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CNN's Don Lemon criticized President Donald Trump for the government shutdown and for reneging on his promise to the American people that Mexico would pay for the border wall.

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Ace King
If Demo-rat care for 800,000 then fund the wall then u get paid
This goofy ass man child really think a wall is going to change anything people will find a way to get over that or under it or through it in a matter of weeks
Alex Jacinto
They got to shutdown this clown News Network this cat wants me to listen to a convicted felon
Alhassan Yakubu
A shameless man running the the WH?! America please wake up he's disgracing and dishonoring America in the eyes of the world.
Alptn Mrl730
There is an ongoing crisis at the border. Homeland Security wants a wall. Border guards want a wall. Too many crimes down there. Too much drugs. Too much assault and rape. It is unsafe. Too many innocent American citizens are being killed on American soil, and CNN does nothing, says nothing about these dead and the families and friends of the dead, and protects criminal illegals instead. 79% of Americans want a wall. Crime is increasing. America does not want rule by thugs and thug enablers. Protect American lives, jobs, families. Build high walls, surveill the wall 24/7, turn back criminal illegals, funnel illegals through ports of entry only, enforce immigration laws. Protect this country and its people.
Ashley Weston
Don Lemon is the worst news anchor ever
Awesomus Maximus
CNN seems to have an aversion to truth or national security
Bill Makar
Boyd Gilbreath
The Republicans act as though there will never be another election. Everyone in government is not telling the truth. They are lying to enable something Americans are going to regret until the end of the earth. These people are doing all this right out in the open, simply lying to attempt to create a reality that does not exist. When Trump declares MARTIAL LAW, which is what National Emergency is, you won't be taking that to court. Trump has already shut down the courts, remember? The media and all the congressmen of both parties are selling the idea that some court could reverse the \
Byron Harper
The crisis is at the White House and it's Donald Trump.
Christian 153
Don doesn't show all the photos of those U.S. citizens killed by illegals in our country though.
Christopher Lee Jr.
Again this pres does not respect the American people even those that voted for him ; he considers the wall to be a crisis, but what about the thousands of federal workers of America, of which you're supposed to be the leader .....take note from past ' Leaders' who respected the office with dignity, intelligence, honesty, tough skin, and common sense.⏳💣
1:27 Ted Cruz looks like a serial killer tho
Colin Mc Wobbles
Geeezz Don.. your so frickin boring. I turned over to Fox
Colleen Kelly
Americans - you lot are so funny Don Lemon is starting to sound like Trevor Noah! \nYour \
Cookie Baby
People, Aren't you Ashamed? Tried to warn you, Don't drink the Kool-aid!
Culpepper Defenestrator
When he leaves the WH I hope it's kicking and screaming like a whiny toddler.
Cynthia Saunders
P.S. I'm NOT Going Back & Forth With Senseless Rants & Raving !!! I BLOCK !!! We Are All Entitled To Give Our Opinion To This New Cast !!!
When Walls Work Jim Acosta (the enemy of the people) physically endorses the border wall for doing what it's supposed to be doing, stopping illegal invaders from crossing..\n\n\n\n\nYou know CNN has trump derangement syndrome 👌🏼\nTDS
Dribbles Barbax
Nearly 1 million American citizens are being punished so as not to upset this mans ego. He wont back down. He will never accept responsibility for something that sheds him in poor light. He will compulsively lie and twist the truth to make himself look like a good guy. He's a pathetic weasel of a man. And as soon as his term is over he should be packaged and shipped over to the Putin residency to be Vlads personal ottoman.
Only the AMERICA LAST\n Crowd supports\n OPEN BORDERS 👈😄🇺🇸
Ed James
Lying Don Sour 🍋 Lemon Head
Facts R. Demonstrable
Cohens' approval rating is higher than Trumps.
Frank King
If Trump declares National Emergency just to get his way, a Democratic President should declare one in the future and sezie all guns after one of the NRA mass shootings. Two can play that game
Fred Armstrong
Seen bad losers before lemon takes the cake
G Milla
Don Lemon is a Democrat Meat Puppet. Funny how the Main Stream Meat-puppets all come up with the same \
George Mauricio
Trump Needs to be removed one way or another from Office.\nHe is an Embarrassment and a danger.
Mexico will pay for the WALL! I didn’t know anything about the payment to Stormy Daniels! I will only hire the best people! I will release my tax returns when the audit is ready! I will quickly balance the budget! I had the biggest crowd size ever! The meeting with the Russian lawyer was about adoption! Forests need to be raked! The WALL is already being built! NK agreed to dismantle it’s nuclear arsenal! I won the popular vote! The tax bill will cost me a fortune! I’m a stable genius with one of the best memories of all times. I’ll pay off the debt! The father of Ted Cruz was involved in the Kennedy assassination. ISIS is defeated! Climate Change is a Chinese Hoax! I never lie.
Harold Whitney
I agree with Jim Acosta, the wall really works.
