous and illegal and if anything was to happen you will cost companies a fortune in insurance and shut down times. It's all fun and games until things go tits up.
Crazy Materials
You can learn parkour moves \n\n\n\nLegally.......
Creeper is MGTOW
move to scotland the right to roam act will protect you
DLC Forces
From your situation it sounds like you need to appoint a spiritual successor choose wisely.
Dan Davis
Waste man just give up and get a real job
Data Wargaming
Start a buisiness testing security for companies
David Nwokoye
If you weren't found guilty, you'd be a beast. All the evidence is on your channel.😂😂😂
Please tell me somebody made a copy of all the old videos incase they go missing
Deniro Jordan
I’ve missed that Ally Law notification 😫🙏🏾\n\nHopefully everything goes well for you man, you don’t deserve the punishment they want to give you all for chasing you’re dreams man it’s unfair. Try legal madnesses, like skydiving, etc.. I’m praying for you bro, stay strong! 🙏🏾❤️
Dennis P
Yes finally
Droopy 13
Next video “epic escape from prison”
Fernando Morales Llan
I love this guys video’s but I think I’m not the only person who saw this coming.
I think he was talking about the stock market (US specifically) in the beginning. It was doing so well; at its peak. Then it crashed for like 3 months 😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👌👌😍😍 like if u agree
A lot of you miss the point of what Ally does, and the reason why so many people watch him. A lot of us work mundane, static jobs that leave us knackered every day without having really done anything. We mostly obey the law: obediently walk around construction-fencing, we don't open doors that say \
Frozy Beats
the inspector's name is \
Girlie May Bernardo
I miiiiisssssss you alllllyyyyyyyyy😀😀😀😀😀
Grizza Leng
Guys wearing make up
There should be places where you can do the kind of stuff that this guy does. Without it being illegal or being dangerous to you
Halvor Nyvoll
Step 1. Move to another country\nStep 2. Upload vimeo links to your youtube channel\nStep 3. ????\nStep 4. Profit
Honestly, you'd make an insane travel vlogger
James Kingston
The end of an era! Everything happens for a reason my man it's good to have you back :)
it just seems like you have a massive problem with authority and blaming everyone else for your problems. I love the content, but if you genuinely think what you do isn't massively controversial and was always going to cause issues for yourself, your either ignorant or arrogant. good luck with everything ally.
Joanne B
Is your middle name BreaksThe\nAlly (BreaksThe) Law
John Gromer
Film your new job at the store,7:00 to 21:00 thats epic yeah men madness working live 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻yess mate
Jonathan N
It’s a sadness
Jordan Cooper
The police could have messed with your car just like you could have taken items from all the buildings you have snuck into. Just saying
Josh Smith
I have been with you from 10k sad to see you go 👊😔
Jy Rocks
KK Playz
M8 we fans should protest at YouTube all 2million fans on Ally's channel should start reporting YouTube and the reporting description should be UNSTRIKE ALLYLAW
Keown Red
7:53 Could have a new calling as a salesman or mechanic 😂
Lfc Riaz
He really should do a video with Tgf I feel like a few collabs with the TFGbros will be sick to watch and maybe good for him
LOL. The final few minutes of pure desperation 'please buy some merch'. You couldn't afford the £700 to get your van towed, yet you're going to fly one of your fans over from another country...One day you're gonna rejoin the real world with a massive bump..
Eventually everybody will move to a new video platform because Youtube has become too Commercialised. I mean go back a year or two after youtube was born it was awesome barely any Commercial tv shows or news channels just full of normal people like me and you now look at it in 2018/2019 full of all these tv shows and news channels like the BBC, Channel. There is no freedom on youtube anymore it's just full of so many rules and restrictions and the Youtube CEO 's are killing the platform. All these creators will start moving over too other video platforms like Vidme.
Malachi Robinson
You should explore unexplored areas of the world, Go to abandoned places, do nature walks, rock climbing, diving, see how long you guys can survive In a jungle lol etc. Maybe focus alittle more on the free running aspect of it. I'll support all of it, stay up brother.
Matt Webley
People come for your personality Ally... Do cool stuff... Climb crazy mountains... Go to the slums of mumbai with no cash and see where your adventures take you... Explore underground tunnels.... I look forward to Ally 2.0 :) love the spirit and welcome back!
Moderator- Johnnyyy
Simple way to get out, show proof on your phone of cops that have abused their powers. Definitely show the one if he cop braking your hand. After that, sue them. With that money bail out.
Explore abandon buildings
Myles Whale
If he isn’t able to make money off youtube then what are the ads for???😂😂😂
Neel Talks
Does \
So you gonna be a yes theory wannabe?:)
New Russia The collapse USSR
Ally's soundtrack: 'I Fought the Law and the Law Won'
Ally Law does a 5yrs over night challenge at HM Prison Winchester !! Seriously though Ally, I'm a 50yr old man who suffers with vertigo but love watching your videos because they make my stomach churn. Good luck and hope to see some new vids soon.
Post Scroll
He should travel around the world, world tour? He should climb mountains, explore the world, abandoned locations, seeing the sights around some of the darkest corners of the earth. He could make a documentary of his explorations with his hint of Madness to make it amazing to watch!? Just an idea...\n\n\n(Edit) - Omfg Thanks for all the support on my idea, didn’t think it was something other people would like.\nThank you all again!
