Ally bee Waffle Cone - Antonio Subirats Joins for Attention - Flat Earth - Bob Science Guy

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Ally bee joins to waffle about his belief systems -

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Al K
Two lazy couch dwellers who do zero work trying to berate someone for not repeating experiments. Unbelievable.
Alex Quant
That's wonderful, Antonio, wonderful. Really. Sincerely. Wonderful. Truly. Well done!
Andy Mitchell
For God's sake, Subirats and Ally bee might as well be talking out of their arses. They've absolutely no idea what level means. It's exactly as Bob says. All Subirats and Ally bee, (or anyone for that matter) have to do to prove or debunk Bob, is set up the experiment for themselves. It doesn't need to be in Malibu. Any location with a clear view to the horizon with do. If they're capable of performing the experiment correctly, (something that requires impartiality and honesty) they'll find they have the same result as Bob predicts. They won't do this though because firstly, they're too lazy to apply themselves and secondly, it'll destroy their stupid flatard narrative. The Earth is a globe - get over it you idiots 🤡!
Bee Lincoln
7 hrs of poop 💩
Bob Adler
Ever hear of Bozo the clown?
Bob Smithers
Greetings \
Christopher Manabat
Hey Timmy, is it ok for me to take a few clips from this hangout? I’m planning on making a vid explaining how a water leveling rig works and that simply “dropping it lower” does absolutely nothing.
This will go down as one of the legendary hangouts. I only caught the second half couldn't stop listening while doing my jobs at work. Great stuff.
Dio Eraclea
*facepalm* \
MaVe 64
The light of the sun is parallel. Why? Because the sun is 109 times bigger than earth. How you want to compare that to an observation of a flashlight? Don't get it? Draw it to scale on a piece of paper and see.
Mr B
Epic 😁
Murphy Itzyue
The cognitive dissonance hangout
PSP RokkinRobin
I am holding a round object in my hand. I then proceed to list off 1000 reasons why this object is NOT an apple.\nHave I, in any way, proven that the object IS an orange?\n\nNo.\n\nFlat Earthers need to stop giving reasons why they think the Earth isn't a sphere and start proving that it is flat.\n\n\nGood luck with that.\nI won't hold my breath.
Paul Straiton
Ally is so biased , he’s ill informed and somewhat dogmatic .2 minutes on google tell you he’s talking shite about theodolites
Antonio should ask Bob Knodel about apparent drift on his Laser Gyro 🤣🤣
Terry Winter
So if the earth is flat and the north pole star is at the centre of the dome then would everyone on the flat earth see it no matter where they are ?
Teslas Apple
Can’t wait to see the EQ mount working on a Flat Earth video (as promised)
Throbbing Gristle
This was great listening ...
flat earth Jackal
So Tim you observe the earth circling the sun? 😂bwhahahahaha 😂