Who is the best free-kick taker at Arsenal? Find out here...

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123 certi
Like if xhaka should never play again
5: 38
I’m pretty sure we spend more time celebrating than actually training 😂
Guendouzi or Torriera should take shooting Free Kicks \n\nCrossing free Kicks from Xhaka or Ozil or Mkhi
Seriously we got to 20 so easily! Go back to the first few training vids and see how we struggled to 20! Progress
Abbe Hansson
Özil is the best on freekicks
Abdullah Qaiser
Hit like if you came for Ozil
Abou Boulard
I love Arsenal . this ils m'y best club. Be the runners Be the gunners. ❤
Aditya Raghavan
Wellbeck seems to be good at everything except football :P
Alex Gærtner
Arsenal Best: \nKeeper: Cech\n\nDefender: Ignacio \n\nMidfielder: \
Alex Healy
My boy Özil doing the Naruto run in that picture
Alex vader
Arsenal should give Mavropanos a chance
Alvian Fahmi
Boss we need mavropanos, torreira and lacazette to start
Aman Solomon
Laccazette and aubamyang make a grade team
Ambro Modz
Wait,where is subscribe outro
0:03 What was that scream?😂
Ashutosh Rao
Mikhitariyan or ozil for free kicks. And plz get a win streak now ars. Lets get the pl trophy. Petr cech at the start coz he is still the best.
Aymen Hashim
I enjoy watching these more than actual games sometimes 😂😂😂
3:05 So that's how they get these mystery injuries in training 😂
Bang Gorgom Yt
1:20 media :arsenal players fighting, bellerin and sokratis hate each other
Berat Rushit
Everyone can tell that Xhaka is the best, that is also why they ended the clip with his goal. Lets go Xhaka!!
Bimo Yusuf
Like if we should start torreira & lacazette
Cariappa MK
Why can't they do this in the matches
Chuck Manjoume
Please upload this every day 👍
Cristiano Marshmello
Arsenal is not the best squad but best team. ARSENAL FOREVER💗
Crypto money team
These guys are having way too much fun. I need to see more competitive edge in training. Ozil just looks disinterested smh.
Dashen Naidoo
Can’t imagine the invincibles acting like this.
David Bedoya Orozco
Mavropnanos should start one game
DeMar DeRozan
Leno will be starting and Auba is filling in his role as outro man 😂😂
Dean Adams
Isn't it what it's about??? Fun??? Yes they get paid lots, but it's how football is now. I just like to see happy training. I won't judge right now, too soon. Let's all gooners get behind this new chapter
Micki and Mesut
cant wait for mavropanos to get experience I know he wont be as much of a clamity as our current cbs plus he fast af
Feristah Caliskan
Mesut: WWE !!\nMustafi : Yeah „WWE“ No English No English !!
Football things with Jack
4:50 yeah it reaaaallllly looks like ozil is unhappy at arsenal 👌👌👌.....😤😤😧
Gary Nico
3:05 state of mustafi defending skill
Grimescene City
Arsenal have a ridiculously poor free-kick record... definitely something that should be improved.
Harley Yates
watching Mesut in defensive training is like watching a lost and confused child :)
Harry Heywood
Mustafi should focus on defending and not headstands, however he has been very good so far this season.
Hey Nicole
Mustafi has the best reactions to everything HAHAHA
Hüseyin Altun
The answer is Torreira 🔴
Of course both Switzerland are together on football tennis xhaka and lichen
Irvan Gideon
Ishimwe Fabrice
‘’Lucas Torreira ‘’ - Albert Einstein
👍 if Leno Lacazette Torreira and Lichtsteiner Need To Start
2:02: Europa League Final 1-1 Dortmund 87th Minute... Elneny... AND WELBECKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goalkick.
JDrmz .x101
Like if Torreia Leno and lacazette should start against Cardiff
Jacob winspear
Auba has really brought new life to this club 🙌❤️
Jesse A
Please start Torreria and give him a full match .
