Xhaka: Mesut said that I could take the free kick

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Granit Xhaka and Mesut Ozil speak after both scoring in our win over Newcastle

10 kome
l like Mesut's voice. his voice is very good♡
mesut judas özil
A Llama
Arsenal are so underestimated this season I think we can definitely reach top 4 as long as we keep up our away form and improve the defence a bit COYG
Abdul Hakim
Mesut voices just like Ibrahimovic 😳
Adem jr
That’s the difference between Nice guy and Bad boy 😂
Adil G
Ozil speaks English like Wenger
Aisha Laroor
Ozil is the best footballer in germany and arsenal
Akib Rahman
Ozil sounds different
Albus Dumbledore
özil can speak ? What a suprise.
Aldy Firman Wijayakusuma
Really 200 ? 😂😂
Alp Erol
Xhaka speaks better English than Kane.
ArFat TheCopYTuber
Mesut Ozil \u003c3
Arjit Jere
Ozil voice is deeper than I thought...better English than kane though😂
Arthur Mayer
Mesut sucks Erdogans dick 💦
Ay Slim
Mesut's English has improved alot
Azoz Saleh
Arsenal are now title contenders
Cell of Green
Best Player ever
Chewy Chomp
Ozil’s English has improved immensely. Really hope he can find his top form this season
David Licea
One of the best midfielders in Europe...and Mesut Ozil
özil gets thinner and thinner :/ boy looks sick
Mesut keeps on saying 'character' in every interview he does, but he cant say it lol, charcter
Don Ete
Mesut Özil i just love you..u r d best playmaker...Ya gunners Ya# arsenal forever
Dora Këmba
*♡ XHAKA ♡*
Mesut know he is sucks so he let me take free kick
Feisal Omar
Who was man of the match?
M1Ö 👏👑
Ozil two goals in two games :-)
Hans Peter
Hahahahhahash was für englisch die sprechen 😂
Harry D
ozil could speak english passably when he arrived, 3 years later of course hes gotten better duh
Harry Hicks
Mesut ❤️
Henrik Gorgo
Where are the Germens her?
Hesham Abdo
Xkaka took a swipe at wenger
Infinite Soccer
We beat Everton tomorrow, we're 4th!
James Hanna
Ozil seems so happy to be with emerys golden boy
Johannes Van der Kajken
Mesut is so ugly 😢
Jordyn Nexus
Mesut on the thumbnail is the reason 442oons made him look like an alien 😂
Kaizen Mckenzie
Juventus want Ozil cause CR7 said get him.
Khan G
*Er spricht besser Englisch als Deutsch zuhahahaha*
Kosova Albania
xhaka is born too lead
MW Productions
Özil looks about 80 on the thumbnail
Maca Roni
Good to see Mesut on camera!
Marcos A.
i feel like they never understand the question
Megan Lambert
English media - He said \
Yehhhh XhAkA 👐👐👐👐👐😀
Ms Sunshine
How can someone hates Ozil? I suppose Liverpool and have so much respect for him and Xhaka too
Muhammed Samba
Forza ozil
Mulm Hoden Sirup
Muruk Braunauge
özil increased his english skills, nice
Nelson Wleh
Well done boys,keep working hard
Nicholas Jurai
Ozil's English is getting better
Oleg Sborshchikov
we showed Karaktar
Pierre Aouini
Haha immer diese deutschsprachigen gunners
RKS srk
Didnt know Henry cavill started playing football for arsenal ...hehe it wen flying in the net.....
Richard Louise
Even I heard ozil for first time
Fantastic atmosphere between all the players. Emery’s got them hungry to achieve something.
Sabudin Miya
Ozil needs to improve his English Accent and he can move to England for good retiring at Arsenal :D
Senad Bajrami
xhaka rules
Seydi Ibrahim
Bonne continuation
TOXIC Claudette
Hes happy to take the tri goats
The Ozil Show Mesut
There are some german here giving Mesut abuse for his english...but trust me we have orging germans here in germany who can not even speak german...haters gonna hate
Tomas arsenal
Mesut and xhaka best player
Uzumaki Chasanah
Sini aku lap keringatnya,,mas ojil
Wynne Dew
his english is much more better than his german.
Yeah Marra
Ozil sounds like Zlatan in this
Yuva Y
2:06 yes lol I’m glad the pain wasn’t forgotten we were so shit away from home last year
alfian putra tri
Khabib vs gregor
banares hussain
Incredible from Xhaka he is a natural born leader what a goal it was world class he and Torriera magnificent while Ozil world class performance he was unbelievable as was Bellerin and Mustafi
ben mars
We show karakta
jona penishi
Dy yjet ⭐️⭐️
Really? And he didn’t cry and call you a racist?
khodr El
1:44 looooooooooool
mukhtar Hajji
When he came to arsenal in 2013 the only English he knew was \
Anything to claim an assist lol
Ozil sounds Scottish lmao.
slim shαdy
suaranya jerman bangett.. ozïL
solo 123
Xhaka is so cuteee
דניאל סיום
Realy 200 and i am stil in arsenal
ش Mavi
Great to see Özil happy again.