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PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE !Youtube - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY ORIGINAL CHANNEL Missing Kids Rescued KidsDICKINSON - TEXAS - AMERICA:At age 8 in 1990, Jennifer Schuett was kidnapped from her bedroom window by an unknown man who raped her, slashed her throat from ear to ear with a pocket knife, and left for dead in a field near Dickinson, Texas. The next day, Schuett was found by children playing hide-and-seek in the field. Unable to speak, she scribbled notes to help the police’s investigation to find her attacker. It wasn’t until over 19 years later, in October 2009, that police located and arrested Dennis Earl Bradford for the kidnapping, rape and attempted murder of Schuett.

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Angie Brooke
What a brave young lady. It's a miracle that she didn't succumb to PTSD. Rather than avoiding triggers, she purposed to recall everything about her attack and to keep the scar. Her bravery is beyond admirable.
Anita TV
This made me cry😢
Anji Ryder
Makes me sad and furious to know that we unfortunately live in a world swarming with men who think it's perfectly acceptable to rape, abuse and murder women and little girls,... this type of thing happens WAY too often.
Annette Talavera
Im so proud of that beautiful woman. BLESS YOUR HEART SWEETIE😘😇😘😇😘
Baby Cakes
Listening to her break when they finally found out who the perpetrator was just overwhelmed me to the point of tears. I'm so happy for her.
Carrie Slappy
Im a rape victim and you have truly helped me understand that, no matter the circumstances you can overcome it.
Chow Bella
She laid there and prayed.....God heard you Jennifer. God bless you, you are so strong then and now. I am so proud of you.
I am so glad she survived that poor girl. Damn these Sick people who hurt children.
Debbie Roberts
Jennifer you are a beautiful woman that has amazing strength very few people would ever have after something so cruel and viral for anyone to live through and to think you as a baby had the will to live.\nIt just shows how lazy cops are to see him so close to your home Jennifer, only the DNA made it happen for you. \nHow dare the male host talk about this scumbags family and kids a muiltable wives as they are going to be suffering also. These wives and kids should think about how lucky they are because it could have been one of or al of them killed by this animal.\nI will always look up to you and appreciate my life and think of you if I ever consider complaining again.\nMay you live a life full of happiness and love forever.
Deja Chhun
God bless Jennifer. She's my age now. So glad she made it. Our God is good!
Denise Gregory
This woman was incredibly brave when this happened to her & deserved to have justice, but the coward took the easy way out. I can only assume that he was found to have been of sound mind & was not going to get the plea he was hoping for. I hope he's rotting in hell
The evil among us!!! May God give her a place on Heaven for her suffering and a place in Hell for this Demon!!!!
Du Trần
The sketch artist now has a Guiness Record for the artist that has the most caught men through sketch drawings
Dusty Glover
She looks a lot like Amber Hagerman when she was abducted. There were just 5 years between the cases. I wonder...
Elaine Cochrane
freddie mercury? 😯
Emily Garcia
Amazing artist. Amazing detectives. Amazing science. Amazing miracle. Amazing survivor ❤
F. Moussa
Try to convince this lady God does not exist. She can refute you in seconds with her storie.
Fabiola García Anuarve
Lock your dam doors and windows, stop trusting people
Faby Gee
she looks like amber hagerman. the little girl that they created the amber alert for.
What I can't believe is that as good as that sketch was... NOBODY recognized him and his car!?!? C'mon man.
I lived 10 miles from this incident at the time so it gives me chills learning about this! This monster was only two years out of high school at the time. I was a teacher in the area. I remember Nolan Ryan's daughter went to school at the school I worked at. It's a very nice area, too. How she was found and survived is just a miracle. It's weird how all these murdering monsters that commit rape and murder against children hang themselves in prison. They can't cope with being locked up prison for what they've done, so they commit suicide. He should have gotten caught long ago.
Heather Rasmussen
Demons have the sweetest faces and nicest demeanors.
Helen Rand
You really never know everything about anyone.
Holly Kayanna
never give up hope..
Jayden Stevens
She is not a victim.\nA Strong and bright young lady. A WINNER!!! 🙋☝
Jennie Myers
After a while the sketch artist's attitude started to irk me. \nFor her it's about \
Jennifer Garcia
I lived by Dickinson when this happened. I was little but I remember hearing about it:( I watched it last night on 48 hours. That guy is a coward! thanks for these videos. I watch all of them. I wish things like this didn't happen to children so there'd be no need for these videos:(
Joely Mariano
John Dearing
Imo the punishment we give to these sick twisted people isn't enough. Though vengence is mine sayeth the Lord. Life in federal prison is to easy for them.
Julie W.
They need to look into rape & murder cases that look similar during those 19 years.
K Avi
It's his turn to be tortured and be left for dead😡
Karen Daigneault
I say any one who hurts a child or women should be executed. You can't fix them.!!!!!
