Nelly Furtado - Say It Right

Music video by Nelly Furtado performing Say It Right. (C) 2006 Geffen Records

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2018 needs music like this... like if you’re agree
Alex 'The Coworking Guy' Ahom
Still a great song in 2018... you agree?
Alif D
Courtney Cox dropped some good beats.
Allia Grinne
Novembre 2018 💗
Almaz Osmonaliev
Alê um dia eu chego lá!
Novembro 2018??
Amel Lora
I like❤👍
Amul Pednnekar
Nov 2018.. still going in the playlist. Remember the time this was the song in my car all day long just for that hard base
Barbara G.
...*NELLY FURTADO*...*\u003e\u003e\u003e Say It Right \u003c\u003c\u003c*...\n...ღ ♥ღ ♥ღ ♥ღ ♥ღ ♥ღ ♥ღ ♥ღ ♥ღ ♥ღ ♥ღ ♥ღ ♥ღ ♥ღ ♥ღ...\nZa dnia w nocy , \nPowiedz to właściwie ...\nPowiedz to wszystko , \nMasz to coś, albo nie...\nMasz trwać lub upaść , \nKiedy Twoja wola jest złamana...\nKiedy wyślizguje Ci się z rąk , \nKiedy już nie ma czasu na żarty,\nJest dziura w planie...\n\nOch nie znaczysz dla mnie nic, a nic , \nNie, Ty nie znaczysz dla mnie nic, a nic , \nAle masz to co pozwala mi czuć się wolną , \nOch, mogłeś być dla mnie wszystkim...\n\nNie mogę powiedzieć, \nŻe nie jestem zagubiona i odnaleziona...\nNie mogę powiedzieć,\nże nie kocham światła i ciemności...\nNie mogę powiedzieć,\nże nie wiem że żyje ...\nI wszystko to co czuję mogę pokazać Ci , \ntej nocy, tej nocy....\n\nOch nie znaczysz dla mnie nic, a nic, \nNie, Ty nie znaczysz dla mnie nic, a nic...\nAle masz to co pozwala mi czuć się wolną ,\nOch, mogłeś być dla mnie wszystkim...\n\nZ mych rąk mogę podarować Ci , \ncoś co sama stworzyłam...\nMoimi ustami mogę Ci zaśpiewać, \nkolejny kawałek który stworzyłam ...\nMoim ciałem mogę Ci pokazać miejsce ,\no którym Bóg wie....\nPowinieneś wiedzieć,\nże ta przestrzeń to świętość...\nCzy na pewno chcesz odejść...???
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Barrel Link
I listened to this when i was Around 4 in 2010
Corey Everest
I'm 24 and this will always be my favorite song.
Cássio Calamidade
Bons tempos...
Daniela Morais
In the day, in the night\nSay it right, say it all\nYou either got it or you don't\nYou either stand or you fall\nWhen your will is broken\nWhen it slips from your hand\nWhen there's no time for joking\nThere's a hole in the plan\n\nOh, you don't mean nothing at all to me\nNo, you don't mean nothing at all to me\nBut you've got what it takes to set me free\nOh, you could mean everything to me\n\nI can't say that I'm not lost and at fault\nI can't say that I don't love the light and the dark\nI can't say that I don't know that I am alive\nAnd all of what I feel I could show\nYou tonight, you tonight\n\nOh, you don't mean nothing at all to me\nNo, you don't mean nothing at all to me\nBut you've got what it takes to set me free\nOh, you could mean everything to me\n\nFrom my hands I could give you\nSomething that I made\nFrom my mouth\nI could sing you another brick that I laid\nFrom my body I could show you a place\nGod knows\nYou should know the space is holy\nDo you really want to go?
Daniela Silva Silva
Elson Gonçalves
Música Maravilha e maravilhoso🎸🎸🎤🔊🔉
Emily Rose
I was in high school when this came out, holy shit time flies
Gabriel Fleet-Jones
Completely forgot how much of a cheeky banger this is jheeze.
Anyone else had a crush on her when they were little hahaha
2018 \u003c3
Hedinan Oliveira
2018 ?
Higo Spanic
Que,música massa.
I dont Know
Annnd You don't mean nothing at all to Me, I HATE YOU MICHELLE, You broke my Heart, I loved you
Its so rainy in Thessaloniki
Through this song im traveling into my childhood when I was the happiest person ever and back then when this song was so popular In the junior clubs.
J Gapon
Nelly was first one to create first ASMR video whispering to ears xD
James Cheeks
This still blows me away over 10 years later, still innovative, still ahead of its time. Arguably one of the best tracks out this century. Flawless.
