Imagene Peise (Flaming Lips Secret Christmas Album) - Future Heart Holiday Mix 10

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Brynjar Bergh
Is it possible to get hands on this in any way? I have of course given up (not even thought of actually) to buy the vinyl or the cd (what was it?) since they probably are weird collectors items by now. \n
Jill Sutton
@myway43 My theory is that this Imagene Peis is actually a made up person who is trying to teach us all to \
It's December and I have this playing quite a bit. Beautiful music. I've really learned to appreciate piano as I grow older, it can really move me. Love the flaming lips.
Ricky Bobby
I love this, but what exactly is it? I mean was this a remix of Imagene Peise work and then the Lips remixed it with they're contributions on it? Too Cool!\n
Sven Peise
Dankeschön aus Leipzig, Deutschland
damn the bass in this reminds me so hard of the earthbound/mother videogame series
bob the nice
Wow did I hear a bit of Day In The Life there? :P
I remember Charlie Brown asking Linus why the walls were melting.