The Therapist for Alien Abduction Victims

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Clinical hypnotherapist Laurie McDonald treats patients who have experienced alien phenomena by regressing them back to the moment of their abduction to relive and process their experience. Some of Laurie’s clients find her online, others say the aliens told them to seek her out. For the first time ever, Laurie has allowed cameras into her hypnotherapy session. VICE traveled to Laurie’s Sacramento office to witness her regress a first-time client who is looking for answers after a lifetime of experiencing alien abductions.Click here to subscribe to VICE:

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Pretty sure I'm gonna come out as a xenosexual after watching this.
A Box Of Cheerios
How has she made a career of doing this nonsense
Abe Rafik
I saw a hot alien on the texas mexico border. She said something to me in a different language i couldn't understand
Alan Rey
These mfs are crazy 😂
Alien Hunter46
Anmar Aaluse
its 2018 and they still provide shady black and white printed photos
Treating crazy with crazy
Avery Lopez-Baines
*X Files theme intensifies*
Baked Creations
04:17 Dat mantis looks drunk
Benjamin Smith
Blackface Drake
Are they related to targeted individuals
Blake B
are we gonna act like the lady checking the room with her PHONE CAMERA to look for hidden stuff is normal?
She uses Leading questions
Cadillac Josh
Aliens coming to bust cheeks 💯
Candra Leann
Lol I thought he was going to cum when describing how beautiful she was. So gross
Captain Obvious
The truth is that anybody claiming to have been visited by something extraterrestrial should be quarantined until one of two outcomes become present. \n\n1. It is determined that they are lying.\n\n2. It is determined they are telling the truth and therefore must be killed immediately. Everything associated with them should be lit on fire. A single strand of other-world DNA or bacteria in a common cold equivalent could very possibly kill every living thing on this planet without question.\n\nThis shit isnt the movies.
I think that all of these stories are just dmt trips. The pineal gland in the brain can release dmt, and we don’t know when or how much it can release. But the stories just sound like dmt trips, which are known for feeling like they are real.
Was trippin' enough before I saw that this lady is in my area, now I'm totally freaked out. The fact that she is able to maintain a practice here means that I'm living alongside some real nutters.
Charlie Zielinski
Lmao is this covered by health insurance?
Commissioner Gordon
I love the rope suspenders
Once I smoked some DMT and was immediately abducted by aliens. I was inside of an incubator like you’d see in a NICU. Everything was shiny and machine like. They paralyzed me somehow and took some white light from my chest. Then replaced it with a blue color light. I’m not sure what happened other than they did something; then told me to stay calm. They pulled out this egg looking thing that they pulled apart. When in looked into this egg shaped object. It filled me with emotions of love and interconnectedness. It felt amazing, but I wasn’t sure what they wanted from me. Or what they were doing. They seemed to be disconnected or lacked any emotions. Didn’t seem to care that much about me. I just kept saying please don’t hurt me! They didn’t, I’m just not sure what they did. I was so glad when that one was over, because it was more realistic than I ever expected or wanted it to be. I’ve served in two wars been deployed all over the world to assist in humanitarian efforts. I’ve seen some crazy shit. However nothing has ever terrified me to such a degree. For the first time in my life; I was frozen in terror. Paralyzed in this incubator looking thing and having alien beings standing over me. All happening in crystal clear ultra high definition vision. Anyone can have this alien abduction DMT experience. If you take DMT and do it right. The aliens will show up! And no one would ever believe you because it’s a drug.
Danny Reed
I was abducted by trans dimensionals in 1994 and I asked why Miss Universe was ALWAYS from Earth. I remember the one closest to me smoking Pall Malls just looking at me and then this other one says very clearly in English, “Oh HELL NO!” Then I woke up in bed.
Dawadah Ephraim Yasharahla
Just because these mental cases aren’t violent doesn’t mean they aren’t unstable. Of course; there will always be someone there with snake oil there to exploit and financially take advantage of their mental illness. This lady should be incarcerated for exploiting a vulnerable demographic of mentally ill vulnerable people.
Dollar Menu
What type of lonely person has to make up something to get therapy. Their therapy needs therapy.
