Abduction Kiss Scene Taylor Lautner Lily Collins)

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Abduction Kiss Scene Taylor Lautner & Lily Collins)

Airee P
I'm sooooo ready to Taylor in more action films!
Amanda Eklund
-We should get some food \n-Yeah, I'm starving\n\nIt dosen't sound like you're starving for food:P 😂😂😂
August McLaren
People say I look like him! My Facebook is my name.
BlueMagicPlummer AJ
Me: (photoshops that woman that he kisses to Kristen Stewart)
Caterina Razor
I'm jealous😞😭
Channel Kids
Phim gì thế
Elizabeth Juarez
I like the way he respect her , when she didn't want to do it !
Frosty Snowflake
I wish i had a bf to pick me up while making out with me, im so jealous 😂😭😭
Hannah Xin
Must be embarassing
Heidy Ellenore
Is it just me or does everybody realize that Taylor always grabs girls by their waist? Lily, Kristen, TSwift, it's always the same.. boy, he did know what to do 👌👌👌
Hi I am socialAkward
I feel lonely now
Louise Taylor
Taylor is really gorgeous in this scene!!!
Lucy Gowan
i love you tayler
1:30 she kissed his nose haha
Mery Medeus
Dique \
My Body Is Ready
Yummy 😂
Samiyah Collins
Wwwwoooooowwwww he is fineeeeee :*
Saptieu Jobe
Taylor is so hot
Tormentuous s
Just knock once. I mean who the hell else does that?
alexia traduzioni
this makes me jealous asf doeee lol
Um I need this in my life.
I learned to carry girls when making out because of taylor lautner
whydontwe _lover
bella who