Jordyn Nexus
4:22 not sure if it’s Laca or Micki who’s third wheeling in the relationship 😂
Josh Mccooey
Start abameyang and laczette
Kaelan Roebuck
Why is Bellerin still playing defense?!? He should be a winger
I like these kind of videos!!! keep this up!!!
Ken Gold
What kind of drugs are these guys taking. They’re crazy 😂
βαλτε τον Κωστακι να παιξει μαζι με τον Σωκρατη ρεεε!
This channel gives me a reason to live
Arsenal 💟
Ozil never had a big personality of the pitch like Auba and Laca so why are we pretending that he did and that he lost it. He looks the same as before just happier. It was so rare to see him smile this much before. I still have hope that he’s going to adapt, call me naive or whatever but I still think he wants to prove himself. It’s just difficult with a new manager after 5 years of the same thing. The Spanish players probably adapted the best since this passing style of play is heavily present in the national team.
Robin van Persie.
Micki Fan's
Micki the best👍💪😎
Mikael Smith
2:02 is that Ronaldo?
Mohamed Elrafie
So you are telling me that mustafi can do a head stand but he struggles to defend?
Networth Media
Miki takes his kicks with good pace, no chance for goalkeeper to even move.
Notorious MiGZ
Auba better do that Randy Orton pose as a goal celebration.
Patrick Uphues
Breaking: Sokratis falls out with entire team. Sun headline tommorow
Who remembers ozil amazing free kick vs Liverpool like if u remember
Ravi S
‘Alexandre Lacazette & Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang together’ - Gandhi
Sadat Nafis
Sanjeev Yadav
Emery is hyped manager to be honest.\nHis best formation is 4-2-3-1 and he don't have any wingers apart from iwobi.\nplaying ozil&mikhitaryian outside of their comfort zone is not beneficial to team.\nWhy is Elneny,Xhaka there??\nReiss Nelson is better wide player than ozil...he has pace and could take on defenders..why is he going out on loan??\nHw many loaned players have manage to have career with arsenal??...I sense another joel campbell situation.\nWenger was better for Arsenal...becoz at worst Arsenal would have finish 6 BUT under emery i fear his best achievment could be Sixth spot!
Seth Blatter
We never score any free kicks so I guess we'll never know
Why are they so hyper , they eat too much salmon fish I guess
SlimShady CPMC
Xhaka why can't you score free kicks like that in game instead of hitting it 30 yards over the cross bar
Spiffty Shkelqim
0:01 Laca already threatening Guendouzi lol
Talamoana Exile
Direct free kick\n1 Lucas Torreira 2 ozil 3 Mkhitaryan 4 xhaka\n\nIndirect free kick \n1 Ozil, 2 Torreira 3 xhaka 4 mkhitaryan
The Creative Co.
We need to see some of these celebrations when we score 😂\n\n1. Do- do- do- do-do-do-do\n2. Mustafi handstand\n3. Welbeck mocking Rob 😂😂
Tyrone Mondo
Am I one of the first to say the brotherhood at the Emirates is the tightest in Europe?
Definitely not O-IAmAVictim-zil
Victor Valdez
When you not on top of table but still can laugh over
Vinnie Osborne
Mustafi is a nutter
Wenger Out
‘Start Aubameyang and Lacazette’\nOsama Bin Laden
Wivas Poudel
Torreira will be a good option for set pieces....\nWait.... Our forward Nacho is also good!!! ✌
Yifan Tang
Great personalities! Love it!
ahmed hassan
Leno\nBellern Mustafi Sokratis Monreal\n Torreira Ramsey\n Mikhi. Ozil. Auba\n Lacazate\nYour opinions?
all i want is pounded yam
I wanna see that Greek partnership vs cardiff
Auba at the end thou 😂
e. dro. Net
Cardiff- Arsenal 0:3
for life Gunners
I love every Arsenal you post 😍
lanz doe
Half of them won’t have the confidence to step up in a real game tho 🤷🏾\u200d♂️
mani teja
Its seems more like a picnic
peter Clement
Auba Best Outro Ever !!!! 😂😂😂😂
Watching this reminds me so much of PE during secondary school
꧁Stëwart Cardenas ꧂
Özil is the best in freekicks !!