Kayla Mariee
Poor baby ❤️ she was so beautiful and this makes me a little horrified when I have children. You're very strong Jennifer
I'm sick of the whole \
DNA is a great thing. Everyone will be caught one day. Suffer brad you dog
Laura Metheny
What a sad and horrific but also wonderful story. Lovely fierce young woman. God Bless Her. TY for sharing this. I never heard about her. My daughter is only about 3yrs older. She has 3kids-one of them a 13 yr old girl. This world sucks so often but this little girl beat it. And that sick man. He saved alot of trouble by hanging himself. Only thing to say for him. Smh.
Linda Jaws
Why did it take decades to find the guy?? He lived blocks away!! His car looked exactly like the sketch. Even in the following weeks after the crime, didn't they broadcast the make and model of that car ? No one recognized it??? Makes me so mad!!
Lisa Morris Morris
Who could ever rape a precious little baby the poor mother I'm glad she was found 😘😘
The Briggs woman \
Mandi Roxey
That sketch artist is awfully cocky. I mean yeah, she's super talented. But I'm more impressed that an 8 year old that was raped and left to die and couldn't even speak was able to piece together each feature and trait so specifically of his face.
Mandy Shores
And now he is in hell. After all this, he hangs himself, but she remains the winner. My goodness, what strong woman. GOD Bless You.
Maria A Rodriguez
Perves are charmers. There's just something about them. They know how to play innocent. And they can be so helpful.
Maribeth Jones
They should have at least used her name instead of referring to her as \
Marsha Covert
May this video pump fear in all perps who think they have gotten away with hurting someone... times are changing and it's only a matter of time until you get caught.
Mary Teryan
What angers the most about this community, is how some people in Arkansas thought he needed a second chance, knowing he was in prison for raping and assaulting a woman once before. Now they find out he committed a similar crime to a little girl, they’re still skeptical. Sick and foolish community!!
Matthew Allen
I really like your page as a father I'm always on guard
Melanie Walker
Jennifer you are a beautiful strong young lady I wish you luck in everything you do.
Melissa Carlill
Did they not even drive around the neighbourhood to see if they could spot a matching car? Did they not door knock and show the picture? Stunning incompetence. That little girl deserved better.
MsRainbow Brite
I'm glad this story had a happy ending. The strength of Jenn, wow
i was terrified for that little girl
Nata Nunez
I remember witnessing a male sexually abuse a boy. I called the cops and I told the boy's mom. The mom kept with the guy, even birthed a baby. That was not the first time I have been part of sexual abuse. As a young woman I got in trouble for fighting a security guard, I am so mad I can't take my experience and use it to make a difference all cuz of that one fight.
19 years.....come on
Nick C
geez could the artist gloat anymore lol? she did a good job but shit you would think she painted the mona lisa
Noel Linné
Thr fire ant bites probably safed her (+plus her strenght) because it gives your body adrenalin rushes
Olaf Von haegele
If she gave them the licence plate number it would only have taken 19 years!
Pamela Bergner
is her mom worried about her child? she is only talking about herself. Grateful she's ok♡
Parnia Mehrabkhani
The other kids in the neighborhood were so sweet. That men should have PAYED for what he did!😡😠😤No children or parent should go through this.
Patrick Shaffer
Damn its Freddie Mercury
So this guy raped someone Bc he was unattractive to get a women. He deserves a death trial. Thrown in fire supposably??
Random Subjects
What angers me here is that with that sketch and the car image - why did no-one that knew him or of him come forward all those years ago? It was too close an image to not know :(
Richard Hutchison
Wonderful police work and what a great closure to such a horrible crime against an innocent little girl. Jennifer you are a strong woman. You are an example to those who need someone to look up to. You are a hero in my eyes though they are filled with tears!. You are NOT a victim and YOU ARE VICTORIOUS!
Roberto Carlos
I was in school with Jennifer , never asked about her scar. I have such respect for her. What a Brave soul.
Romantic Outlaw
that's the thing about killers and rapists. The successful ones hide in plain sight. Gacy's neighbors loved him.
Roxie Rennel
One down and a ton more creeps to go. LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE.
Sarah wass
I'm so glad they caught him very brave young lady and well done to the artist who helped her too \n😞 there are some sick individals out there hope he spends the rest of his life in prison
Sb Ka
I see in the comments tge saying:\
I went to school with her. Never knew this happened to her till I was an adult.
Sheba Legend
I appreciate you sharing this. I had a similar experience at 11 years old.
Shoyah'sCrazy FantasticLife
Owner of this channel if you haven’t watched Lovely Bones.. you should watch it it’s on Netflix.. it’s about a child who was murdered by a serial killer she wouldn’t leave earth until her killer was found.. it’s really really sad
The fact Jennifer lived is a true miracle.  God has plans for this young lady.  No tears here for the perp that tried to kill her.
