Laurel - Adored

Taken from the album 'DOGVIOLET', released 24 August 2018 on Counter Records:

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nice song Yanny.
Aicha Martinez
I'm so excited omg
Ali Jorani
Amanda Merideth
I can't get enough of her voice, her style, she's so good. This is the earliest I have ever seen something. Yay!!! So fucking good!
Anaíra Ribeiro
Can't wait for the album! Wanna hear Hold Tight so much!!
Andrea MR
I love you with all my heart. Thanks for your music and for making me happy
Arre Böl
I love the song and this cover 😍😍😍❤️
Ashley Rajkoomar
This song deserves so much more views!! This is sooo good!
Bayley Gully
feelsbad 1 dislike
I am so happy and I really love the new songs!!! Congratulations on your first full album!! I have been waiting for this since fire breather ❤️
Bee Heyoka
Yes sister...
Chris Steven
Cyprian Kucharski
YAAAAS i loved this song when u performed it in warsaw in 2017 while supporting oh wonder! so happy it's out😊
David Lacombe
Oooh, some aggression from Laurel..I love it!
Dixie Siregar
Echo Echo
jude and cardan vibes
Elbouabidi Mohamed
Emilija Gospavic
I love it \u003c3
Giorgos Giannopoulos
Why am I always late?
Glenn Beechey
Greta_ sae
All I hear is yanny.
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Awesome song
Hasaan Anjum
Amazing track!! As usual..
Jack Jailpy
Man I can't wait to hear her live in October in Paris. Last time I saw her was at Oh Wonder's show and she seemed so shy haha
Still remember the first time I heard that live at the Oh Wonder concert, I was so glad to see you perform there! Really lovin' this song! \u003c3
Jordan Voorhees
Excited when this came out. Still play at least 3 times a day. Can't figure out how this ain't over a million. But at my current rate it will take me personally 840 years to get this there. I gotta do what i gotta do. Really hoping for some extreme life expectancy improvements in the next 30 years.
Julia Castro
So ready for this album YES
Juliette Boniau
So so so goddamn ready for this album 🔥
Kaat Debusscher
I was driving home from a friend's house last night. In my car, I'd been playing the same CD ad nauseum so I decided to switch to a local radio station. Boy oh boy am I glad that I did. This song came on and I slammed on the brakes, pulling over on the side of road, so I could pull out my phone and Shazam this mesmerizing song. \n\nLong story short: I just bought DogViolet on iTunes.
Kai Graham
Ready for album of the year xx
Kuba Wrzesień
so hyped for the new album
Las Primas
Lucas Campos
I thought it was Ariana Grande. Btw what a great song.
Luiz XVI
I loved the new age from Laurel :) ❤️
love this song!
Matthew Forsyth
Megan Z
Amazing.😍💗\nAnd accurate to my life right now.
Midnight Magician
Mr. Grumpy
Brilliant song!
Muşkil-i Tekes
Sis, this is an amazing song music for my list :)) Thank you .
Norman Yanes
Florence Welch vibes
Nus Many All
это прямо шаг вперёд в творчестве. очень похоже на шакиру в начале 00-х
Rada Qardava
This is awesome ❤❤❤I love u
Reed Robin
she soumds like simger from The Cranberries tbh i love it
Roslynn Bradley
Shes a boss
Ruben Reyes
im excited for this friday! (:
I remember, listening to your jam on a sci-fi series DEFIANCE \
Saionara Inácio
essa mulher é simplesmente genial
Sarah Abdellatif
Wow. The originality and diversity that she displays through her work is absolutely incredible. Out of this world. I want her to get popular but I also want her to be our little precious secret.
Sarah Wells
Sky Gold
Sonic Broom
Thought I was listening to Ms Mister. Gorgeous.
St. Lu
You came into my house punched my dog in the face, kissed my mom on the cheek and repaired my spine thank you
Stutter • Allan Scott
🎶🎶Beyond another universe's worth of music right here 🎶🎶
Valeria Sánchez
Love it!
Zain Alabedien
Yanny - Adored
afiya zoe'
Its 2 AM and I've somehow teleported to a new dimension....Laurel's voice is out of this world
alam halim
i dig this.
becky i
She's touring soon, people. Get your tickets to these wee lil venues now or I'm sure you will live to regret it. Think I'm gonna hit up Leeds and Manchester :D
black beauty
Omg that's the best song in my fuckin life
Right when I though I could not get more excited for the album, she surprises us with this insane track! I have not heard an artist as unique and talented as Laurel in a very long time. Love her \u003c3
jessica labelle
Ommy this is a bad ass songs xx i wasn't prepared for this ! 🔥
My favourite album of the second half of the year so far. I'm so happy she finally released her debut, masterpiece.
The queen delivered us a bop once again 🤪
İsa Ergun
Türkler buraya 🙏 Laurel seven 1 Türk bile yoksa yuhhh!
Яна Поздеева
Как всегда класс!
when i first listened her voice i thougt i should buy her album....!