Dirty Guy Wants to Have Sex With a Prostitute Without a Condom (Sadam)

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dziewczeta dziewczyna dziewczęta lo... podryw prank prankster sadam sadamtv smieszne tv was wasy wąs wąsy zabawne zaczepka zart śmieszne żart

Seems like the cameraman is invisible
Ehh co za czasy.. nawet będąc dziwką trzeba znać angielski.
Hot girl nice body
I'm all for people having the freedom to do what they want and get by the way they can, but man that made me sad. She was so desperate that she was willing to go against her better judgement and put herself at an even greater risk. I feel so bad for her.
Acc 1
i wonder who is filthier? the guy who doesnt want to use t condom or the prostitute
Affan Ejaz
I wish she should have been wife of her husband and not of any stranger,may Allah help her and all helpless men and women around the world.
Albert Ortega
She is gorgeous!
Alex S.
hahahahahahahahahahahahah i laughed so hard on bicycle falling part hahahahahahah you rocked it !
como no agarrarse ese jamoncito!!! DESPEDITE DE TU BICI DE TUS 500 PLN. Y DE TU CUENTA RUFIAN DE LAS PRADERAS!
Don't feel bad for prostitute. Instead of selling her body she could've worked as a shop assistant or at least wash cars.
Azwar Nazz
no condom no cry, lol...
BKG Thrillz
shes probably more dirty than he is
Brenden Moore
EDGY 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Charlotte Hawkes Robertson Court Woking
I am a hooker and charge £20 a hour if you like a good time with me
Fake. In the beginning she would be yelling at him in Polish, not English.
Chris Robinson
Seems very fake. Even if it isn't it was very short and hardly entertaining 0/10.
Danny Dan
with a body like that she could easy work in a high class brothel with customers willing to fork out large sum, why work as a street hooker.
It's faker than kk
Dr. Sri Ravi Teja
I feel so sorry for her. she's beautiful. if she's born in a rich family, she'd be happy & decent. but see what money made her do.
I don't want to condom XDD
Everything is Nothing
Scripted video. Lol
Forrest D
That poor girl, why is she doing that to herself.
Forrgotten PvP
heheehhe to uczucie kiedy lepiej i szybciej dogadas sie po angielsku z kurwą niz polska policjia :(
GSE Films
Prostytutka nie prostytutka, ale nogi zajebiste.
God's Community
Tell what you like.\n🗺
Green Panter
Jaka wykształcona :D ten inglish opanowany taki widać przygotowana do zawodu :) 
Hari Hf
ending song is epic😂😂
Harshal K
I felt bad for the girl. Poor girl
i have nothing against prostitution but no condom is way to yolo i think.
Il Transistor Selvatico
I Would Go To Town Half The Night On Her Butt, The Other Half Of The Night I Would Go To The Country On Her Butt Till Sunrise
I feel bad for her :(
Jesse PlaysGames
dat booty tho
Joey's third chin
Holy shit Eastern European hookers are hot!
Karim M
Yeh this is what hores created for
What exactly is the point of this video?
Le Me
it is very sad knowing soo many women sell there body for money
Liliana Nowak
To ustawka durne debile takie kobiety nie stoją i nie zarabiają w ten sposób trzeba być debilem żeby w to uwierzyć.przeciesz mówi załóż kondom haha bo taki scenariusz miała nikt nie dubczy bez to ligiczne barany
Holy shit.. she's DAAAMN FINE!
Przyznam,że ona gada lepiej po angielsku od nie jednego polityka w naszym zajebistym państwie,
Martincho Chevy
Really? She's a beautiful girl, I want know this girl
Master Chief
Was that Megan Fox?
Mel Gibbon
And that's how AIDS spreads
Mich Elle
a prostitute's fee is just a loaf of bread but a man is stalked for the rest of his life sexual deviants.
Mohi Pa
Poor girl! 😓
My channel
Lmao that song at the end \n\n\
Ja bym na ten rowerek poleciał. 
