A Sisters Secret (2009 Lifetime Movie)

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Aired on LMN and Lifetime. Starring Cynthia Preston and Alexandra Paul.

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Aaron Saltzer
Wow. I'll admit, for a woman with an obvious mental illness, she is smart.
Alberto Altamirano Cortez
El secreto de una hermana (2009)\nA Sister's Secret (original title)\n1h 26min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller | TV Movie 7 March 2009\n El secreto de una hermana Poster\nAfter losing her twin brother to suicide, a woman blames her brothers ex-girlfriend and plans to take her revenge.\nDirector: Anthony Lefresne\nWriters: Sean Parker, Bruce Jensen | 1 more credit »\nStars: Alexandra Paul, Cynthia Preston, Paul Whitney | See full cast & crew »
Angelia Banks
Did she just leave her dead mother on the kitchen floor....or am I seeing things
Anne Lindgren
Alexander Paul is a drama queen in every movie she plays in. Everyone should watch the boy she meet online, I love to just reach out and touch her.
Anthony Floyd
Watching this with my wife
Christy Pargas
A Sister's Secret
Dara Colakoglu
The secretary's wavy lips are verrrry repulsive.
Deb S
Not a bad movie...but could have been more authentic. The Secretary isn't a very good actress, and there is no such town or city in PA. Also, the note Goldie showed Jim about Ron's bad spelling was different the second time shown when Jim was looking at it , again when, he was in his home. Does rich ppl call their relatives strictly by their first names? I.e. Tony instead of (uncle Tony ) . Just appears to be second rate Directing and or Producing. Some Lifetime movies are great, while others definitely need work!
Emuell Lemu
:D oha herkesten beklerdim ama hadiseden beklemezdim ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın http://odosipuzebabupa.tk/?youtubeI_Ff5BV
This one was awful
The volume is low. Turned up my volume and barely can hear it.
Janne Petersen
Some people are so stupid they think that revenge will make everything right, they just forget that revenge very seldom are related to the truth, just the hate....so they just commit a crime and call it right......she is nothing but an ugly bimbo....women like her belong in the chair....
The blonde secretary is in a lot of lifetime movies. I don't know why they keep hiring her as she is the worst actress I've ever seen! So bland & rehearsed 😬
June Rosa
This was the biggest Tranny Train ever!
Kelly 4910742
An executive (Alexandra Paul) returns to her hometown to save a mill from closing and learns that an employee (Cynthia Preston) is plotting revenge on the exec for the suicide of the brother of the worker.
Ken RedHawk
I'm out of here. The acting is terrible. Like watching a high school play...a poor one.
Alexandra Pau,beautiful woman and very good actress!
A wonderful blonde villainess.I love this.Great Actress :-) Bad Babes are the best.Great Movie.Great beautiful Cynthia Preston :-)
Latoria Tyree
A SISTER'S SECRET is the name of this movie....
Ling Ling M
Lifetime please you need to stop casting that blond Secretary, her acting is horrible...a five-year old could act better than this chick!!
Lost Child
How is getting vengeance on someone for someone, committing suicide makes logical sense,some ppl can be so foolish in their ways.
Natalie Noel
ODB Gonz
This movie is a snooze-fest
Sister is from the movie PIN💜💜
Robert Horton
The blonde secretary is an amazing actress and extremely hot.
San Cristine
Audio not very good, too low.
Sara Sohaib
1:23:25 Sara
Sary Ansermino
Great movie thanks
The Flowers
the secretary is unbearable
Good ending.
It was her, Jim!
Toni_ LRS 102
Pretty good movie thank you 😘😘
Wilson Medina
Jane Revenge From Her Brother Sean Died
Predictable but decent.
alvin jones
emmie brown
49:07 why is her watch turned inside her wrist tho
harris nina
who's bad 'actress' w/ 'rippling' upper lip?! she sounds like a man, and bad acting! i've been seeing all over the place these days! WHY?
I love Lifetime movies.
can somebody help me out. i'm looking for another lifetime movie that came out around 2007 or up until 2014. it was anther fatal attraction affair kind of movie where a married business man was having an affair with his secretary or mistress and when he tried to break it off she cried and threatened to tell his wife, he strangled with his hand up against a wall. she had long dark hair was young and just might've been the wifes sister, but i'm not sure. the actress looks a lot like actress Renee Sofer or Sarah Lancaster. i think the older dude husband had blond hair, but i'm not sure. can you Guys help me out, here?
sissy frantzeskaki
Nice movie. I liked it a lot
In lifetime movies there is ALWAYS a gun scene. This is so unrealistic in any country outside the US. It spoils what might otherwise be a reasonable movie, time after time.
Wow good
I know not to expect some great literary movie from Lifetime movies (actually, that's why I like about them - they're easy to follow), but this is baaaaaad. Just bad. That stupid blond who plays the secretery looks like a mentally retarded \