Tanya Kathy
What kind of people hire a convicted rapist? Especially with such violence in the crime.
Tasha Mkk
its so sad a person like this slip through the cracks all those years hes never a suspect..AMERIKKKA NEED TOUGHER PENALTIES FOR PEOPLE LIKE THIS..I MEAN WEED DEALER GETS CONVICTED WAY FASTER...SAD!!
Tia Thompson
i am so glad he was stupid enough to leave his underware. There should be an extra special place in hell for monsters like this.
Tony Kart Racer
I wish there was a neon sign over the heads of evil scumbags in this world...... that way we can know who they are and rid them of this Earth.
Val Simon
Jennifer is remarkable!! Also want to add, Jennifer's mother must be an incredible person. I too am a single mom and against all odds and added torment, she raised a outstanding human being. THANKS FOR STANDING TALL!✌
Wait, he lives THAT close and it took like 20 years to find him? Im sorry, but that is NOT poloce work to applaud and gloat over. Shocking! Absolutely shocking, the drawing of hil and his car should have been enough to ATLEAST speak to that guy, he lives round the corner, matches the picture, has the car...... Incredible.
britany johnson
I do remember seeing this case and hearing the young lady say that she will never be able to have children because of the rape she endured. I do hope that the doctors are proven wrong regarding that as well.
So many comments as to whether or not God is real. If he is not real, if he is; as long as it gives them comfort and the drive to move forward, who cares? Your beliefs do not matter here; you do not matter here. If the idea that God saved her gives her comfort, let her have it. Trying to take that away is just cruel and needlessly harmful.
This tragedy has been haunting me for about two weeks since I first saw it on t.v. Does anyone else agree that this crime could have been avoided? Humanity has had the technology for decades to stop crimes like these, but instead we use it to destroy each other or to simply entertain ourselves. Some of our policemen are out raping prostitutes, smoking illegal drugs they have confiscated; All while collecting taxpayers money to do so. At least half of humanity is obsessed with wealth, power, lust, hatred, and greed. With every dollar we spend, we are voting and informing our government and merchants what we care about!!!! We don't demand anything from our government and they respond accordingly.
dano r
They can only charge him with the attempted murder.  Murder and attempted murder are the  only crimes with no statue of limitations.  They need to remove the statue of limitations on all violent crimes.
dominick strain
It is amazing to me how lucky this girl is to be alive!!! Once a kid is abducted and left for dead, they are NEVER found alive, thank God and may God bless her and her family!!!
why are people sick in the damn head to this to a child even to adults.
helen riddoch
its a evil world we live in I'm glad thay caught him hope he never gets out
i got issues!
I cry the whole time watching this! 😢😢😢😢😢 god is good never forsake his children! l pray for others who lost their life, never find justice. amen
Bradford, 40, killed himself in May 2010 before he could stand trial on rape and attempted murder charges.\nStrange however that nobody recognized that piece of thrash at the time given the almost picture perfect drawing that ended up in the newspaper...
there have to be more victims somewhere. I wish there weren't but it's impossible that he committed a couple of isolated but very violent acts and lived an otherwise \
mandalee perez
So happy your alive Jennifer your a brave beautiful young lady
marrie k
scumbag predator coward rapist not to face justice .Blessings n strength to Jennifer may she have a beautiful fulfilling life and future. she very brave n strong....☺the artist Lois an amazing Lady and praise to all the detectives too who never gave up.
There's men sitting in prison for long terms because they sold a small crack rock when they were 19. Here this man was actually convicted of a rape and allowed to roam free, start 2 families, hold down decent jobs. His former coworkers sit here giggling about how he was a good man, a ladies man.......etc. If I found out a coworker was guilty of something like this, regardless of my relationship with him, there's no way in HELL that I would stand in front of cameras giggling about how he's a good ole boy. We all know why this animal was allowed to roam free. This so called justice system is bullshit. People who look like him can do deplorable things and roam free. He probably raped and killed others.
mpoi makhetha
it makes me so mad to hear people saying \
murfy murf
It’s creepy how much the police sketch looks like Freddie Mercury.
nuny c
4 hours away from Arlington tx where 6 yrs later amber was kidnapped raped stabbed and throat cut so bad her head was almost decapitated hhhmmm which means this guy wasnt caught till 19yrs later which means he could have raped and killed so many lil girls. It could have been the same killer since he knew jennifer didn't die he made sure amber did cutting her throat deep almost decapitating her. Well in my mind he killed amber and im glad the monsters dead and burning in hell God kws how many children he killed sick basterd 😡
shannon badger
So glad that monster was caught! Justice for Jen :)
vincent novella
A great story of a great spirit. I would love to meet this lady. She must own a powerful strength of life and the human spirit! A beautiful woman to be sure.