Razvan Man
You better be back for real. We missed the madness
Realist 1801
Uploads are now sketchy. The 144’s are trying to shut him down, but it could be the 130’s....
Ryan Workman
You are guilty
Sabih Ghasemi
I am honestly truly dissapointed, you had the best videos on YOUTUBE
Sam Cheng
Ally law it's nice to see you again. I feel so sad for your CBO order and the fact that no more overnight challenges can be uploaded on this channel. \n\nI think given you are a professional parkour player, how about setting up obstacles for dangerous and insane parkour challenges in your backyard or renting somewhere and holding crazy hide and seek or escaping from crazy killer clown with parkour skills? These things should be crazy enough for the viewers. \n\nAlso I think pornhub would be a good alternative platform for posting videos.\n \nI BEG NO SUBSCRIBERS DON'T WATCH PORN
Shadowling 1684
Ally, trespasses and runs from security multiple times, “nah I’m not a criminal”
Shea Collins
Yo, I think ally should just start doing more freerunning and flips and stuff
Simon Matthews
What did he expect filming himself breaking the law
Tansen Uppal
It’s a sadness 🥺🥺
Ally, I think it would be if you brought your friend into the woods for an overnight challenge, it's not illegal and it can be uploaded.
The Beat Vandal
Imagine if they made a law specifically designed so they could prosecute people for doing overnight stunts and called it Ally's Law haha
Mate hats off to you. Going forward I would love to see some skydiving, mad zip lines and bungee jumping. Thoughts?\nEDIT: you mentioned these at the end. Yay!
Tom Seed
Next video: Prison in & out challenge.
Ally don’t use YouTube to upload the videos use a different platform post a video linking your account and we will all support it or even make your own app so you control the content that comes on it there will be away around this and we r all supporting you ally \nYou’ve got 3 months ally to upload as much as you can and solidify your place in YouTube history\n\nLike this so it goes to the top of the comment section an ally sees this idea \n\nITS A MADNESS
William Zenthoefer
Ally law will not be defeated by YouTube!
God bless Ally I hope everything goes really well for you best of luck!
alter ego anime mixer
By the way sorry theme Adventure sounds pretty cool I can't buy any March from the heart Ally Law you are the best YouTuber I've ever seen no matter what the madness will live on I'll make sure that
My all family used to watch your videos and have a good laugh together. The reason I didn't mind my kids watching your stuff that is because you do no harm to anyone, you don't even smoke or drink on videos, you do it for pure fun. It's a shame how some institutions use loads of resources on people like you instead of chasing real criminals.
burned bread
I can not believe that you are still so positive after all this stuff.
cosmic factions
Please make limited edition Chapter 2 Merch!!!
dhil nhial
1 like = 1 prayer for ally and the channel
Me and a couple of friends tried to sneak into a brewery near mortlake, we got in but police turned up and made us all stand against a wall. We told them that we were just doing it for fun but they thought we were stealing shit. THAT same police told us that he had just arrested and talked to Ally Law that same week haha, crazy coincidence as i've been watching your vids for solong. Hopefully your situation gets better mate!
lol lets hope!! Should have been behind bars a long time ago. With all the security issues around today, if I found you trespassing on my property you'd have to go to hospital before the Police St lol
TLDR - madness is over,
evie burt
Ally I glad your back and you almost made me cry I love you it is madness
gaming with charlie
Ally make ur own website to put ur vids on cuz then make ur own rules. Also RIP Madness 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😭😭😭😭😢
jam sandwich
Lol you should go on after prison show if you ever get arrested
If your channel is demonetized why am I seeing bare, unskippable ads
kaira desai
Please don't end the madness.i love your videos and I'll really miss u and your videos if u end this type of videos
kian mccormick
Tip for prison: Don't drop the soap
So you're not in it for the money, but age restriction means less views. Less views means less money.... With the age restriction you, as a viewer could just create an new account which is 18+ and look at the vids. So that it's not about the money is not completely true. And hearing all the things you have/had to pay will assure that you need some money.
morgan smart
Hi, you realize you could use this as an opportunity to go legitimate with what you do and still make a life and career out of it.\nThe only element of what your doing that's landing in you in trouble is \
Ally you already have a massive audience, you can do other things, travel,explore, rock climbing, other things that won't get you in trouble that we'd still love
switch platforms
random person
sean reidy
If only police put so much energy into catching REAL CRIMINALS the world would be a better place.
steventb04 steventb04
I'm so happy you back ☺
twitch connections
There is no hate in this comment what so ever but please consider my opinion, the lack or resources this country is facing with policing, imagine they get a call to say theres intuders on there property (even though your not doing nothing wrong) its obviously taking the police away from one partof the city to you and what for, a you tube video, like i said this is my own opinion but everyone can see the countries lack of resources and this channel is only based on \
waon The ninja
Ally, maybe this is god trying to protect you. Maybe he for saw a death coming soon however, he did not want one of the best youtubers to die.
xd KidKuda
Do everything you do but legally, eg: get permission to do overnight challenges some people will let you, do like haunted challenges, be a legend, do you and do it legally man 💯💯