Hildebeast Clinton
Typical of Democrats. You go nuts when some Christian cake baker refuses to service a gay wedding, then you’re totally willing to overwhelm our courts and give fentanyl overdoses a double down. You’re Lower primate obsession with trump must end
Jim Acosta told us yesterday that we need more wall to increase \
I hate Hipsters
Don Lemon is one of the Best News Anchorman in America
Jay Gibson
When the wall goes up Trump gets re-elected and another means of dem voter fraud is stymied.\nNo wonder Chuck and Nancy seem ill.
Jdor D
This world needs prayer...Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way!
Jessica Moore
So if TRUMP doesn't get his way he's going to call a National Emergency & steal moneys from the Hurricane Funds or the Pentagon! WTF
Joe Bloe
1) PROSECUTE EMPLOYERS who hire illegal immigrants. \n2) Mandatory E-VERIFY all employees hired in the United States. \nAs long as illegal immigrants know they'll have work when they get here, they WILL get here... one way or the other. If u prosecute employers, employers will stop. hiring them. Then they will have no work here. Then they will stop coming. SPREAD TH WORD.
John Fox
Obama called it \
John Henry
Build the wall. Go President Trump go USA 🇺🇸💪🇺🇸💪🇺🇸💪🇺🇸. CNN = FAKE NEWS / Don Lemon is a spineless whimp
Jonathan Jacob
How can a journalist be so untalent and still keep his job? Affirmative action at work.
K. V.d. Ham
Fake News CNN
Kim Long
Losaiko Go Blue
This trade deal pays for nothing!!! Extortion of government employees is not what a master deal maker does. Poverty breeds, desperation, and hatred. corruption, that is dangerous in this case. There are tunnels in place that are probably deep into the bedrock that run for miles.
Just remember, CNN hates the USA, they prove it all day long. No journalists, only trolls.
Mark Gor
don't forget that US taxpayers are also paying for the tariffs imposed on imports from China... NOONE in China is paying a cent.. or even two cents, towards the billions and billions filling the US treasury... it is the US taxpayer... well done... win/win?
Matthew Morgan
I'd rather foot the bill for a wall, then pay for illegals to live freely at my expense.
Mike Johnson
Just to prove how phony Lemon and CNN are. Google this. TV station KUSI was asked by CNN to participate in a report on the newly constructed border wall separating San Diego and Mexico. When KUSI reported to CNN that the new wall structure in San Diego was highly effective, CNN then pulled back its invitation. KUSI reports that CNN did not want to include a positive report on the Wall in its news piece. Look into it you liberal CNN, following suckers. I guess it's true. P. T. Barnum was right! There's a sucker born every minute. And they're all liberals.
Miz 35
Fake President,Fake crisis, Liar and Chief#Resign
Mr Green
America has gone cuckoo
Mr. D.
Here's CNN's response to families who lost loved ones due to illegals (fictional):\n\n*Jim Acosta:* \
Yup, too many future democrats coming across the border, can’t have that! That’s the REAL reason there’s a National crisis in Trump’s mind!
Nadia Naomi Brown-Wotrang
Enough!!! Impeach this fool!
This whole train wreck of an administration has to end. He's not even a real Republican, he was just the drunk guy at a crowd urging people in the crowd to chant nonfactual, often borderline racist things and the whole democracy came crashing down around him because he happened to be famous and wealthy enough that somehow Republicans couldn't field a candidate to beat him in the primaries (still don't understand how that was even possible, stay with me). He hijacked the leftover Tea Party base, and the Republicans who step out of line are getting squished between Trump and the Democrats, because the majority of people think just tribal enough to only see this crisis as Rep v Dem. \nHe had no experience going in. None. Of his 14 starting cabinet, he's had 66% turnover and currently has 9 of 14 unconfirmed to date. Some are totally unfilled as of Jan 1, 2019 with no one even named acting. Those are arguably some of 14 most important jobs in the federal government, and are selected by the President himself.\n...Who the fuck is leading the country? More to the point, is it just a guy who had 0 experience going in and 14 people, most of which either absent or unconfirmed?\nTrump University: Shutdown. \nTrump charity: Shutdown.\nTrump airlines: Shutdown.\nTrump vodka (really): Shutdown.\nTrump casino: Shutdown.\nTrump's Government, the USS Republican ghost ship of cannibal tea pots: Shutdown. \nI wonder why it shutdown, folks.
Nosivo N
Hillbillies screaming \
Why don’t republicans use thoughts and prayers on the border ? It’s what they use to protect the schools.
RedReigns Here
Is anyone paying attention to this program?
Robert Evans
Fixing this shutdown would take humility, compassion and wisdom. Dotard Trump has none.
Robert Hennessey
1 of those people, hopefully kill you over not getting paid.
Ryan Lengacher
I don’t care who pays for the wall if the wall gets built I’m still voting for Trump ✌🏻🇺🇸
Sara Winters
CNN is Fake News.
Screech McGregor
CNN the most trusted name in Fake News!!! MAGA
Sevander Jokeracic
I think that the United States should PAY for the PRISON wall that Trump will spend the rest of his life in.
Simon 's
I always wonder how, the Russians knew where to target their attack.
The shutdown is a crisis, that is for sure.
