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bleach kido

7:03 this sound ohhh mayne i looove it
Antonio concurseiro
They missed the sacred sand kido from Shiba family and Ganjiu !
Ban Kai
5:53 lol
Bertil kenjiro
6:45 it is wrong. It is hadō n73
LOL has anyone ever trapped themselves in their own hado to protect themselves
Buggy D. Clown
Why didnt they show Aizen doing Danku instead of Byakuya
Carolina Toushirou
É hadou 77 Souren Soukatsui, não 63,eles erraram a legenda ( hadou no nanajuunana ;Souren Soukatsui)
D Antho White
Danny Vista
The confidence of Gin and Kaname in aizen to not move cos of aizen is fire
De Sosa
imagine if ichigo know how to use a kido..
Francisco Olivo
Hado no hachiju hachi: Hiryu Gekizoku Shinten Raiho!!!!!!
Freyja Njordsdottir
9:15 lol, how far Soifon is away from Yoruichis level.
Gacha Zoe :D
Gigi Hadid
All these kidos look and sound so sexual. I mean Hadou 69 is probably orgasm-inducing.
Huda Khairu
Ada nomor nya ya?
JOL AnimeKing
which episode was 4:37
Jj Mmm
Plot number 62 I need you. Plot number 57 well that's convenient. Plot number 27 yeah that's right, i can do this too. plot number 43 I know I could've this earlier but whatevs.
Joldreg Runeback
6:32 best kido :-)
hadou 88: (Hiryu Gekizoku Shinten Raiho
Le Hamm Wattanasirisuk
in chapter 683 Aizen use hado 99 Gryutenmetsu
Lyun Avine
Damn, a Hado 1 at the balls would fking hurt...
MaestrO Frags
since you was in your mothers womb.
Maria Angela Batuampo
Bankin is the coolest kidou
Meya Enyo
But these Kido are only tier 1....
Mister Fister
6:48 they said 73 but subtitles said 63
where is hado 99 goryu tenmetsu
Mr Dhanny
5:56\n6:00 \nWow i feel so excited
Mr. Mute
How epic would it be if ichigo learned kidou?
Last kido, I spy for 11:22 XD
Nick Harris
Why are there two Bakudo #9s?
Noob Gamer
Shinten raihou ...
Precious Felton
1:53 what episode is that??
Hado N88 Is the best 6:58 he looks like cero
Random Person
Shitotsu sansen is damn cool
Random Thoughts
The last part was awesome... I always like that scene.... I always wanted to know what it is called....\n\nShinji.😙👍👍👍
The Hadou's were always my favourite. Especially ''SHOCK A HOE!''
Robert A
I made two hado so here they are.To discard my spirit pressure and turn it to strength Hado #00! Ok heres the other one.To transcend both hallow and soul reaper by putting them together Hado #???
Saurav Dubey
that was not aizen it was someone else as aizen told to shinji
Shoryu Ken
I care not what anyone says, Kukkaku's Raikouhou entrance was damn epic.
Siegfried Schlauch
11:10 is badass 😂
Sky_stider223 ??
My fav hado is #90 and #88\nAnd my fav bakudo is #81 danku and #61 and #63 bakudo
Soren Dimiguren
kdo se konkrentne pta jo a nehraju trochu o to nemam zajem hral bych to ale nemam RT
Takamura Mamoru
Back when bleach was popping
Tek gözlü baykuş Ghoul
Where is the hadou no 99
Tony Bony
what does 54 do
Toriyama 破壊の神sama
Hado 90 Kurohitsugi is the most badass
Woʟғ ɮʀ
Hadou 88 the best BLUE bean
alex ramkissoon
love hadous
dimana mana
Urahara + ishin + yorouichi \u003e gotei 13
efrain cervantes
The best is kagizaki and it’s not on the list, it’s the for sure number one and you didn’t even put them in order just a random list of kido
kai to
kitty mcpaws
kido is the best thing in bleach, not op transformations
kojuro katakura
6:47 it's hado translation
philip neri baraceros
I know hy byakuya love hadow no. 4 sond is alike
so Bakudo no Kyujuu kyu # 2 with incantantion is the most powerful bakudo on Bleach ? 👍😅
youcef khaldi
6:12 Badass
Μουσική Ιδιοφυΐα
00:41 which episode ??
Нюргу Лазарев
Twin Lotus of Crashing Blue Fire is number 73 but not 63