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A computer-generated voice has become perhaps the most divisive subject on the internet since the gold/blue dress of 2015. It's one word, but the source of furious disagreement is which one. Subscribe to Guardian News ►

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*Jас не сум геj*
I hear Yammy
A guy with some clay
i hear both.
Abigail & Lestat vids
I hear Laurel
Adinda Fedora
Air Elegant
Hear yanny with a jerk voice, hear laurel with a gentlement voice. Agreed if you hear the same
Akhil sahal
Obviously yanny.
Ambermoon Warrior cats
I hear yanny
Atsushi K
Bianca Borjdo
Turn on captions
BinauralMind - Relaxing, Soothing, Strange
I heard nothing.\nI'm deaf.
Caroline Gilmore
I heard laurel yesterday and yanny today🤣🤣🤣
Dom Batka
How tf do ppl actually hear laurall 😂
Dr Meme
I hear both of em
Eloise Awesomeballs
It's the same as a clock. A clock doesn't go tick tock we just think it does. You can tell your mind to hear tick tick tick tick or tock tock tock or whatever you want. Same as this. You can make yourself hear either Yanny or Laurel
Emmy The potato
Ik this is old but I hear Yalaurel
Epic Pizza Pets
Estrella Flor
I hear laurel
Floo -
Its obviously yanny wtf there's a n in the god damn sound\n\nAfter 10 minutes of hearing and replaying this video \nI can hear both sounds\nThe trick is \nIf you want to hear yanny keep a distance between your speaker or phone \nIf you want to hear laurel make your ear close to the speaker
Frosty the Greaser
I hear gold and white
GG Gaming
I hear yamrole any body else
Gaming Zocker3000
I hear Yammy not Yanny
Gillium Torres-Reyes
I choose what I hear lol
Hoodiegaming 1617
A WHILE AGO I HEAR YANNY AND NOW I HEAR LAUREL WHAT?!?!?\n\n\n\n\n\n\nActually at first i really heard laurel and it just changed
Husky Love
Yanny... It hasn’t changed....
I'm Daan
I hear both?! Did I do a glitch or something? I think they need to patch this in the next update...
a while ago I used to hear Yanny. Now I only hear Laurel
i hear Laurel
Itz SalLy
Ok what the heck...i watch first time i heard lauren than i watched second time and i heard yanny
Who hear Laurel-\u003e like the comment\nWho hear Yanny-\u003e write a comment
JE TAIME PAS Frenchyska
I heard Ylaury
I can control which one i hear just thinking the name yanny or laurel in my head
Jasmine Tate
This broke my brain. I never heard Yanny to begin with and I see two different colored dresses... thanks again Illuminati.
Jazmine Combe
I hear yanraul
Jeon Noble
I heard laurel but I thought of yanny and I still herd laurel but I heard a whisper saying yanny so now I'm confused
Jessica Ryan
Ken Lee
I hear both.......
L 76
I hear the mouse click
Malaysian Mapping and reaction time
Who hear yanny,please like\nWho hear laurel,please comment
Maria Justine Kouassi
I think its dépends of nationality\nSorry for my bad english
Maxine Hubilla
Its definatly laurel!!\nLike if you here laurel\u003e\nComent if you here yanny\u003e
Mjw23 ST
I hear yally for some reason
Mohammad Owais qureshi
It is clear that it is yanny
Natasha the kawaii muffin
Do you know What I hear both
New Gaming EXPert
If you think and consentrait either one of the words, VERY HARD, it will say Yanny/Laurel.
Next Level kid
All I can hear is laurel
Nunez gaming
If you hear yanny and you want to hear laurel.put your volume to your ear and it will change\n\nBecause at first i heard laurel, and then yanny when i heard yanny i put my volume to my ears and heard laurel again
Orlaith Mcg123
Omg it is so clear that it’s laurel
PrixFresh737 :v
Dice lowro :v
Pug the Wolf
*_T e a m b o t h_*
Rainbow Playz
I hear Yanny I can’t even hear laurel
see the subtitles! XD
Sami Salami
I Always heard yanny. Then i started saying Laurel while hearing Yanny. After 30 secconds I started to hear Laurel. Now i cant hear Yanny anymore. :)
i hear ya-rel
I think something is wrong I would go on different vids and I heard yanny and so did my family but on this vid I and my family hear laurel
Silvia Ergül
I hear yanny , hope i'm not the only one 😂😅
Sky M.
Yanny always.
Sophia Conception
I hear yanny
SounDzZz-_ Manny
Soy Ebanllelyn
No se ustedes pero yo escucho yeai \n:3 No critiquen que vengo en paz :v
Tabitha Paula
Sometimes I hear Yanny and sometimes I hear Laurel, wtf is this supposed to mean?
Teags Russ1234
i hear both and i see black and blue
The Guy You See Everywhere
I’m coming back to this video 5 months later and I can still hear both
TheLegend 27
Okay, this is Yanny
ORIGINS:\nSome weird person recorded them saying Laurel for no reasons and then they were like, \
At first I couldn’t stop hearing Yanny, now I can’t stop hearing Laurel....
Thomas Newman
It’s definitely laurel \n\nDuh
I hear Yummy. Guess i am just hungry :(
Victor Almeida
i can't understand how the people hear \
i only hear yanny!
try listening to it while looking at the names then restart it and close your eyes. It changes!
Hey Here A Tips\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nUse A Headphone And Then Hear This Audio And Your Volume Must 100%
I hear laurel 😂 How does this madness work?!
How do people hear \
YouTube Ruined Me
Not gonna lie, I heard Yaoi... is that a problem?
yanny this is what i hear
Zoë Alexander
I hear both.
baekhyun's bacon
I hear Yarel
cookie petshop
davenova fk talahatu
I just hear the clicked mouse LOL
david coleman
gacha girl_258
Before I hear both in my iPad \nI can hear Yaury but has a weird voice \nNow I have a phone and I clearly hear laurel \nWait what?!? But in a deep voice
love of my life
If you hear yanny, like this post. Let's overrule the laurels who will comment!
luzifer 696
Yo escucho morou :''\
ninjahyper 3000
I hear faka Kees like
random houd
I hear lauralanny
Is it just me? Who force themselves to hear yanny
vaishnavi Bhalani
Laurel laurel laurel laurel
yoongi on steroids
Laurel every time
ᏆᏆᎠᎪᎡKᎪᏓ1937 Plays roblox
I don’t hear “yanny or Laurel” I heard “let ya nut hang low”
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