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Thanks for your great support &Hit the Subscribe so you will know when the next Laurel & Hardy youtube is up :)Busy Bodies is a 1933 short comedy film starring Laurel and Hardy.Stan and Ollie are in high spirits as they drive in an old Model T to their new jobs at the sawmill. Laurel turns on the car radio (at the time a luxury item in newer cars, not expected in an old jalopy); the "radio" is revealed to be a wind-up phonograph stashed under the car hood. Arriving at the sawmill, a slapstick sequence has them repeatedly walking into planks of wood. Starting work, Stan soon traps Ollie's hands in a window frame. After freeing him they trick a shop worker (Charlie Hall) into smoking despite a "No Smoking" sign. Stan then tears a strip off Ollie's pants with a plane and in the resulting 'tit for tat' dips a paintbrush in glue and sticks it onto Ollie's chin. Finding it is not possible to pull it off he prepares like a barber and shaves it with a plane. Ollie then gets propelled through a ventilator duct and out of an attic vent port.Stan climbs a ladder to help him out, but the ladder topples over with them both on it. Down below, two men see the ladder falling towards them. One falls into some whitewash while the other hides in a shed, which proves to be a bad idea when the duo crash onto the shed, demolishing it. As Laurel helps Hardy out of the wreckage, there is a knocking from beneath the door. The man they help out proves to be their foreman, who was the one who sought cover in the shed. They beat a hasty retreat. The foreman would have run after them, but he was crowned by a small barrel that got kicked down the ventilator shaft and out the vent port. Attempting to flee, their car gets sawed in two lengthwise by a large band saw whilst they remain seated in it. The two fall out of the collapsing wreckage. Laurel finds the phonograph still intact and plays a record. Hardy is singularly unimpressed by music now, and chases Laurel.CastStan Laurel - StanOliver Hardy - OllieDick Gilbert - ShovelerCharlie Hall - Shop WorkerTiny Sandford - Shop ForemanCharley Young - Shop Worker

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Abel Padilla
Busy Body’s and Music box are my favorite.
Adam Smith
Is it just me or do you see penn and teller too? Lol
Alex K
Not that window this window I can't get my Hands out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alexis Meredith
149 dislikes????? 😧 Are these people mad or what to dislike Laura and Hardy they must be out of their tiny mind Jesus. Must be the young generation Who hit the dislike button 🤔 very very strange 🤔
Angel 90
who watch this on 2018?
Just perfect. And that's exactly what they were...
I'm making sure my kids grow up watching the greatest comedy team just as I did.
Bob Silver
I used to walk to school for 8 miles!
Christine Von Lossberg
Will always be my faves! hahahahaha
Colin Belcher
Doesn't get any better. Genius. Often imitated never bettered
Crystal fall
So funny 😂
Cyrus Loves India
A gramophone in a car that too a 78 Rpm.....😱😱
from iran.love you verymuch both,very sweet comedians.
very good still comic genius
These stunts are brutal
Danny Hughes
That fight scene involving the three of them and then ending with Stan giving him a cigar and then calling the foreman over had me stitches. effing hilarious. Love them
Dave Peterson
Sometimes just watching this makes me forget about life for awhile and makes me laugh. When tragedy hits I always go to L and H to make me feel better. Thank you for the uploads.
Debbie chef
1st of January 2019!
Dwarkanath Cv
Best classics
Dylan bailey
‘Come in’ 😂😂
Edward Vickers
I remember this one from when i was a kid. The funniest comedy double act EVER!
FLTheAnimeGuy Mk. Trillion
In Romania they are called Stan & Bran.
Im dying of laughing!
Fitz Yehboah
Timeless classic. . Help to chase away the blues..
Gary MacMillan
The scene at 11.26 is almost like a surrealist painting.
Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me
Holland Meester
Just great in 2018......
Howard McKay
Good stuff. How many know that Stan was born English? Same as Bob Hope and a few more.
Huda Khalil
Any one watching in 2017
They were the greatest Comedic duo in Hollywood history. Which is why it's so strange to me that it took Hollywood so long to make a movie ABOUT them. So sad T_T
Straw Hat Pizza in California would play laurel and hardy movies while you ate. Now I'm craving pizza.. Still funny.
Jackie Bayliss
Anyone watching in 2018 ❤
Jeremy Miller
10:58 makes me laugh every time
John Coffee
These guys were hardcore.The original stuntmen
Joseph Pedulla
No one has ever made me laugh as hard as these two comic geniuses.
Kabuterrimon next generation
0:39 very different music to the techno stuff we have today
Katz White
I'm watching. they were great!
Kevin Butler
The tune being played on that portable Zone Phone record player under the hood of the boy's car..is\
Lee Neale
1933......Simply the Greatest!!!!😂😂😂😂
Liam Roche
2019 and still watching
Lily Stoltzfus
laughing so hard
Mark Lanton
great short. looks like they spent a good bit of money making this. very funny!