Spooky Carrie
I Love CNN and Don Lemon!!!!!
Steven Smith
Is the murder of Ronil Singh and Kate Steinle a manufactured crisis ?
Tee Dee
Funny how trump knows everything about everything except his crimes
Terrance Hylton-lyons
Who gets indicted on Collusion first the nfl owners or Trump with Russia. Collusion literally requires a smoking gun. ICE you mean the organization democrats want to tear down and erase i would have thought democrats would be happy.
The Fibler
This story will trigger the Russian trolls and low-educated GOP Cornflakes.
Don Lemon, what will you do for a job after President Trump serves his second term.
Val C.
He is pushing for riots then he will declare Marshall law then become the dictator of his dreams. He is going to create a crises. #!!
Vega Vega
These are true facts that our so called “president” isn’t the great president we were promised. If you still believe in him, then I feel so sorry for you for following a man who is ruining so many lives and these people need to be payed for the hard work they deserve. It sickens me when this man with such a childish mind continues to be in office. All I can do is say what I can but Americans *please do something about it!* We the people have the power to change this but he’s still our president. We need to do something to fix America that is falling apart.
here’s an idea: \nsend military down to the border instead of wasting money on a wall, and shoot anybody that tries to cross illegally.
White Rabbit
More than 7500 lies are enough!\nEmpeach this orange kakadu with twitter tourette
WicKked WiazZard
🍊 Ahhhhh the facts!! get me outta here! 😂 it burns it burns
Will Annand
I saw Jim Acosta's video, even he admitted that the wall works.
Yve Parizz
1.tRump's FALL will be sooner than his wall 😁👏👏\n2. Congress only approves funds for constructing a wall NOT tRump\n3. IMPEACH THAT MOTHER FUKER!
DUM LEMON is a Typical ANKLE-GRABBING BUTTHOLER who can't even protect his own ASS from INVASION...
Mr Lemon. If the media truly believe that Trump is lying about the border, that he is fabricating facts, you are more cosseted than I realized. The media are a bunch of elitists who have private security and chauffeured cars to carry them from home to the studio and back. You are out of touch with the American people who can't afford such luxury. You are terribly cavalier about our safety and security. You no longer speak for us.
chris black
So you’re not gonna air how all the CBP agents agreed it’s not manufactured. So you’re not gonna report how during the “photo-op” the border patrol agents said they apprehended 150+ people on Tuesday alone who weren’t from Central America or Mexico but countries like Pakistan, china & Romania ???
Your Bro Jim Acosta's photo op proved the Wall works. Sorry, Don Lemon you are still a race baiting bigot.
dhana suppiah
Wonder how long he will shut down the government when he wants his Space Force.
While Acosta goes to the border and proves walls work.
isabella ericson
The CRISIS is 800,000 people without a paycheck.
jack flash
I may be wrong but isn't negotiating all about both sides getting something? Demanding over 5 billion dollars for a border wall and threatening to shut down the gov't if demand is not met is a threat an ultimatum. This is NOT negotiating.
Fooling the public doesnt work anymore. More and more people are waking up to all of it, for every lie and propaganda piece you use you will be exposed. Your strings will be pulled like puppets everyday until the bs stops.
mike ryan
I'm in Mexico, I'll deliver a terrorist to Pelosi Manson in san Francisco \nAnybody want to put up 200k that says I cant within 1 week
acosta's border photo op was pretty good! CNN SUCKS!
r s
They insist, reopen the government and we'll negotiate... Really! After pledging to never negotiate with this president ever since his inauguration, and decades of the people demanding and being promised a controlled border they are ready to negotiate? I think not! Carrier politicians and media are obsessed with lying to the citizens to get what their big donors want, they have been lying to us for centuries! They are working for wealthy elite globalist pigs, NOT the citizens! and the wealthy elite globalist pigs don't want border security, period, and that is why we don't have it! We need tight term limits for all these people, and campaign finance reform Now! politicians that get rich need to be investigated by a neutral independent investigation team, Not the Corrupted Justice System, which needs desperately to also be investigated by a neutral independent investigation team!
I wonder if manufactured crisis' have ever been used in the past to drum up emotional support for a political cause?? Say it aint so! LOL
Ever read the classic children's story about the boy who cried Wolf?
vash t.s
So dems say they want a border wall in untill trump does then refuse to give anything to border agents/people who live in areas along border. Yet continue to give billions of dollars of taxpayers money for all types of non essential programs, much more for other countries to build walls/border security. While instead of giving us any facts to why this wall/border is different and won't work compared to egypt, Israel, Germany(when there), China , San Diego, Yuma,(I'm sure many more) evey house, including Pelosi and Obama's, all prisons, zoo's, hospitals, military bases, ect. Yet trumps the only one to blame. THEY CARE MORE ABOUT MAKING TRUMP LOOK BAD THEN HELPING THOSE WHO NEED IT. ACTIONS MATTER MORE THEN WORDS ALLWAYS.
I haven't been laid in two years now that's a crisis
Don lemon is a traitor to this nation and had done nothing but try to overthrow this election and spread lies about the President. That is treason and punishible by death