Secret Holiday With The Boys!

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Abbie Davies
304 view!!!! Ilysm Alfie
can you or zoe comment my life would be complete!!\nplz like so he could see it!
Ale Arellano
im so jealous i want to go on a cruise now :(
Ally styles
the one time he was in Southampton (my hometown), I didn't even know till after he'd left, that makes me so sad! :( but atleast he came here haha
Amelia Canton
I live in Southampton and went to Hythe (across the water) to see The Quantum Of The Sea leave the docks but didn't stay to watch it leave! I didn't know Alfie and Jim were on it!!!! 🙊💕
Amy Watson
I live in southampton and I'm nearly crying I can't believe I missed the chance to meet you it is my dream to meet you I went to your book signing and got told I couldn't meet you I was gutted have a lovely cruise and next time you are in southampton plz let me know as I would pay all my money to meet you but I. Only 12 so It might not be that much lol x my twitter is @amyconnie2002 plz follow me and have a lovely cruise xxxxx
Anastasia Kingsnorth
That boat looks amazing! I hood you have a good time x
Anne Margaret Almirall
Well, when I was a kid, my dad grew a Hitler moustache as a joke, and it traumatized me.
Annie Chung
what was the name of the iphone game he was playing?
Audrey Cooley
+narnar_98 9:40 is that you?:O (it's Bekka by the way) :D
Belbrl xx B
Hope movember is going well alfie xxx I donated and it would mean the world to me if you followed me back on Twitter as I don't have many followers at all xxx @talkofbeauty xxxxx x perf vlog alfie xx
Bethany Stevens
My uncle passed away on Friday and I went through all ur vids and watched most of them and it made me feel happier so thank you so much Alfie u have donated £5 to u to help cancer witch he died of thx so much Alfie and Zoe u both mean the world to me 😢😔👫😘
Calvin Mcdonald
i am 75 liker feel so happy that never happen!!!!
Carys Jugde
they should hold a youtube convention on a ship like that !
Charles Christian
I love cruise ships.. Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas and Quantum of the Seas are the best.. Can't wait to for your next vlog..
Charlotte Bareham
omg i have always gone on cruises, we went on P&O cruise, we went on the Royal Caribbean independence of the seas and the celebrity cruises celebrity equinox, and me and my dad are making it our mission to go on this! 
Chennelle Phelan
I want to live on that boat 😩😍
Chloe Jayne Wilson
Zoe and Tanya already told us because tans staying at yours
Chloe Welch
feel sorry for the guy in the background he seems like hes third wheeling ahah awwwhh \u003c3
This would literally be the best holiday ever!
Daisy !
We had these Indian waiters who had left their families to earn money, so please be nice to the staff because they are all so lovely and are so much less privellidged than us, they will really appreciate it.
Dani Roberts
Seeing that most of Alfie's fans are girls, it will be weird to see them grow a moustache. XD
Drinking game: everytime Alfie says \
Eilidh Smith
Can't help but feel really sorry for Morgan, he is getting do left out and can't imagine what it's going to be like for him tomorrow ( jim vs Alfie)\n
Ellie Louise
Alfie seems like such a genuine, friendly guy :)
Emi Wooz
After watching this I went and googled the cruise name then asked my parents if we could go on it.
Emma Rasmussen
Alfie's concentration face is so cute
Emma Stone
does anyone know the name of the game Jim was playing?
Equi Katie
Loads of my teachers do Movember it's hilarious
GUYS ! ITS VLOGMAS IN 28 DAYSS :0000000 :))))
Gracie Taylor
To whoever is reading this, have a great night!
I like watching Alfie's vlog, he's a positive person, always in good vibe. He has a lot things to do but somehow he still manages to be positive. He always cherishes everything that he's got. Some youtubers who have a lot going on like him tend to be grumpy or complain about everything, but Alfie always looks... energetic and excited, and again, positive. Good job, Alfie.
Ok well I tried to donate, but when I tried to sign up, it said I had an invalid post-code as I don't live in England. Either that or I am living an imaginary life and my area doesn't actually exist...\nWell this sucks :(
Anyone else wondering how Alfie was vlogging at 9:25? How?
Alfie why are you driving? You don't have a licence to drive 😂😂
Jacqueline Bui
Definetly grow a handlebar mustache!
Royal Caribbean cruises are amazing, they have some of the best ships out there.. but the staff behind the scenes (chefs and waiters etc) are literally on 2 hours sleep, nothing more than $5 a day and most of all, they're kept away from their families for over 6 months at a time
Jeni Bishop
omg Alfie that cruise looks I N C R E D I B L E ! does anyone know if you paid for the cruise do you have to pay extra for the rock climbing, go carting, surfing thing etc. thank you💗
Jennifer N
What was the woman saying when she was surfing?
Jillian Tripp
Morgan's so sweet and cute!!