Mary Skelton
Best comedy act ever!! 😂😂 god bless them both ❤
Matthew Black
Michael Clonts
I ask Millenials who Laurel & Hardy were, and most of them don't have a clue. This is so hard to believe, considering they were an integral part of the American comedy fabric when I was growing up in the 60s, long after they ended their film careers. Sad that classic comedy like this is slowly fading from popular culture.
Mickey Bitsko
Neil Burke
Truly the greatest comedy duo. Look at the skill and craft of masters at work. Genius.
Neil Burns
A cure for the blues
Neil Singhal
Stan got his funny walk to perfection.
Nintendo Guy00
I remember in Iran back in the 90s they used to air this every weekend on fridays. So many memories
Laughed so much at this movie I almost cried!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭👍
Paul Molloy
Yay! Brilliant! Stan and Ollie movie (2019) brought me here.
Paul Ockenden
These two gave comedy so much of its heart and soul and their place at the top of the pile is beyond doubt. The genius of Stan and the sheer talent of Ollie is timeless in its appeal.
Phil Warrington
Anyone watching in 2019? ❤️
Rim Recon
Yes. just watched 3 times
Robert Dunn
This, along with Big Business, is an absolute masterclass in how to escalate something from a simple start to total destruction. A complete joy.
Robin Cavicante
Sara Patel
Scotch MAN
These two are best watched when you have the flu (or any silly time wasting illness).
Sean Whittaker
They are perfect to wake up to on a Sunday morning.
Just the best...never another duo like this. Timeless and hopefully never will be forgotten.
Good OL. Days
Staci Staci
Love Charlie Hall.
Yanni and Hardy
Tiffany Alexandria
Tilda Adade
Did Stan and Ollie just invent the car CD player?
Timothy James
As someone who writes comedy..well keep in mind that the average idiot now has a very short attention span. Excellent use of props and line delivery. Remember they had to transition from the silent era into the age of sound. Many could not.
Tristan Israel
They are still the best
Without question they're the best comic duo ever bar none. Ensure that your kids and grandkids watch these Kings of Comedy so that Stan and Ollie are never, ever forgotten. Let's keep their genius alive forever because they certainly deserve nothing less. Wonderful stuff!
Vaibhav Kurandare
Anyone watching in 2019??
Verona Strauss
Actually just choked on my tea!
Still very funny 😂❤️
Comedy writers were creative in those days.
Yogesh Tupe
i am an indian and i live in the state of maharashtra, we had only one channel back in my childhood and every sunday evening we used get this show. nostalgia
Yurek Nosky
Anyone watching in 2020
alex tworkowski
These guys are always looking at the camera. So funny.
this was part of my childhood ,,my father was an avid fan ,,these short films were always on,,never dates never boring and always funny😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁v
2018 Yes
derisa notire
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hosein Keramatnia
More than 80 years have passed and we keep watching and enjoy. Geniuses of comedy.
Just love how petulant, spiteful and physically violent Ollie is.
j walkin
Laurel & Hardy never did anything productive, all destructive, and that's why we all love them, because they meant to be productive. They just couldn't. Isn't that life?
jericho tm
The oldest CD Player ever... that was funny! :))
jesse florian
my grandma suffered a fatal stroke at a young age. paralyzed on her right side and left side of her face she asked me to watch our show which is this. putting this on made her and i so happy, hope you get well soon.
john carter
cannot believe what they call comedy now. these blokes were genius.
The word \
Hands down, the funniest comedy duo EVER. And unlike so many others, they truly liked/loved each other and were each other's best friends. Stan lived a little more than seven years after Ollie's death, but he never regained his joie de vivre. But what a trove of comedy classics they left us! God bless Laurel and Hardy, may they live forever!
marc dewey
Oliver is glad to have a good job to go to,shame alot of people these days dont share that attitude.
marcia Cortez
1930's driving dirty
mark cassidy
Ah showcasing the industrial revolution.The effects on these shorts are truly incredible for the age.
matt mallecoccio
where is comedy like this in 2018?
mr Desai
Anyone in 2018??
It NEVER gets old.
Stan Laurel, interviewed by John McCabe in 1960, said: \
rainpop 303
A masterpiece to be preserved for all generations timing script stunts how could it be done better...it cant that simple.
After watching them on the new Scooby-Doo movies. I just had to come see who they are finally
this is still funny
stuart sharman
I could not think of a better way to pass a day if one of the main TV Channel's did the decent thing and broadcast a Laurel and Hardyathon for the whole country to see and enjoy! How about Christmas Day? It would cancel off all the other dog meat crap they serve up every year...i.e. Only Fools and Horses marathons, Strictly Come Dancing Specials and that fat old tub of useless lard's 3pm Broadcast telling us where she's travelled the world this year! Oh, well, you can only hope.
wolf rider4321
Anyone watching in 2018