Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode - How to Play on guitar - Guitar Lesson, Tutorial

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Follow Marty On Social Media!Instagram - Hey Guys, Marty here again. I'm so excited to bring you guys a fresh lesson on "Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry. Great licks going on that really can be expanded upon into so many different directions. You can think of it as the minor pentatonic as the skeleton, but it moves into Mixolydian territory for some of those classic notes you're looking for! Thanks again for supporting "MartyMusic"Sincerely,Marty

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Adrian Tiganila
hey marty how about mr brightside:) please consider doing that
Ahmik Davis
Could you make a tutorial for the song modern Jesus by Portugal the man
Aiden Wagoner
christmas is coming up, maybe Carol of the Bells epic guitar stuff?
Alex Toti
Awesome as always! Great job Marty! I know you have many requests but may I ask for The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright?
Andrea Riccardi
Hey Marty whatt's up??? Looks like I found you.. I am a student of yours writing from Italy! I am subscribed to I have been looking for a way to contacting you.. I just wanted to thank you because for years I have always been on and off on my guitar but since I saw your videos I got really motivated and I finally have been learning properly to rock from a year or so (my guitars deserved it!).. keep up the good work! ciao!!!
Rip Chuck Berry 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Angel Martinez
Hey how about a full lesson on Stevie Ray Vaughn's pride and joy, the electric version? I can't get Texas Shuffle right.
Anna Greer
I thought that this would be another guitar tutorial I wouldn’t understand. Turns out I can play it. Your the only guitar player I can follow🙃
Avinav Sharma
Forget the world by Lazer Lloyd! Please!
Brandon Webb
Those stupid bends😭 the pain
Bryan Navarrete
You should do Angle baby
Cameron Bortle
We need a Layla lesson! From Derek and the Dominos!
Carolus von Agram
R.I.P Chuck
Casey BrizendinePainting
R.I.P. Chuck Berry
RIP, Chuck Berry!!!! Thank You!!
Chad Treichler
1000th comment, could you do the rest of the song in lesson??
Chris Cooper
Just watched u play this on your live stream. So damn good I had to come learn it!!!!!
Coconut Safari
What are the settings of his amp and guitar to make it sound like that?
Copacetic Unleaded
Marty your the man!
Dustin Jones
Hey Marty could do some Tim Buckley?
Elba Blanco
I'm not English, but I understood all the tutorial!!! Thanks so much man!!!
Erol Germann
Decent Marty! I just finished understanding Johnny be good, finally.\nThanks, better late than never ...!
EvilPortalGun LPS
Fortnite Chrises
Great video! Please make a lesen for Have a nice day/bon jovi
Fox 86
This one's an oldie. Well... Where I'm from 😁
Frank j
Good luck with the new project Marty.\nFrank
Gingerbread King
Do baby remember when fetus?
HAL 2000
Fair play Marty you rock
RIP Chuck, founder of Rock n Roll
Honkeytonk Johnny Gumbo
Can u do a lesson on the Springsteen tune Johnny 99?\nRockin blues tune that Johnny Cash covered. Youd be the 1st!
I Hate 2D animation profiles
Show us how to Play Johney Guitar
Rest in Peace Marty McFly
Thanks for this one Marty - gotta luv the Father of Rock & Roll! Any chance of some more harmonica lessons sometime??
Issac Davis
RIP chuck, you were a legend.
J Cole
Hey Marty! Can you teach us how to play I miss you by blink182?
JAG Just A Guy
Marty Schwartz gone Marty McFly XD
Jadi Peperzak
Your Kids are gonna love it
Jaym Densing
I almost like this as much as the other Marty who showed me this song ;)
What pedal did you use for this? Cheers Marty
Rip chuck:(
Kendle Martin
Marty you should do is a tutorial on how to play one by matellica but in a fingerstyle sort of way you know, so it's just one guitar but you sort of get all the sound if you know what I mean aha I've tried looking for it but people either do just one or the other n not together
Kevin L.
i like the back to the future riff at the end.
Very cool.
Logan Frost
Marty you have changed my life man thank you so much for doing this for not only me but so many others
Lucas Holbrook
how bout sally where did u get your liquor for a lesson... by rev. gary davis.. Please
Luke Campbell
can some one please tell me how to get the guitar to sound like that through the amp D:
Malcolm Boyd
''Your kids are gonna love it''
Marty Music
Thanks for supporting \
Michael Salisbury
everyone is like work harder marty give us loads of songs thanks for your efforts its great
Miłosz Barczak
Maybe Behind the Veil by Jeff Beck? It would be great!