Jiyan Kara
Alfie took Jims hand to help him up and in Zoe's vlog Zoe helped Tanya up!! I cant be the only one thinking hard about this
Josh Rowlands
That girl who was showing off on the surfboard then fell off😂
OMG I was in Southampton yesterday but I went to eds diner for lunch and then the cinema I actually cried because I could have met my idol :(
Is it just me or does this feel VERY sponsored? :p .. I still think they enjoy it and are honest etc but it feel so very sponsored xD idk hah
Kalsum R
Does anyone why the name if the game is that Alfie and Jim play
Lacie Louanne
I think it's really amazing you are participating with the charity Alfie. My stepdad (not my real dad but was very involved in my life) was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer when I was very young and died when I was 10 years old. I know it's not as common as breast cancer for women but young men need to be aware and getting tested earlier than the recommended age because sometimes waiting until you have symptoms is when it's already to late. Thank you for trying to spread awareness and donating \u003c3 you Alfie
Laura Jimenez
Laurelei Bautista
You can't understand how happy I was when Broods came on ^.^
Lauren Harris
Leah Hobbs
Wooo southampton where I live!:):)🏠
Leesa Ivy
he just bought a house now he's on a three day cruise. can i please have your life alf? haha.
Leigh Ann Norman
What was the name of the game Jim was playing called?
Lisanne Kalter
This reminded me so much of the suit life on deck 😂
Anyone even slightly doubting going on a cruise, DONT! Unless it's REALLY rough, you can't feel the boat moving, there is sooo much to do and you'll never get bored! It's just absolutely amazing and a brilliant way to travel the world! I made so many new friends over the summer and I'm still in contact with them! Best experiance ever - never turn the opportunity down if you get given it! :D
Lorelai DeGuzman
I think they filmed \
Lucy Turner
I wanna see Janya vs Narcus vs Zalfie bumper cars!!!
Luisa Godfrey
Cruises are my favourite. Got on the twin ship anthem of the seas in a few weeks x
Lush Livvy
Wheyy! Southampton ! Didn't think any youtubers went there ! X
Maddy Jury
Lol if we all donated a dollar (might be pound were ever u live ) we would have raised over 1 million dollars
Martyna Koczaja
Omg!!!! Ilive in southamton!!!!!! I litrally cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p soooo lucky
Merissa Ferrari
November is also national diabetes awareness month. The 14th is world diabetes day as well.\nI have had type 1 for ten years now.
Millie T
The titanic is the reason I won't go on a cruise ship 😑
Mimi Collen
I love you Alfie! I think you're amazing and I hope you will come and visit somewhere near me! I live in reading in England!!!
Molly Childs
Can anyone tell me when you are on a cruise can u feel the ferry moving bit random but....
Monika Kotevski
After watching this video and seeing the donations it would mean so much to me and my family if you donate to my grandma, she had cancer in her throat and now she is losing a lot of weight due to not being able to eat, for her to get the surgery she would have to travel from here in Australia to America, so please please help us raise money for her any amount would help so much and you will make her smile \nI'm sorry for posting on here but Im just hoping at least one of you find it in your heart to donate \n
9:32 me skating in the background haha.
Olivia Goldsmith
Grow one like Tanya's dad
Penguins Wear Top Hats
Despite the awesome stuff, I would hate that cuz I get sea sickness really bad xx
Pippa Buckley
Secret Holiday With The Boys!
Quin Stobbe
Alfie. In the U.S. it's called no shave November lol
Rachel W
Can't wait to see tomorrow's video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Random Channel
The beginning made me so excited until I noticed it was posted in 2014
Rebecca McEwan
What was the iPhone game jim was playing
Ruby Comer-Hudson
OMG they were playing Bridges by Broods in the background when they saw the dodges wooooooo NZ represent
Shannon Brown
I am a potato that flew around your room before you came in.
Omg that cruise boat looks amazing😍 All the activities and things that are on it like the windsurfing machine and rock climbing wall are just \
Sophie Buckland
I've been on two royal Caribbean cruises loved both of them sooooo much
Dat lip bite doe 8:59
Sunya Sumayyah
Wats the game jim was playing on alfies phone?
Susie Smith
Royal Caribbean are the best been on three of their cruises and going again next year best holidays ever
The reason you're so tired is because your'e constantly balancing yourself, You don't notice the movement so much on such a big ship but you'd still be swaying and it can take little bit to get used to :)
Vivian Prater
Whitney Freese
I love you more than alex from target
Wyn Lee
brittany robertson
ALFIE! I want to donate but I live in the United States! Is there a way I can donate????
I went on a cruise for five days and I gained six pounds whilst on it. The food is so good and 24 hours!
I have literally never heard of that place before ans I really wanna go it looks sick !
I mean I'll try to grow a beard, but tbh I doubt it will work XD
This made me wanting to go on a holiday! :(\n*Starting up a collab channel, anyone wanna join?*
Pointlessblog drinking challenge: drink every time Alfie says 'siiiick'
izzy guzzi
That cruise makes me miss my cruise so much! The 24/7 pizza place was th best partg hahaha
kate havard
What was the app jim was playing at around 7:00
Random question. Is it like a British thing to say \
I think its only me but why does alfie look especially attractive in this video?
why am i not on holiday with you and jim
any Broods fans get excited about Bridges playing when Alfie went rollerblading?