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Taylor Lautner stars as a young man unwittingly thrust into a deadly world of covert espionage in Lionsgate's action-thriller, ABDUCTION, directed by John Singleton.

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Aleksa Propovic
Doctor Octavios from spiderman 2 ahahahaha
Alex Brown
whenever taylor gets angry i always think hes going to turn into a wolf frkm twilight saga!;) love taylor!!!!
Alice Mander
I seriously dont get why this is called abduction? Noone gets abducted... it should be called \
Amaani Batra
12 year olds can easily watch it if they're mature enough
Anna Ezaha
I love this movie but Lily Collins doesn't have any function in this movie =.=\
Ashley Helmer
Go Taylor Lautner you are the best but work on your fighting skills there little weak sorry i just like your moves in grown ups 2. GO JACOB BLACK love you i am your biggest fan.
Ashley Velasquez
I love taylor lautner!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D 333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
Asya Pricilla
This movie is awesome!
Bernadette Hayden
There is a reason why the directors name has the word Single in it (John Singleton)... hopefully this was his Single first and last film ever directed... \n4% on rotten tomatoes yikes \nSorry Taylor, your cute face and abs can't save every movie...😜😜😜
Best Song Ever
it would be awesome if Taylor Lautner cast in The Bourne Legacy
BewideredWombat san
Taylor Lautner looks like a lama
Bhavick jatwani
This is one of the best movies i ve ever seen
Boris Kovac
why this movie have so many dislikes ?
no, just....no
Sorry I fell asleep, can anyone tell me how it ended...
thumbs up if you think taylor lautner is a great actor!!
I liked this movie
Chrisanthy Tzika
I saw the movie yesterday..it was very good.
Seriously! lol, and it wasn't even that great of a movie
Ciera Allstar
Taylor originally said \
Comicbook King
Poor man's verson of jason Bourne
Saturday Star!
Derrick Samolu
nooo because i've wastched the movie and if nathan was found, he would die instantly,but if he found the russian dude it would be otherwise
Eda Melike Tınaz
Only watched for taylor 😍
Effie ei
Ella Fakeperson
Emily Appelman
This movie was awesome, there's nothing to dislike about it.
mrmetalman7 go abd die! dick head
Finished the movie this second (I just got to it bc of Taylor😍)...one of the best I've ever watched (I cried at the end for the first time at watching movies🙈) \nIt's a bit complicated to watch but really good.
I mean, when he was trying to \
Ida Nielsen
Lily Collins is soooo pretty!!!
JMP vídeos maciel
tem o filme completo de abduclion👍 por favor eu quero muito assistir .
Jada Patterson
Joshua Blanken
it's funny how black ops are involved in this movie, Agent Price is in it and Martin talks about agent Hudson, Price and Hudson are 2 characters in CoD Black Ops
Kathe !!
Kaye Martir
Awesome movie! Taylor was awesome back there! Especially Lily Collins!... I suggest Lily Collins to be teen Renesmee on the next Twilight... Taylor and Lily could make a great couple -3
I watched a movie trailer before this movie trailer.
i could not take this trailer seriously, i was honestly expecting a puppy transformation when he was on the floor crawling haha
Langnek Tweeduizend
God i hate this movie
I like Taylors athleticism but I gotta say.....he must have dorgotten to act....really bad acting sorry dude it's the truth he was way better in Twilight
Maria a
This looks shit\n
Marissa Kirjonen
IKR xDD But anyway how old do u gotta be to watch this movie cus my little sister whos 12 wants to see it and im like .-. IDK how old u gotta be xD
Muhammad Taufiq
Nico Yazawa
Can't believe the director went from Boyz in the Hood to this...
Oliver Rs
Paris X
Such a good movie!
PrettyLittle Liars
Is this a good movie?
Queen B
is it worth watching? :D
Revulsion OK
watching this trailer you can see how a good actor acts and how a sht actor acts (taylor lautner)
Jackoup!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Did people really take this joke of a movie seriously??
Typical Hollywood Formula bullshit and preposterous plot w/ Rouge CIA Agent is to blame and the agency is innocent as usual . Did you also notice all the scenes w/ Metal detectors , at the FN Train Station , ballpark , and the one w/ Eye Scan and finger print required , it's done intentionally , but you need back ground . In short Hollywood colludes w/ Gov and corporations to CONDITION sheep to except a Total Surveillance Society .
Sabah Khan
Kool movie
Saints TV
This movie was lit, keep it up Mr. Lautner :)
Sam Jeremy
wow, seems like a great movie, seagourney weaver as a guest star, \nhope to see taylor in more movies\ngreat actor
Scott C
the guy is too femine
Silje Funderud
0.19 :P
this film is good but taylor lautner ruins it ==
Turtle Barf
Stop fucking hating people it's just a movie and they tried their best to make it look good and in my opinion it was! This movie was ment for teens not you hating ass grown ups!!
Lol this movie was awesome hahahahaha your a fucking joke son and your what wrong with people paying to see shit
V. Rostar
First movie I ever watched with Lily Collins. . .can't even remember half of it lol
wow, this guy is a terrible actor... the saddest about this movie was Ripley... why? Why did she act in this movie??! so sad...
Ven Cz
Just no
Wilma Sjöholm
Wlee Lee
Taylor was in lava girl and shark boy movie he good at dancing
Yeah Me
omg -.-
i don't know why so many people said it's a really bad movie. i don't like taylor lautner, and maybe he did have some minor weird acting moments, but i didn't think it was that bad. plus i liked the scenes and lily collins was really good in it
Just horrible.
only watched this for lily lol
bill cowbyjohnson
Agent price is in modern warfare not black ops
Typical movie. Main character initially has a good life, goes through a crisis, fights the bad guy, defeats the bad guy, gets the girl, happy ending. Then again, what movie doesn't follow this formula?
Lol y ppl hating? Yes I have seen better movies but it wasn't that bad :P reminds me almost of Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker I would recommend it if u like teenage action movies XD
diego osorio
Alguien me dice donde la puedo ver?
eric fukuda
This movie looks so cheesy and gay its funny how talor is trying to get different rolls but just fails
they never even finished the sociology term paper
gain al
I've watched it on television and I can't believe Sigourney Weaver was actually in this piece of shit god awful movie
greta galdikaitė
gal zinot per kur ir kaip paziureti si filma
i luv twilight way mroe then abduction i watched it on netflix f'ing awesome but i think twilight way betta im waiting for the bd p2 to come out march 2nd lol i already pre ordered it :D
THIS MOVIE IS SO FUCKING BAD, you should watch it
jedd onato
Clary Fray met Jacob Black
Karen is SO annyoing
natalia rodriguez
all the haters can go fuckthemselves pls leave and search something else.
this movie was hilarious!
lol this potentially could've been a prequel to the bourne films but the plot needs work. i only say that because the dude sorta looks like a younger damon
''I'am number four''
Holy Motherfucker...and I thought I have seen shit films...
12 year olds are like this is the best movie ever!
it's so bad so hilarious..
xxx.Naï.xxx. P
Any other movie suggestions?