E.R Smith
The plot thickens.. the Hypnotherapist is the Alien gathering intel
Eon Lee Music
To all experiencers. Next time when you get abducted please steal something from the alien spaceship or take a picture of the aliens. Don't just come back with a story.
Federico Nanni
Oh nice, third video in a month where there is people mentally ill.\n\nTy VICE for your incredibly ethical work
Greg Nettles
Man i need the drugs these people are on.Et sex would be cool...
These people were molested by adults when they were young children. They're repressing the memories by replacing them with something unknown and unexplainable.\nLeave the aliens alone.
Jaime Perez
Vice always come with those hard hitting peices we have been asking for
Jan Koskinen
After binge watching X-files this seems legit.
Jet Black
This woman isn't a therapist, she's a snake oil salesman, and whether intentional or not a rather despicable one at that. She took a sufferer of sleep paralysis, abused his trust, and helped him to continue to buy into the notion that he was \
Jim Smith
I wonder if any of these Aliens are on Tinder? I'd like an out-of-this world experience
Joseph Abraham Puthumana
what a load of bullcrap
although the subject is alien to me, I like the therapist's authenticity and mission to help people heal and center themselves.
KM Elite
She is what u call a professional scammer
Kate Elliott
I normally love VICE but this feels like an early April fool’s joke???? What is this??
Ken Kowalski
Old people have a lot of pride!! I wouldn't be surprised if it's the real deal!! So many people are still asleep and totally unaware of their presence!! which is exactly what they want!!
Kenneth Null
You know what if it helps them and there happy then go fo it
Krishnan Unni
People so fcked up that their therapist needs therapy
Lethallizard 9
I dont understand why there are so many dislikes. Yes, these people come across as ridiculous, and its easy to just laugh at them.\n\nBut the way I see it, this video’s purpose is to show the psyche of these people. We get to see the experience and look at the psycology and indentity of these people, who you dont necesarily agree with. \n\nThats the point of this video. Its about exploration. Which is what sets Vice apart, in my opinion.
Lmao they make you forget, then give you images of a hypnotherapist to uncover the memories. \n\nSeems legit👌
Lin O'macho
Therapist is the Alien 👽 lo!
M Gray
This is another wrath of what happened in the 90s with repressed memories. This woman is able to prey on the weak and suggest things.
The final straw vice thats it
Murry Sanivar
I myself was abused as a child. And I always would tell my family members and close friends it was aliens because I seriously thought and remembered it being that way. Clearly it wasnt due to me figuring that out and therapy and such. I'm certain that's what's happening here. It's sad..They are all sick including the hypnotherapist (obviously).
Not giving a fuck
Just came to see the snarky comments
OG Marky
I want Hot Cheetos with lemon
Pranjal Doorwar
Forget MILF it's time for a AILF 😍
Queen Esa
i wonder why they always choose Caucasian ppl
RMG Entertainment
I guess space cant save you from a #metoo
Raoul Duke
You know as she’s starting to hypnotize him she’s planting the seeds for the session by even saying UFO.
Rick Cordeiro
It's good to have someone to go to to talk about this stuff like the doctor in this video without having to feel like a nut job.
Why should extraterrestrials observe \
Sgt W
I had to pause it and smoke a bowl or 6
Sly Fox
How many hybrids are living among us?
Steve S
Am i the only one here the actually knows this is real, and exists?
Sucky Egg
Sounds a lot like repressed abuse/ mental illness to me.
Apparently aliens only ever abduct people from a specific demographic. Who knew?
This lady preys on the mentally ill for her own profit.
Tad M
There are some things you should not do a story on.
Tamas Egyed
Those damn aliens..they need to pay child support!
Terrence Vergauwen
She plants these ridiculous ideas into her \
The Blood Of Ogun #AfricanGodOfWar #B1
They got molested by Illegal Aliens... not space aliens.
The Fupa Lord
wanna talk to aliens? MUSHROOMS MAN! MUSHROOMS!
Throngdorr Mighty
This is some next-leveled shit
Vishal P
Please leave the aliens alone...
Oh let me use my phone app to find hidden cameras 😂😂😂😂
Wayne Smits
As the therapist says… “I wish that the general public would be kinder to the experiencers and abductees. If they (negative commenters) could tap into their own compassion and empathy in order to better understand that these people are suffering.” \r\n“Truth is, doesn’t everybody deserve therapy if they have been traumatized, depressed or confused by something?”
