*[F.u.I.I]* Xtro II: The Second Encounter (1990)

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Scientists at a secret underground complex have found a way to travel to another dimension. Three dimension-travelers are the first to go through the gate - but .

Harry Bromley Davenport Jan-Michael Vincent action alien horror sci-fi second encounter xtro

Cutiefun mom
Where can I find the first one?
George Thompson
Sound is bad but pic ok plz fix that and show the first one
Lonnie Trout
Vincent looks good here...what a shame, I really liked him in Airwolf.
Maestro Lodahl
If someone..out there..on this beautyful world..perhaps could telle me what the name of the theme that starts at 41:52 iis callaed..i would be happy :) Iit is allso used ywice in the movie..The Abyss.. Check the Abyss: Sub Bttle-theme, and ffw to 1:31.. i just loooove that theme :)
Mark Liles
bad audio!
Tony Nguyen
I have this DVD that I bought in 2009 now it's quite valuable
Calling all Jan Michael Vincents! Calling ALL Jan Michael Vincents!
7:25 sound like the US version of touchwood and you know what happened to them, with the daleks & cybermen, LOL.