Nasty Angel
Prostitute \u003e GF
Navin Kumar
She is an idiot - why endangering her life just for one cause ( allowing without condom) - through this her life as well as lifeof someone other who are depended on her - are compromised - \
It prove prostitute are dirtier than Sadam!
For all the US viewers 500 pln is $124.27
She will risk aids for money...
Rauf Malik
Sadam is amazing talent
No condom,No cry😂 Lmao
Sam Pickles
Damn the prostitutes in Poland are top notch. You'd never see a girl of that quality waiting on the side of a highway in North America. Shure maybe an escort service, but the street hookers over here are in rough shape.
Scorpio Snake
plot twist : she isn't a hooker , but just some random chick waiting to get a lift . lol
Scorpion King
I feel sorry for the girl. world is not a fair place!
no condom no cry lol sadam
Seversky VC
Side Up
Co to za trasa? Zajebista laska ... takich sie nie spotyka raczej przy drodze z taka figura i dupa
the outro is lit
Sramnagogla sram
i dostanie wpierdol od alfonsa za to że nie zarobiła 500 zł jak miała okazję
Stardust Being
i would bring her to my home and give her a hug and say: be my girlfriend and u can stay here forever and you dont need to sell anymore ur body
Serce się kroi jak takie ładne dziewczyny się marnują i sprzedają swoje ciało :(
TaHer THr
plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz #sadam bro do this prank again it's was xoss
Tony Baily
kml this was to funny, when he crashed on his bike i almost died Rotflololol
Tony Jarrett
Too bad hot chicks like this have to stoop so low...
Uniquely Different
Wait did she changed her mind ?\n\n\n\n\nStay in school kids...
Yeah. I'll stick it in her.
Wojtek Farmer
daję 10.000 zł na to że jest to ustawka...
Yekc lateupu Thomas
what a profesional
Young Money God
The song
Total real hooker just stand on the side of the road in daylight with no one around in sight
Zugz wanG
Fake na maksa. Chyba że każdy żul w Polsce szprecha po angielsku z dziwkami ...
black lotus
god bless this women and others in her predicament. god is loving, if u give urself a chance at life he will always help, fact. to be this desperate, she must be in a bad place. instead of chastising her, why don't we as human beings help women like her, so they can get off of the streets, yet all u do is ridicule women like this. we don't know her story, she could be a daughter paying for her dying mothers treatments, or a struggling mother, trying to feed her kid.
That bicycle crash though hahahahahha and getting rejected by a guy with shit on his face must felt like hell.
chen zhang
heres my question.. how often u will see a hot girl standing aside of highway like this in middle of nowhere!!
How much? Is the most romantic word you can say to a hooker
sooooo how much are tickets to Poland?
I felt sad at the end. I hope she's ok.
izak LIVE
Ja myślę, że poleciała na klapki ze skarpetkami
Więc jednak dziwki nie mają zasad
jeremy sloop
The sad ironic reality is that she's most likely more dirty than he is.
po rowerze żem kurwa poznał że to nasze
Prostitutes are wonderful things! They bring joy to even the saddest of persons.
mohammed beyan
No condom No cry 😂
molavi12 amirehsan
se was in mood for sex truly he got horney so didn't care even bout the price
Poor girl, she needs the money.
nathan campbell
sure as hell do not see prostitutes in this area that look like that, the ones around here would have to pay me more than 10X what they charge for me to even think about it,,,, there is some sad nasty men in this area to pay the things you see on these street corners
Usun ten kanal
No no no yes yes yes typical woman
suriya s
500 pln how much to indian mny
Not fake at all.
Hahaha szkoda Ci było tych 5-stówek co? :-) Gorzej jak by od razu wzięła, to byś nie miał odwrotu
No woman as attractive as her would be standing on the street during the daytime for business. She was an actress for the prank.
she's hot
I feel sorry for this girl, sad.
Well i gotta admit that girl was really beautiful!!! at least, her bod is hot as hell. I want to live in that country just to marry one of these beauties.