“You’re.....just too darn loud”!!!
Nicole R
Back to the Future was on the telly last night and Dad's been bugging me to learn this!
Noah Freitas
It won't be long before this channel has over 500,000 subscribers.
Oldskool Funk
As usual...AWESME LESSON Marty...! You can realky see Chuck Berry's love of TBone Walker on this classic. Chuck and T Bone made those fat Gibby's sound heavenly and your Harmony is on point!
I feel like I'm finally able to learn this one. Still gonna take me a while to get to speed but I feel like it's possible now. Thanks
I swear all guitarists wear that hat
Procras10eighter 1992
I've discovered while playing this that while you're doing the Bb chord palm muting thing....if you do a \
Would like to learn Dreams by Fleetwood Mac - the lead lines, not just the rhythm guitar part. You're great, Marty.
Rhiannon DB
hi marty please do ball and chain by Janis Joplin I cant get the intro out of my head!
Rob Cole
Love this lesson! How bout \
Rob Gerling
Marty McFly!
Roman Gonzalez
Could you make a video on \
Hey Marty, \n\nCould you do a Sex & Candy tutorial by Marcys Playground, thanks.
Rum Runner
that guitar is absolutely beautiful!!!!!
Sanjeev Subedi
can you do the solo lessons of live performances like of Stairway To Heaven or Comfortably Numb or Sultan of swings\nLol I know it will be very difficult even for a musician like you.
Scroer Uee
You went full marty mcfly with this one marty
She moves in her own dab
Marty no way... a few weeks ago u uploaded paradise city and i was learning it with my guitar teacher and now u upload this.... HOW i literally did this yesterday
Sheri Gross
My band teacher showed me your channel, so now I watch 2 or 3 or 10 videos a night! I'm starting on this one now! Love it, and it's really helpful and educational! Go Marty! (Schwartz and McFly)
Marty mcfly
Stanley Gorczynski
Thank you very much. Fantastic lesson---all the repetitions and slow-mo's really helped me. I think I finally got something to practice. More Chuck licks please..Thanks again.
Talon Bragg
R.I.P Chuck Berry 🙏🏻
The Best Of Minecraft
“I don’t think you guys are ready for that one yet, but you’re kids are gonna love it”\nLol nice lesson tho!!
Tim Hadzisavas
Hey you did this 1 a long time ago but who care it's a classic Marty.... my cousin who's 6 years older than me use to play this for me when I was 10 and I hated it. It's amazing how things change. I'm now 52 and have loved for ages.. Thx again man. eat your heart out Michael Jackson fox.😎 cheers.
Trash city
A lesson on some clash songs ?
Weronika Cichosz
okay...this is starting to get is it that whenever I specifically look for a song you upload a tutorial like an hour later..LOVE your channel - awesome work boss!!
This was a great lesson!! You're a patient man. I can imagine that better players might wish you did not repeat the difference phrases so many times but for players like me, it's perfect. Saves me a lot of pausing and rewinding the video. Still have to do that some of course, but not nearly as much as other lesson videos.
This has to be the best guitar teaching channel on YouTube
You don't need to know Okay
Maybe in 10 years
Zac Tizzano
Please do an updated Let It Be by The Beatles. Love the lessons Marty !
Zak Martin
adrienne miklovic
I Don't have words to express myself:^)
I've been playing it wrong but similar sounding. Those notes fly by so fast no one would even notice right? lol. Wrong. I need to get it right! Thanks for showing how it's done.
david scalf
I want to learn how to play ACDC play TNT
dennis berry
Hey thank you, like I said before If you were around in the 60s and 70s I would have made this kind of progress while I still had hair. thanks for making Grandpa sound good on his ax.
you're good but, You always zoom past important sections of the song without any real explanation
do a full lesson on copper head road by steve earl
Thanks so much Marty. Very very intelligent to learn to such details. I appreciated a lot and Keep it up. Regards Victor
i am a mistake
rip you legend
mike hussey
Are you sure your last name isn't Mcfly?
mr peanut
yo Marty would you ever teach chuck berry's original version of rollover beethoven? literally on beatles version Is on you tube
n s
my left forefinger are done after playing this for 1.5 hours! best guitar teacher online
Love the Marty McFly exit lol. :D
stephen earnshaw
This is a fantastic video. Many many thanks Marty. Looks loke you enjoyed it as well!
teenage times
Thanks!\nWhat guitar is that please?
tomi-kalle vavuli