Jesiel Stefens
Novembro 2018 assistindo
Jim Minniehan
Nelly is a REAL woman.......Timbaland is a god.
Joshua Thiel
Timbaland produced some incredible music around this time
Juana Negri
Still here... Lov u
I feel this song is timeless. It would have done great even if it came out now
Kennedy Souza
Music fantástic\nCancion maravillosa \nLinda música
Kiran Hayat
Krystal Dynasty
This song without the \
Kuji Chagulia
*This song reminds me of my early 20's/college days working at Circuit City. It was always on in the store during the closing shift. Now, sitting in my office as a 34 year old, it's interesting how I didn't really think much about this song then but enjoy the nostalgia it brings now.*
Lete K
November 2018?
Lewis Shiva
For everyone here missing Nelly Furtado, you should know she released new music last year. She went on a more personal and alternative route. But it is still wonderfully done and a breeze of fresh air comparing to nowadays music. Show some love to her latest music since it was completely ignored by the media. Her single was pipe dreams. beautiful
Luísa Souza
Jesus Christ, it’s been almost 12 years 😯
I dont believe Timberland even knew how good he was.
anyone listening in 2018 hands up...
Nerses Arslanian
It's almost as if this song was written to sound better with time.
Man I completely forgot this song existed. As a metalhead, sometimes this softer stuff can really be a mellow calling.
Noah Herman
P. L.
Timbo beats remind me of strip clubs
Pierre Laillet
Yop hoooo ....
Plamen Petkov
Portal Atualizei
Nelly Furtado - Say It Right (feat. Hey)
Príncipe Heitor
2018 alguém?
Still love this song in 2018 💟
Ravshanbek Ergashbaev
2018 November anyone?
Ricardo Martins
The nostalgic feelings are so strong listening to this song... Miss so much my childhood/teenage, makes me feel sad to think this time will never come back :(
Sabrena Thompson
Still as good as the day it was released. October 2018
Sam Almeida
December 2018?
Sam Gabdullin
Почти 8 лет. Столько воспоминаний. Одна из величайших песен современности. Почти классика. Спасибо этим двум)
Those days when 90% of music was addictive and lyrics had meaning! Missing these type of music today!
Shanna Bautista
Luv this
Silvia carneiro sousa
É música boa💃👯🏄🏂🏄🏂💃🛀🛀
Stan !
And I still don't know what they are saying
Stranger Things fan
good camera
Tavon Pugh
November 2018?
Teodor Penev
I still remember this song before 7-8 years on my mother's cellphone nokia\nThis song will live forever❤
Time of revenge
I love this song. Me encanta😍
TopNow Ke.
November 2018?
TranceDJ 9
made in portugal nelly furtado !!
Ulan GGG
СУППЕР ностальгия)))...06.11.2018✊✊👍
Venom Zz
i dont know why but i have this 2007 vibe when i look at the music video to this song and i think of when gucci,armani and fendi where like the main 2007 high end brands,damn im old
Wellington Da Silva Alves
so escurto hip hop e roki nao gosto de forro
Wilson silva
Novembro 2018
Wladik Wladik
Yilda Diaz
November 2018 nice to hear 👫💑
Ziller Kay
October 2018 and its still a bop😔
Zodiac Limon
Beautiful memories of nostalgia time😉and now Novembre 2018..Li👍
Zoeie Lovesshipping
Even without listening to the lyrics at first, I still felt a sense of melancholy for some reason
`Aze ForGamer.!
Nelly Furtado - Say it right(feat. Hey)
a b
nelly furtado....miss u
Timbaland revived her career!
alejandra lara
Timbaland lyrics:\nEh x133
ali tumblr
this song is so nostalgic
UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is music
da french yggdrasil
either stand or you fall\n\n\n\nnever could say it right can you??
domz nic
nelly furtado, gwen stefani and fergie were the queens in this era...\u003c3 \u003c3
sweet 2007
g g
I miss these old times so much..😭
Who's still gonna be listening to this in 2018? 🔥🔥😎
marilia mendes
São musica que faz lembra momento bons
nick hoekmeijer
Still strong in 2018!
nicu sor
r qocayev
Only Nelly Furtado
roger willams
the crazyest coolest most rythimatic track i ever heard wow hey ha ha ha swang!
Anyone else going through all these old songs? Crazy that it's been 10 years!
wild rose
November 2018❤
Александр Сандулин
November 2018?😉
Зульфия Юсибова
2018 December?
Крис Магерович
You are the Queen of Beauty!