Wesley Fransen
Dad: You better become a doctor!\n\nMe: I am an Alien Hypnotherapist
The \
Zach Barnett
I was like meh maybe until she said that the ET had sent the abductees directly to her. Then i was like ooohhhh ok i see now. Crazy person alert lol.
Oky too much internet today
Take #metoo Your Leader!!
dario Chavez
This really buttered my croissant
grizzly adams
I immediately thought of that part in the south park game with randy on the alien space ship lol.....I'm going to go take an extra hot shower now,to practice burning in hell
hernan canaveral
This is sick 😷\nPlease leave the aliens alone
I intentionally clicked on this and it is exactly what I expected hahahahaha
Wait.... my uncle had an alien costume in his closet. Does that mean...
ji evangelista
my grandmom has these kind of experience too, i don't know if those are aliens but she is been abducted spiritually, she's been asleep for a week without any movement at all but still breathing, my dad really thought my grandma is in total coma but she is breathing anyway, by the time she wakes up from a week of sleeping, she tells them her story about some women who visited her in the house and engage her to come with them to have a quick tour around the place where my grandma live, she said she is fascinated by the things she sees, the place is so modern, roads are being built along the house and buildings are being build too, they continue the quick tour and after a couple of hours, she reach homes and wave goodbye to the womens, my dad was crying that time when grandma wakes up, then my grandma asked my dad why he cried, then my dad said that she's been asleep for a week and my grandma replied by saying that she is just out for a quick tour that only last a couple of hours, she was confuse about how come she is asleep for a week, fast forward to 2011 she then said that the modern place she saw in their tour way way back is what the place looks like now. I really don't know if she 's been abducted by somewhat alien but i think somebody not like human abducted her way back, and let her show what our place would look like in the year 2000's.
juju ahn
The scientific method is important.
This lady obviously just wants money for a pseudoscience. Either that or she's crazy.
Just a couple of months ago details of top secret mind control experiments were sent to someone who used the FOIA to get information about antifa. I'd wager that leaked info is just the tip of the iceberg as to what they've achieved, obviously using the public as guinea pigs. Nothing is real, it's all just waves, man.
It’s a real shame this woman has any type of clinical accreditation
Watch the movie Mysterious Skin ! Two boys were molested by their baseball coach and one of them grows up believing he was abducted by aliens and that’s why he can’t access his memory of that night. It’s a dark but amazing movie.
What in the butt-probin’, alien-lovin, memory repressin’, silver disk seein’, hypno-trippin tarnation is going on here?!
Murica you never stops to suprise me! You got weirdos in abundance....
sky M
Des dam white ppls be crazy fam
spooky cat
They need mental help first
No matter if the alien part of this is real, people were recalling events as encounters with aliens and they were suffering. This lady helped them, and was one of the only people who could, and I respect that.👍🏽
sterling evans
Sounds about white
uknow who
I'm guessing she got her degree from the same place that gives gives out dog psychic certificates.
Make no mistake, what this bitch is doing is extremely unethical and dangerous! And, as shown just in this short session, is causing real harm to these “patients”. ‘Regressive’ hypnotherapy is about implanting false memories, especially when done by someone who is not experienced (or not grounded in sanity/reality). It often worsens the person’s already bad trauma, to the point where some commit suicide. Imagine going for “therapy” and coming out thinking you were molested or raped by the people you love most, and it isn’t real... but you sure think it is, because you now have false memories that were guided and/or implanted by the therapist... notice how she doesn’t ask them just what they remember or think, but instead asks very specific, leading questions. While you may say that her heart is in the right place, keep in mind she’s doing this to confirm HER OWN DELUSIONS... which she can’t accept aren’t real and that she’s actually mentally ill and not on,y far from qualified to give any sort of therapy, but also desperately needs real therapy herself from someone who knows what they’re doing!
♛ Huffdaddy™
*I believe in hypnotherapy to include aliens but I honestly feel like these things are more of cases where someone was sexually assaulted as a child and have replaced these memories with unknown entities such as aliens.*